It is said that fashion is piled up by money. If you say this, you must ignore the powerful magic of youth. When you go to the university town, you will find that there are many pure and pleasant girls. The student party can’t restrain the nature of beauty. Shoes are the most important part of the match and the most needed texture. So do students girls need to eat soil for a pair of shoes? Too naive, you do n’t have to worry about the problem of tight pockets in the winter boots. Mom no longer has to worry about my living expenses.

Snow boots can be said to be a must -have winter item for the students of the students. Not lost to various cortex big names. The most popular and most commonly dressed in snow boots are all kinds of beautiful short boots.

In addition to snow boots, the college’s various Martin boots are also tailored for the student party. Compared with the sweet snow boots, Martin boots are also cool. With small feet pants, trying the European and American atmospheric style can also be easy to hold. Let ’s take a look at the favorite classic boots of the student party.


1. Ladder flat and British women’s army boots

Fashionable round heads, elegant and generous, outline the beautiful curve, delicate PU material, soft clothes, elastic, stable and high, easy to make you steady, non -slip outsole, wear resistance, easily deal with Rain and snowy weather.


2. Rough heel fluffy woolen woolen boots

Silk light feels sand leather, exquisite leather, tube in the wool, soft skin, more ankle charm, comfortable thick heel, moderate height, easy to wear. The upper lines are smooth and smooth, elegant, and the most highlighted women’s gentleness and quiet temperament.

3. Winter rabbit hair leather boots

Dancing the light pace in the snow and snow, and followed the snowflake to rotate out of the most beautiful gesture, how can you have a pair of comfortable short boots? This pair of hill -heel boots, zero pressure to wear, luxurious and smart rabbit hair warm and soft, as well as metal zipper embellishments, fashionable and comfortable.

4. The leather large size mid -tube flat bottom boots


Some students pay attention to comfort. You have benefits. This middle boot is flat, and there are rabbits and furring decorations. Not only are they not cold, they are also very fashionable and beautiful. The previous pencil pants were too perfect.

5. The fur system with round head boots


The sweet control is coming, the unique lace design, easily tied the bow, dancing on the feet, playful and smart. In addition, the warmth index is doubled, the flat heel is more comfortable, and the overall lines of the boots are very smooth. It is a good choice for shopping and dating.

6. New velvet anti -skiing

The design of fur integration is more prominent, plus velvet thickness, and regain the warm memory of snow boots in childhood. Invisible increased, let you quietly be beautiful, as well as zipper design, the decoration is just right, and it integrates fashion and comfort and keeps warm.

7. Korean version of zipper retro Martin boots


The handsome Martin boots are coming. Wiping color leather is not only fashionable and beautiful, but even if it rains in winter, you can wear it freely to go shopping. The zipper decoration cleverly avoids monotonous, and the round head design is more large, showing the soft charm of women.

8. British wind zipper thick heel boots

Charming British -style boots, the side zipper adopts custom hardware zipper, pays attention to quality and details. The zipper swaying lightly follows, the non -slip and wear -resistant rubber outsole can easily fight against rain and snow. Step pressure.


9. Heading boots in pointed rivets


The pointed design shows the temperament of mature women, and it is even more charm. The rivet elements are cleverly used in it, occupying the trend pioneer, and the moderate height makes you beautiful, easy to be beautiful, leather, and superior quality.

10. British wind plus velvet and ankle short boots

The short boots are simple and capable, especially the slender and long legs, which are visually thin and thin. The small MM can give priority to choosing short boots. Extremely simple style, generous and stylish, thick heel, add velvet inside, keep warm and comfort index upgrade, let you warm the winter.

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