From yesterday to today, the news of Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce Banner), the Italian luxury brand in my country, believes that everyone does not need to be referred to.


However, in the afternoon, the stars were resisted and the public opinion was discussed. Until now, in addition to the two major measures of the “THE GREAT SHOW ‘Fashion Show” and “Designer’s Response Incident”, which was “canceled yesterday” and “designer’s response to China.” The answer that still failed to turn the tide. After all, there is no apology in the response, and there is no intention to repent.

What DG touched and violated is a national/racial issue that has long been formed internationally internationally. After stepping on the bottom line, it is inevitable to ignite the upper body. According to upstream news reports, D & G has been removed from many e -commerce platform stores. Many people asserted that in the next ten years, this brand will miss our market.

D & G’s anger in China: How long does it take to go from crazy to demise

According to public information, Dolce & Gabbana was founded in 1985 and headquartered in Milan, Italy. Today, it has become one of the most important international groups in the luxury field.

The two founders Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the source of creation and design of the company’s brand. Their fashion stores are headquartered in Milan, claiming that they and Gucci and Prada have revitalized the Italian fashion industry. The product series include women’s clothing, men’s clothing, underwear, swimwear, perfumes, accessories, leather goods, watches, glasses, etc.

D & G officially entered my country’s market in 2006. The two founders of D & G have a company in China -Du Xijia accompanying Na clothing commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with a real capital of 37 million euros, equivalent to nearly 300 million yuan.

There are as many as 30 branches of the company. According to social security information, there are no less than 674 employees. With further deepening, D & G currently has 62 boutique stores in the mainland and Hong Kong and Macau regions.

For international brands, my country’s market is obviously difficult to abandon.

The report released by Bain shows that in 2017, the sales of luxury goods in my country reached RMB 142 billion (approximately US $ 2207 billion), an increase of about 20%over 2016, the largest increase since 2011.


Bernestein’s senior luxury analyst MarioORTELLI has passed. Chinese people have become the most critical global luxury consumer groups. They purchased one -third of all luxury goods. The price is 15%expensive. McKinsey predicts that this ratio will continue to climb to 44%by 2025, that is, $ 151.5 billion.

Can’t D & G see business opportunities? It should be pointed out that the DG Shanghai show canceled yesterday was called the largest event show of the D & G Group in the Asia -Pacific region, which shows the importance of my country’s market.

However, D & G, who is willing to please our consumers in my country, is not the first time that “faint tricks”.

: D & G: The profit of the previous fiscal year fell 7%

In 2012, D & G’s stores in Hong Kong did not allow Hong Kong people to take pictures in relevant areas, but allowed other countries to take pictures, causing strong dissatisfaction of the Chinese people, leading to D & G’s door to become large rights protection scenes. Although D & G responses is to discourage citizens to take pictures to combat counterfeit products, they can no longer recover their lost reputation.

Also affecting its reputation is the product quality problem.

It is reported that in 2017, D & G had fined 346,500 yuan in the Huangpu District Market Supervision Administration of Huangpu District in the Huangpu District of Huangpu District in 2017 due to the mixing and adulteration of the products in 2017.

D & G’s physical company “Du Xijia accompanying clothing commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.” Co., Ltd. was repeatedly fined

D & G will pay a high price for the arrogance and rudeness of the entire brand.

Since yesterday evening, Tmall,, Suning Tesco, Netease Koala, Luxury E -commerce Temple, Vipshop, No. 1 store, overseas shopping platform foreign e -commerce platform, etc. The D & G brand -related products, all search results are zero.

This means that if the D & G is not actively dealing with the incident properly, this round of storms. Except for Dolgabane D & G’s official website in China, the brand’s important e -commerce sales channels in China will almost be cut off in the future.

This will have a huge impact on D & G. Its 2017/2018 fiscal year (within 12 months as of March 31 this year) recorded a total of 1.29 billion euros, and the profit before the interest tax fell 7.1%year -on -year. In the case of my country’s consumers accounted for 35%of the global consumption, the public relations crisis may bring the worst profit decline in history to D & G.

Those arrogance and prejudice of death


Probably the racial discrimination of Asians is deeply ingrained in some extremely right white culture, or a stupid “humor” that is not proper. The Chinese people, D & G is not the first luxury brand involving related events.

Some time ago, when a Chinese woman queued in France because of the purchase of the Parisian family explosion “Daddy Shoes”, not only was encountered by foreigners in line, but also insulting the recording video of “rolling out” by the clerk of the Parisians. Essence Subsequently, the brand was resisted in China.

SPREADSHIRT, a well -known German e -commerce website, sold a number of T -shirts printed with humiliated Chinese words. After being resisted by the Chinese, the product was removed from the shelves.

There is also the word “Chingchong” that discriminates the meaning of “Chingchong” that discriminates against the meaning of Chinese people in an tweet of INS. Many domestic girls say they will no longer buy the product.


The learning of the front car is vivid, and the development of D & G in China can be expected.

As the People’s Daily commented article, the humiliation means to be insulted by himself. As a designer of a public figure, insulting to other countries and other cultures is not a normal business behavior, it is also disrespect for consumers, and it is also a challenge to the common values ​​of human beings.

At present, many luxury brands have begun to please Chinese consumers. For example, Praida and Burberry are studying our aesthetic habits and consumption habits. Many luxury brands that have been unable to have been choosing to “follow the customs”.


D & G’s self -negative brand, still learn more, otherwise it will be welcomed!

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