Beijing News (Reporter Dai Xuan) In recent years, hygroscopic and fast -moving dry fabrics have been widely used in underwear, sportswear and other fields. There are many categories and high prices. Recently, the Beijing Consumer Association conducted a comparative trial of moisture absorbing and dry clothing. It was found that the quality of hygroscopic quick -drying clothing sold by physical stores was better, and the quality of hygroscopic quick -drying clothing purchased online was poor.

This comparison test sample was organized by the Beijing Consumers Association as an ordinary consumers from Beijing Cuimi Building, Changan Shopping Mall, Mrs. Jun Ocean Department Store, Ganjiakou Building, Hanguang Department Store, Contemporary Mall, Decathlon, Yaosha Outle Sri Lanka, Uniqi Nongdan Road Store, and Tmall, JD Mall, Amazon, Suning Tesco, Gome, No. 1 Store and other e -commerce platforms. It ranges from 580 yuan; 50 samples are purchased online shopping platforms, involving 40 brands, and the purchase price ranges from 49 yuan to 869.33 yuan.

The comparative test is tested for projects such as the instructions for the use of sample products, fiber content, formaldehyde content, pH value, dripping time, water absorption rate, core suction height, evaporation rate and humidity amount.

After testing, the quality of hygroscopic quick -drying clothing sold by physical stores is better. Only two samples have quality problems: Decathlon sold by Decathlon, the measured value of the fiber content of the fiber of the fiber of the fiber of the Decathlon Round -neck short T -shirts do not meet the standard requirements.

The quality of online shopping is poor in quality, and the main problems of the existence are the measured value of the fiber content that does not match the explicit, and the hygroscopic quick -dryingability is poor.

Products with problems with sampling inspections:

Mysenlan brand short -sleeved cycling service sold by JD Mall; Li Ning brand game top badminton series; jackwolfskin wolf claws men’s outdoor shorts; Onepolar polar brand women’s knitted jacket; kingcamp brand women’s fast dry round collar T -shirt.

Gome Mall Sales Kaosda Couple Fast Dried Truncium; Laynos Renonos card outdoor fast -drying T -shirt.

Amazon’s CopperHead Fitness Female Yoga Clothing Set; The First Outdoor Men’s Outdoor Cotton Function T -shirt; Kelme brand women’s hygroscopic quick -drying T -shirt.

Suning Tesco’s new men’s and women’s new men and women’s hygroscopic sweats and sweat t -shirt couples; Orchid round neck short -sleeved speed dry T -shirt.

OnePOLAR polar brand women’s cotton T -shirt sold by Tmall Mall; SKINS brand Skins A400 compressed long -sleeved speed dry T -shirt; Card long -sleeved T -shirt; Under Armor Andma Men’s Men’s Knitting Sports Uniform. Saidanhu Saidan Fox Men’s Functional Round Neck T -shirts sold by No. 1 Store.