Flower said:

Autumn is here, and it is the season when you detect your baby’s skin cream every year.

The evaluation this week is late, sorry!

Because of the disabled metals for a variety of moisturizing creams, the testing agencies were cautious and re -inspected again, delaying time.

During the season change, if the baby’s skin is not moisturizing well, various problems in the skin may come to the door.

At this time, a bottle of moisturizing cream with a strong moisturizing ability is particularly important ~

Today, Hua Dad will give you 20 baby moisturizing cream evaluation homework to see which one is the most recommended.

Table of contents


■ Evaluation sample

■ Evaluation indicators

■ Use experience

■ Moisturizing effect

■ skin -friendly


■ ingredient analysis

■ General review


■ Risk substance testing

■ Consumption recommendation


Recommended Products

Evaluation sample

The samples of this evaluation are baby moisturizing cream (including cream).

According to the popularity of e -commerce platforms, they buy flagship stores or Jingdong flagship stores from Tmall (overseas).


Evaluation indicator



EV*red*n Comprehensive use experience poor

The moisturizing cream is a autumn and winter season, which is more “personal” than warm underwear, so its experience experience is very important.

The baby’s moisturizing cream should be easy to use, no heavy odor, refreshing and easy to push away, and fast absorption, which can bring a good “skin care” experience to the baby.

Flower Dad evaluated the experience of 20 baby moisturizing cream through the opening experience, refreshing, ductility, and absorption speed.

Opening experience


Ai Wnuo, EV*Red*N

Full score

How to use:

The pump head presses the type of moisturizing cream, which is more convenient and hygienic than the type of cover. It will not be too slippery after applying the moisturizing cream. Yes.

Among the 20 products, there are 5 types of open covering::

Pump head press/

Pump and tank press:

Q*, wearing K Si, B*byc*Re, Ai Wnuo, EV*Red*N


Q*, wearing K thought, B*byc*re


Press the pump head

The pump can press, the pump can press the compressive moisturizing cream, the cream is slow, so it is easier to control each dosage.

Among the 5 products, except


There are outer cover protection outside, which is convenient to use.

Link squeeze: Miao S Le

Miao S Le

In order to squeeze the cover, it is also very convenient to use, and the amount is easy to control.

Cover squeeze/rotation cover: remaining 14 models

Among the remaining products,

Yi S Ding, Beibei Q

The rest of the cover is squeezed, and the rest are used for rotation.

Gangster squeeze




It is best to have no strong, unnatural artificial flavor, or pungent plants and herbs to avoid a large amount of painting.

After many smells, the use of the opening cover and specific odor of 20 products is summarized as follows:


1. Pull the pump and tank to frost, the most convenient hygiene:

Pressing the pump can, the amount of frost is related to pressing the pressure, and parents can easily control the amount of moisturizing cream.

In addition, the design of the pump can not directly contact the moisturizing cream in the bottle, and at the same time reduces the chance of contacting the contact with the moisturizing cream, which is conducive to the remaining cream to keep it clean and sterile.


2. There are no obvious odors:


Ai W Nuo, EV*Red*N, Q*, Yi S Ding, Nuo B line, red s small x

There is no obvious odor. When applying a lot, you will not feel the smell is pungent.

Refreshing: Ha L flash, add zbao B, Ai W Nuo is the most refreshing


In addition to water in the moisturizing cream, in addition to water, there are oils including vegetable oil and mineral oil.

They can form a layer of oil film on the surface of the skin, which can not only reduce the loss of skin moisture, play a role in moisturizing, but also isolate external stimuli.

However, if there are too many oil ingredients, especially mineral oil components, it cannot be absorbed by the skin, so that the formation of the formation is too heavy, and the baby will feel uncomfortable.

Test method: Take an equal measuring cream and apply it evenly on the back of the hand. After 5 minutes, pour the small ball in your hand to observe the number of small balls that are stuck, compare the refreshingness of the hand skin.

The left -hand EV*red*n is more greasy, covered with small balls, and the right hand has a flash. It is very refreshing and basically does not stick to the ball

Various refreshing test:

The test results and scores are as follows:

1. Ha L flash, add zbao B, Ai W Nuo is the most refreshing:

These three models are very refreshing. After 5min, the plastic ball was not stained with one.

2. Five are very greasy:

Ring Zhe, 英 H, British S, Yu Y Square, EV*Red*N

The most greasy, sticking a small ball, can’t throw away.

Duiorory: EV*red*n, 芊 z Ben C difficult to push away

The moisturizing cream is high in water and the ductility is good. It is easy to push away when used, which can make the moisturizing cream more evenly distributed on the baby’s skin.

Test method: Take 0.10g of moisturizing cream, put it on the glass tablet, push it away with the same strength at a uniform speed, and feel its ductility.

The results are as follows:

EV*red*n, 芊 z book C

The hardest push is opened. When applying to the skin, you can feel obvious resistance.

The extensibility of the remaining 18 moisturizers performed well.

Absorption speed: loosening D, 度 h, the shortest time

The ingredients in the moisturizing cream are very different, which also causes the absorption speed to be fast or slow.

Although the absorption speed is faster, although the absorption effect is not necessarily better, at least it will not produce a thick smear, and it will not make the baby feel sticky and uncomfortable.

Test method: Take 0.02g of moisturizing cream and apply it evenly on the same area of ​​the skin, compare the length of the absorption time of each moisturizing cream.

1. Song d, 、 h

The absorption speed is the fastest, only 1min.

2. Bei Q, ring Z, 芊 Z, Q*, Miao S music

The most difficult to absorb, it has not been completely absorbed for more than 10 minutes.

Based on the above indicators,

Ai W Nuo, Zubao B, Ha L Flash, Song D

The experience of use is very good. They have good ductility, high refreshing, and fast absorption speed.


It is easy to use, but the ductility is general, not refreshing enough, and the absorption speed is slow.

Moisturizing effect

Promise B


The worst moisturizing ability


The moisturizing cream can increase the moisture content of the baby’s skin by adding a moisturizing agent (enhanced skin moisturizing ability) and closed agent (reduced water loss), thereby achieving the purpose of preventing skin dryness, desquamation, and itching.

From the ingredient table, each moisturizing cream is added with a lot of moisturizing ingredients, but the real moisturizing ability can only be reflected by the real skin test.

Test method: Huahua tests the moisturizing performance of 11 types of moisturizing cream in accordance with the method of “QB/T 4256-2011 Cosmetics Moisturizing Evaluation Guide” in accordance with the light industry standard “QB/T 4256-2011 Cosmetics Moisturizing Evaluation Guide.

Test results and scores:

In Table 1H, the skin moisture content value value (%)

Table 2 4h Inside skin moisture content lift trend chart (%)

1. All moisturizers can increase skin moisture (see Table 1):

Q*, ring Z, pine D, red s small X, plus z treasure B, strong S,

The moisturizing effect is the best within 1 hour, and the value of skin moisture is more than 46%, which is not much different;


Miao S Le, Nuo B Line

The moisture in the skin increases the least, which is 25%and 24.9%, respectively, and the most moisturizing capacity.

2. Six products have better moisturizing capabilities (see Table 2):

4 hours after applying the moisturizing cream, all products cannot keep the skin’s moisture content continued to rise.


Ring Z, Red S, Q*, Zubao B, Yu Y Square, Song D

After 4 hours of smearing, the skin moisture content appreciation (compared to the initial value of skin moisture) is still above 35%, and the long -lasting moisturizing effect is better.

3. Nuo B

Nuo B line

Within 1 hour of moisturizing ability and long -lasting moisturizing capabilities are the worst of 20 products. After 4 hours, the skin moisture content is only 5%more than the initial value. Parents who purchase this skin cream should be used in autumn and winter. Help your baby diligently.

Skin -friendly

All moisturizing creams are gentle and skin -friendly


The pH value of the baby’s skin is not static. The baby’s skin pH value of the baby from 0 to 18 will drop from 6.5 to 6.0, and then decreases and stabilizes at 5.5.

Therefore, the pH value of 5.5 ~ 7.0 is the most milder for the baby’s skin and the best skin intact.

Test process: In accordance with the light industry standard “QB/T 1857-2013”, the pH of the 11 types of moisturizer was tested:

The pH values ​​of the 20 moisturizers are within the range of 5.5 ~ 7.0, and the skin is good.

Component analysis

Pine D, B*byc*re, Yi S ding ingredients are simple and safe

Because of long -term contact with the baby’s skin and a large amount of contact, the more safer the composition of the moisturizing cream is.

According to the “Guide to Children’s Cosmetics Declaration and Review”:

Children’s skin care products should be as simple as possible. The types of raw materials should be as small as possible. Fragrance, coloring agent and other ingredients should be used on the basis of effective use. It can be used less.

According to the ingredient table marked by the product, Hua Dad deducts the risk components of 20 moisturizers to remind parents to pay attention.

According to the ingredients of the product bottle body, Hua Dad will deduct the risk ingredients as appropriate to remind you of Baoma.

Sodium benzoate -deduction 0.2 points

Sodium benzoate is an acidic preservative, and Japan has stopped producing this substance and limited its use. Considering this, all products that have added sodium benzoate will deduct 0.2 points.


Phenyle oxygenol -deduction 0.3 points

It is a low -level skin sensitive preservative.

In 2012, France submitted an application for risk assessment to the EU. It is recommended that the maximum allowable amount of child care products under the age of 3 is 0.4%, but the EU still maintains a limit of 1%unchanged. Therefore, products using benzene ethanol will deduct 0.3 points.

Fragrant -deduction 0.5 points

It is common in cosmetics, but it is also one of the most important allergens for babies.

There are thousands of fragrance spices. my country regulations allow manufacturers to not announce their specific ingredients, so they can only be seen on the ingredient table. Considering the allergic reactions of some babies, it is 0.5 points.


Mint ingredients -deduction 0.5 points

Mint in mint ingredients has neurotoxicity and can be absorbed through the skin. If a large area uses products containing mint ingredients, there may be risks.

Although two products containing mint ingredients do not have obvious mint flavors and are located in the back position in the ingredient table. It is speculated that its content is low, but in order to cause parents to be vigilant, it deducts 0.5 points.


Hydroxybenzyl -deduct 0.5 points; hydroxybenzylbenzyl -1 point deduction

Both of the Nepalese preservatives.

Because it can be absorbed by the skin, the industry has certain disputes on the safety of such preservatives.


In 2014, the concentration of the EU regulations reduced the concentration from 0.4%to 0.14%when the hydroxybenzene, hydroxybentene and salt were used separately, and when mixed with other allowed Nepalese albums, the total concentration must not exceed more than more than exceeding 0.8%, and cannot be used in the stay products of children’s diaper areas under the age of 3. The limit of regulations has no change in the limit of hydroxybenzo and ethyl.

The scoring table is as follows:

Each component table:

1. Song D, B*Byc*RE, Yi S Ding ingredients are simple and do not contain risk substances:

Song D, B*byc*re, Yi S Ding

The ingredients are simple, the types of raw materials are not more than 20, and do not contain any risk components. It is “as simple as possible on the basis of ensuring effectiveness” and get a full score of 5 points.

Also without any risk substances, there are

Nuo B line, wearing K thought, plus zbao B


Contains allergen oats extract.

And we Dai K Si, add zbao B

The recipe is not as good as

Simple, there are many types of raw materials (more than 20 species).


Take 0.05 points as appropriate.

2. Three models contain oats ingredients, and people with allergies pay attention:

Nuo B line, EV*red*n, Ai W Nuo

All contain oats. Babies who are allergic to oats should not use these three products to avoid causing allergies.

3. c 本 C contains more risk components:

Matthew Ben C

Contains 4 risk ingredients: benzene ethanol, hydroxyzyl, hydroxybenzylbenne, and mint.

Note that it contains more risk ingredients and does not mean that the product is toxic. It is just from the perspective of “selection of excellent selection”. Fa Dad also recommends that everyone uses products with mild ingredients.

Product Experience General Review

After the above 7 rounds of competition, the final 20 baby moisturizing cream is as follows:

Risk substance testing


Four of the 5 models were detected for disable heavy metals

In order to further determine the safety of the moisturizing cream, Hua Dad sent the top five products to the testing agency to detect the content of six heavy metals and two suspicable anti -preservatives.

The test results are as follows:

After testing, 5 brands are only


Loose D

There was no detection at all, and one or two heavy metals were detected.

Yi S Ding, add zbao B to detect trace chromium


B*byc*re, Ai W Nuo detected trace chromium and nickel

The “Technical Specification of Cosmetics Safety” (2015 edition) stipulates that chromium and nickel are prohibited substances.

In other words, chromium and nickel prohibition was deliberately added to cosmetics.

It is detected that it may be due to the precipitation of stainless steel equipment.


However, only by testing, it is impossible to determine whether it is brought in or added illegal.

According to common sense, manufacturers should not take the initiative to add heavy metals.

Be careful, Hua Dad can only recommend that heavy metals are completely not detected at all

Compared with the two heavy metals of chromium and nickel, the B*BYC*re, Ai W Nuo, add Zbao B and Yiding only to detect trace chromium, which is relatively safe.

In the end, the results of the comprehensive product experience and laboratory testing, the best performance

Become a recommended product for this baby’s moisturizing cream.

Reasons for recommendation

High ductility, refreshing and easy to push away, fast absorption speed;

The moisturizing ability is good. After 1 hour of application, the skin moisture content can be increased by more than 46%, and the long -lasting moisturizing ability is better;

Good skin -friendly, safe ingredients, few raw materials, simple formulas.

No heavy metals were detected, and preservatives were not detected.

Consumer advice

1. Pay attention to the ingredient table when buying. Select the high safety of the ingredients and simple formulas. For example, the moisturizer that does not contain flavors and does not contain sensitriic anti -preservatives.

2. Do not rush to use the product when you buy it home. First do a leather test behind your ears or wrists. If there is no adverse reaction within 48 hours, you can continue to use it.

3. When the weather is dry, you must apply the moisturizing cream in time, and it should be replenished frequently.

4. Don’t take a bath with cold weather, otherwise the skin will be more dry.

Introduction to Xiao Honghua Testing:

We are the first batch of people engaged in the comparative evaluation of goods in China. The purpose of setting up the “Little Red Flower Evaluation” is to recommend more secure and cost -effective children and family products through independent, objective and professional comparative evaluation.

Recommended Products



Ai Wnuo, EV*Red*N

Ai Wnuo, EV*Red*N









The test results and scores are as follows:


The worst moisturizing ability

Nuo B line

Song D, B*byc*re, Yi S Ding


Nuo B line, wearing K thought, plus zbao B

Loose D

Loose D

The “Little Red Flower Evaluation” adheres to the three principles: not accepting test samples provided by the enterprise, advertising and sponsorship attempts to affect the test results, and entrusted national certification testing institutions to test independently.

Please pay attention to the “Little Red Flower Evaluation” to get more infant products comparison evaluation content.

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