Powder is definitely a must -have item for MM who loves makeup. Small powder can be used to make makeup and make up, even skin tone, acne marks, and pores are all the signature skills of powder. Today, I recommend you eight Japanese Bai Fumei favorite powder!


1.CPB light permeable white powder

Japanese ladies -level powder, the favorite of celebrity celebrities from all walks of life. Powder powder is delicate, the adheres are better, and the makeup feels natural. Add the sour and whitening maintenance ingredients to give the skin light teasel pine and soft powder. The packaging is simple and luxurious, and it is equipped with a whitening powder puff for whitening powder. It is very convenient to carry it. It is definitely a must -have powder for Bai Fumei ~

2.Shu uemura small light bubble micr -light powder

This small bulbs are the star products of Shimura Showjia, which creates “ultra-micro-fine powder”-zero powder touch and “elastic oil molecular technology” -Chopolic technology, intelligent adjustment ductility, and achieve comprehensive flexible concealer. Gently cover the pores and sunburn, and gently brush the thin layer after the foundation, which can easily create a perfect Japanese base makeup. The attached double flour puff is even more amazing, which can create dual effects makeup that can create matte and polishing.


Elegance’s well -known honey powder, golden light packaging, is definitely a defeat! The powder of this honey powder is super detailed, and the oil control effect is very outstanding. It will not be fake white after the face. It is natural and clear. At the same time, it will help you hide your pores and create a natural and clear high -end makeup.

4. Dior live skin lives in Yan Xiuhuan pink

Dior live skin is very delicate and can be integrated with the skin. After use, the skin is very bright and light, so that the skin can breathe freely, strong breathability, and does not block pores and cause acne and acne. The favorite of acne muscle white and rich people!



The love powder of the Japanese Bai Fuli, CHANEL Bailang Poly Powder has lightweight powder, perfectly served on skin surface flour is super delicate, concealer and oil control power is perfect. Moreover, the sunscreen index containing SPF25 PA +++ perfectly shows the skin while defending the damage of the skin to the skin to better prevent skin aging. It is very recommended.


6. Jaelan Gold Diamond Bright Put of Plumbs


Guerlain golden diamond brightening powder, unique gold diamond -light particles, allows the light to reach the surface of the skin at 360 degrees, showing a natural texture without exposing the skin’s flaws. Contains the extract of crystal roses, the touch is very smooth, and it is very pink to the face. The oil control and lasting power are very good. The makeup feeling is light and not easy to take off makeup. Good things that must be hoarded!


7.Benefit perfect flawless powder

A beautiful muscle perfect concealer with a strong PS function can make the skin perfectly flawless, and it is full of confidence anytime, anywhere. There is also a SPF15 sunscreen function, which is effective to damage the skin from the sun. If you want to create Bai Fumei’s image, how can she be without her ~

8. Givenchy Fog matte powder

Givenchy’s Fog matte powder is a dry and humid powder, which contains hyaluronic acid with high moisturizing ingredients, light touch, excellent ductility, has good oil control effects, is not easy to block pores, strong permeability, long -lasting nourish Not greasy. Showing a smooth and beautiful muscle with a sense of transparency, it is simply the gospel of the spots muscle white and rich ~

Finally, share with you a little trick to use powder



After finishing the foundation, finally press the entire face with the palm. Because the humidity on the hand will make the foundation fit with the skin of the face, making the foundation lasting without makeup.


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