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1. Midea provokes the ‘trade war’ China counterattack

2. The college entrance examination ‘extra score’ project is fully slimming

3. Huawei Xiaomi and others push a ‘fast application’

4. Facebook is caught in ‘data leakage’ scandal

5. Prince Harry refusal to sign ‘pre -marital agreement’

trade war

trade war

Chinese ambassador to the us cui tiankai Said China DOESN’T a trade war with the us or with anybody else, but China is not afraid of it.


Chinese ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, said that China does not want a trade war with the United States or any country, but it is not afraid.

2 President Trump signed the Presidential Memorandum at the White House on the 22nd. The results of the “SECTION 301 Investigation” results will be imposed on the “301 investigation”. TO $ 60 Billion of Chinese Imports) and restricting Chinese companies’ investment in the United States.

部 On the 23rd, the Ministry of Commerce issued a list of suspension and reduction products for 232 measures for imported steel and aluminum products in the United States, and intended to impose tariffs on some products from the United States (Consider A Tariff Increase on Imports of Some Products from the US). Balance due to the loss of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products to the benefits of China (Make up for Losses Caut By US Tariffs on Chinese Steel and Aluminum Products).

Chinese ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai said on the 22nd that China does not want to fight trade war with the United States or any country, but if someone wants to strengthen the trade war, we will fight, and we will do our best to protect our legal interests (China Will take all allSARY Measures to defnd its rights and Internets) to maintain the global trading system.

Ambassador Cui said that he wanted to tell those who wanted to fight the trade war:

“We will definitely fight back, we will retaliate. If someone plays powerful, we will play with them, see who is more lasting.”

We will cleanly fight back. We will return. If people want to play tough, we will play tough with them, and see who will last longer.

【Related Vocabulary】

Traded Protectionism

Anti-Subsidy Investigation

Zero-Sum Mentality

Multilateral Trading System

Add points

bonus points


The Ministry of Education will stop giving bonus points to students who have exceptional sports ability, who have won academic Olympiads or science and technology competitions, who are named “provincial-level excellent students” or those who have performed “righteous and courageous deeds”, according to a statement posted on its website.

Information on the website of the Ministry of Education shows that it will fully eliminate national college entrance examination projects such as sports special students, Olympic competitions for middle school students, Olympic competitions, science and technology competitions, provincial outstanding students, and ideological and political morals.

策 Preference Policy of Bonus Points is a point for students who have expertise (Students with Special Talent in Sports or Artistic Field). A certain extra points.

国家 In 2011, the Ministry of Education, the National Civil Affairs Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Sports General Administration, and the China Science and Technology Association jointly issued the document specifications and adjusted some of the college entrance examination bonus projects. As of May 2014, 31 provinces have officially introduced the new policy of college entrance examination. Among them, the college entrance examination bonus policy has been adjusted on a large scale, which has greatly reduced the bonus scores of the National Olympics, sports specialty students, and local bonus projects. The score is generally reduced from 20 points to 10 points.

取 After the special biological additional bonus project is canceled, how can we enter the university I like? The answer is to participate in the independent college admission.目前,全国有90所高校将百分之五的招生名额留给参加自主招生的特长生(Currently, 90 universities have allocated 5% of their enrollment slots to independent admissions designed for students with special talents),每年录取的There are more than 20,000 specialty.

National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) (NCEE)

Autonomous enrollment independent admission

Insure the admission of Gain Admission to College with Taking Ncee

College entrance examination immigration Ncee migrant

Compulsory Education Compulsory Education

Education equity Equility

Children of Migrant workers to sit NCEE LOCALLY

Fast application

Fast App

The top 10 Chinese smartphone vendors, including Huawei and Xiaomi, joined hands on Tuesday to promote technical standards for “fast apps,” which are designed to compete against Tencent’s mini programs.


On the 20th, the top ten domestic smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi jointly launched the “Quick Application” technical standard to fight against Tencent’s applets.

A Fast App is a new type of application ecosystem based on mobile phone hardware platforms. Users can use it without downloading and installing APPs. From the perspective of product characteristics, fast applications are similar to WeChat applets. Unlike the small program in WeChat, the fast application is directly associated with the mobile phone operating system (Directly Linked to the Mobile Operation Systems of Phones).

定 After the technical standard of fast application is determined, a developer uploaded a fast application uploaded on the mobile phone of 10 manufacturers to form a unified Fast App Portal. In addition to the standardized release process, comprehensive developer documents, tools and forum support, in the future, the fast application open platform will also open developers’ service support, such as Push Notifications, account access, payment connection Payment, data service (Data Services), etc.

Memory card memory card

Lithium battery Lithium Battery

Short-cut icon of shortcut icon


GPS (Global Positioning System)

Customer identification card (SIM card) Subscriber Identity Module

Wireless LAN Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANS)

Data leakage

data break

European Union and British lawmakers demanded on Tuesday that Facebook should clarify data breach following revelations that personal data was massively misused for political purposes. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg on Thursday admitted that the social media giant “made mistakes”.

After a large amount of user data from the social media giant Facebook was reported by the political use, the European Union and the British Parliament asked Facebook on the 20th to explain the data leakage. On the 22nd, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg acknowledged that the company “made mistakes.”

报 The United States “New York Times” and the British “Guardian” recently revealed that more than 50 million users on Facebook were obtained by a data mining company called “Cambridge Analytic” (The Data of more that that 50 Million Facebook Users We Harvested By A Data-Mining Firm Named Cambridge Analytica), and was used in the 2016 U.S. presidential election to push advertisements against the target audience, which affects the results of the election. As soon as the news came out, Facebook’s market value evaporated tens of billions of dollars. All parties criticized Facebook in incompetence and called for the introduction of regulations to strengthen supervision.

2 Zuckerberg issued a statement on the 22nd stating: Facebook has the responsibility to protect the data of users. If not, we will not deserve to provide services for users (Facebook has a Responsibility to Protect iters’ data and if it fails, we do ‘t deserve to server). This incident destroyed the trust between Facebook and users. We will learn lessons from the incident to further consolidate the platform’s security (Learn from this experience to secure our platform further).


表示 Zuckerberg also said that for the Data Breach incident, Facebook will conduct a comprehensive review of all applications of all suspicious behaviors. Ban Any Developer That Did Not Agree to Audit; forbids developers who are illegal to use user personal information.

Data scandal data scandal

Personal modeling Personality Modelling

Digital Privacy Protection

Internet supervision Internet Governance


prenuptial agreement

prenuptial agreement

According to British Media, Prince Harry HAS Decided Not to Sign A Prenuptial Agreement BeFore His May 19 Marriage to Meghan Markle.

【Related Vocabulary】

【Related Vocabulary】


【Related Vocabulary】

According to British media reports, Prince Harry has decided that he and Meghan Markle will not sign a pre -marital agreement before marriage on May 19.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, a friend of Prince Harry revealed that in order to prove his loyalty to his fiancee, Harry refused to sign a pre -marital agreement that can ensure his 30 million pounds. Million Fortune). The source said: “Harry never thought of signing the problem of pre -marital agreement, and he determined that his marriage could last (He’s Determined that his Marriage Will be a lasting one), so he did not need to sign anything.”

, Previously, there were rumors that the British royal family asked Harry to sign a pre -marital agreement to protect their property. Meghan parted ways with the first husband and American film producer Triv Igson two years after marriage. According to reports, Prince Harry inherited about 10 million pounds of legacy from Princess Diana.

演Megen relies on his acting career and Endorsements, and currently has a net worth of about $ 5 million. In the UK, the pre -marital agreement does not have legal binding power, but it is increasingly regarded as an important reference in divorce cases.

【Related Vocabulary】


Common property Mutual Property

Pre-marital property pre-Marital Property

Marriage register Marriage Registration

Divorce procedural divorce processing