I believe that many friends now like to use the iPhone, because the strength and durability of the iPhone have become fruit powder. After you have used the iPhone for so long, do you know the [Alarm Clock] in the mobile phone and these features? Let’s take a look today ~


1. Common function


1. Reminder later

Many friends have no way to get up as soon as the iPhone’s alarm clock sounds. If you turn off the alarm clock, you will worry about sleeping over the head. If this is the case, we can turn on the alarm clock [later Reminder] Function, we can press [Reminder later] when the alarm sounds, and then the mobile phone will remind us again after 9 minutes.

2. Desktop weather display

When some friends use the iPhone mobile phone, they are a little envious of friends who use Android phones. It is too convenient to display the weather on the phone desktop. But in fact, you can also do it on the iPhone mobile phone. We can open the positioning information of [Weather] in the mobile phone, and then open the [sleeping] function in the mobile phone alarm clock. After setting the time, when the alarm sounds, we can then we can See the weather information.


2. Advanced function

1. Test the true and false mobile phone


After buying the iPhone mobile phone, some friends often worry about the authenticity of the mobile phone. If this is the case, we can actually check the [clock] icon in the phone desktop. Really, otherwise it is a fake mobile phone.

2. Stop playing regularly

Many friends are accustomed to listening to sangs and radio stations before going to bed. If you accidentally sleep, the next day, the mobile phone will naturally turn off without electricity. If we want to avoid such things, we can click [timer] in the iPhone mobile phone, and then set the [Stop Play] function, so it is enough.


3. Sleep analysis

If there are friends who open the [sleeping] function in the iPhone mobile phone alarm clock, click [Display more in “Health” in “Health], we can see our sleep status in it, and we can better help ourselves more more than we can become more healthy.


Alright, the above is some very practical functions in the iPhone mobile phone alarm clock. I believe everyone knows it? Try it if you have a friend who need it ~