The buttons are divided into two batteries that can be charged and non -charging. They are packaged with stainless steel batteries as shells. The battery charging contains 3.6V -charged lithium -ion battery buckle charging batteries (LIR series products), 3V -charged lithium -ion battery buckle charging batteries (ML or VL series products); non -charging contains 3V lithium manganese buckle charging batteries (CR series products) and 1.5V alkaline zinc -manganese buckle -type rechargeable battery (LR and SR series products).

The size of the buttons is from 4.8mm to 30mm, and the thickness ranges from 1.0mm to 7.7mm. There are R in the number of button batteries, which are connected to large numbers. Some of this large number of large numbers immediately express the diameter and thin thickness of the rechargeable battery. For example, the LIR2025 battery can recharge the battery, the battery diameter of 20mm, and the thickness of 25mm. 7.9mm, thin thickness 3.6mm, SR43, refers to silver oxide charging batteries — diameter 11.6mm, thin thickness 4.2mm.


The button battery is generally used for the reserve power of various electronic products, such as sports watches, headphones, hearing aids, electronic scales, remote controls, electric toys, pacemakers, drones, counter, Bluetooth audio, smart robots, etc.