Baoding Daily reporter Liu Xia

“Teacher Xiong, I heard that you came to Baoding to participate in the purple sand cultural activities. I spent 4 days to create this sword” Landscape “and I came to give you a special trip. Next. “With her daughter’s company, wearing a pale pink Chinese -style clothing and white hair carefully behind the card, 81 -year -old Yue Pinzhen held a scroll in front of the ceramic artist Xiong Lixin.

“Oh, the old friend is here, you are too humble, your body is good?” Putting down the knife, Xiong Lixin stood up and greeted the old man.

This is a scene of the 7th Zisha Culture Festival and the 8th Anniversary Celebration of Jiangbei Zisha Art Museum, which opened on September 8.

“At the Zisha Culture Festival last year, I tried ‘pinching’ to put the small pot. Teacher Xiong saw that I was so old and attached to art. I wish me healthy and longevity, I asked him all kinds of paintings, he answered him enthusiastically, and I became a year -on -year friendship with him. “In the first time I participated in the scene of the Zisha Cultural Festival, Yue Pinzhen was still very excited.

Xiong Lixin carefully detailed Yue Pinzhen’s works, and learned the technique of learning, and improvised “Gourd Map” and gave her again. After taking over the paintings created by Xiong Lixin, Yue Pinzhen was very excited. Although the ink was not dry, she lifted her hands gently and loved her.

Recite the verses of praise of the ancient city, use the engraved knife to set the small scenery of the ancient city on the purple sand pot, make a small and exquisite purple sand handle together, and tell the old tradition of Baoding … The “cultural fan” unique to Baoding people.

Zhang Yajing, who is concentrating on creating a variety of purple sand ornaments, is an authentic Baoding person. When talking about the creation of small sandy ornaments, she said happily that although the time to do this is not very long, I like this profession very much; In a cultural era, people have put forward more diversified requirements for Zisha art, and they no longer regard it as utensils that simply use tea, and they are more willing to hold it in their hands, like the four seasons of beans and peanuts with auspicious meaning , Walnuts, lotus root and other handlebars, ornaments, and pendants are loved by the citizens. You see, the decorations made with purple sand mud have a simple and elf beauty. It makes people feel infinitely interesting, and it is even more popular in my hand.

“Zisha is the media and shares the national essence.” Zhang Xishun, the head of the Jiangbei Zisha Art Museum, said that since 2009, the Zisha Culture Festival has been held for 7 sessions. At the annual cultural festival, artists such as purple sand, pottery, porcelain, books, paintings, poems, etc. will make pots, pour in ink, chant poetry, and talk about it. The fun of the integration of Zisha art and the culture of ancient cities in person, and further improved the cultural taste of Baoding in ancient cities.