How long have you not taken care of yourself in the day of the house? Can you take a look at the head of the hen nest in the head of the hen nest?

The hair requires a long period of patient care. When you do not wash your hair for a long time, let it grow barbaric, or use it casually that you are not suitable for your own washing products. Care scalp and hair quality, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Wash and healthy

施巴洗发水系列 pH5.5弱酸配方改善多种发质问题

On the surface of our scalp, there is a layer of invisible acidic sebum film. In daily life, this sebum film can block bacteria and dust from visiting the scalp and protect the health of the hair. And when using soap -alkali -molecuating shampoo or shampoo is used too high, and the weakly acidic protective film is decomposed, it will cause damage to the scalp, roots and even hair quality.

Image source: Unsplash -luis Quintero

Remove the illusion of silicon oil

Silicon oil is the commonly known as polymailing siliconane (PDMS), also known as “Silicon Spirit”. It is a hydrophobic silicon material. The main role is lubricating. However, after a long period of use, silicon oil will be deposited in the scalp, and the scalp hair follicles will be seriously blocked by these substances. Therefore, try to avoid choosing a hair care product with silicone oil to make the scalp healthier.

Avoid close -range hair dryers

施巴洗发水系列 pH5.5弱酸配方改善多种发质问题

Letting the hair naturally air dry is the best way to protect the hair structure. If you are used to using a hair dryer, you should also ensure that the temperature should not be too high, and the air outlet is at least 20cm away from the scalp to prevent the scalp and hair from being damaged by high temperature.

Image source: unsplash — Cristobal Baeza

Schuba’s hair care series uses the first pH5.5 weak acidic formula to strengthen the barrier function of the scalp; the cleaning ingredients without soap -alkali can gently clean the hair; the moisturizing factor penetrates the hair shaft in depth, and keeps the hair moisture balance; Without silicon oil formula, the scalp hair follicle is avoided.

施巴洗发水系列 pH5.5弱酸配方改善多种发质问题

Schuba also proposed a personality solution for common dryness, neutrality, oily, and dandruff. Taking PH5.5 weakly acidic formula as the core technology, under the premise of ensuring the health of the scalp, it effectively improves the actual distress of various types of hair quality.

Schuba’s hair care series has passed skin medicine and clinical medicine tests. You can rest assured that you are not afraid of damage to hair quality ~

During the home, you can maintain your hair well to say goodbye to the head of the hen nest when the spring flowers bloom, and win back the hair!

施巴洗发水系列 pH5.5弱酸配方改善多种发质问题

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