For pillows and pillows, most people may focus on design. Only a few friends will pay attention to materials, fabrics, etc. Today, I will be popular with you: In fact, the fabrics (materials) of pillows and pillowcases determine its comfort, and then then Affect your sleep quality!

So, which is better like cotton pillow case, color cotton pillow, bamboo fiber pillow case, etc., which one is better? Do you need to clean the new pillow case? How to clean it alone? let’s see.

1. Cotton pillow case

Advantages of fabrics: good hygroscopic, good heating, good thermal resistance, good alkali resistance, natural, antistatic fabric. Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrink easily

Cotton fabric is a fabric produced by cotton as raw materials. It has the advantages of good hygroscopic, good heating, good thermal resistance, and good alkali resistance. It is a larger application of clothing fiber in the world.

The pillowcase is an item that is close to the skin. It is recommended to use soft cotton materials to sleep comfortably. At the same time, you can also choose the cotton fabric of the active printing and dyeing process. Not only is the color saturated, but it will not fade for a long time.

Cleaning method: Like the newly purchased textiles, cotton pillowcases are still recommended to use it after cleaning. It is recommended to clean it with soapy water or cold water. Be careful not to soak for a long time. Do not use bleach. Light color should be cleaned separately.


2. Bamboo fiber pillow sleeve

Advantages of fabrics: smooth and soft, bacteriostatic, hygroscopic breathability, anti -ultraviolet, natural, comfortable fabric. Disadvantages: The length of the service life is not as cotton

Bamboo fiber is a new type of fabric made of bamboo as raw materials.

Care for your sleeping time with delicate and smooth texture. It will not deform after washing, and at the same time, the breathability is good. Known as “the fiber that can breathe”! It is also warm in winter!

In addition, it also has the advantage of antibacterial and bacteriostatic.

the cleaning method:

For the newly purchased bamboo fiber pillow, the editor recommends that the babies are washed after using it. Even the expensive fabric will inevitably leave some odors on the pillow cover during the dyeing process. And the newly purchased textiles must be washed first before using it, so clean it first. Pay attention when cleaning, the pillowcase made of bamboo fiber should not be rubbed and wrapped vigorously, nor does it need to add a soft agent. When machine washing, you should put it in a laundry bag. When washing at the beginning, a small amount of washing agent can be placed. In addition, do not expose and dry in the sun, just air dry.

Third, color cotton pillow sleeve

Fabric advantages: skin -friendly, green, healthy and natural, anti -static, good moisture -absorbing and breathable, gentle and hazy fabrics, disadvantages: color single a single

“Color cotton” is a new type of textile raw material that adopts modern biological engineering skills when cotton spitting in cotton spit, that is, cotton itself has white, brown, green and other colors. Directly textile into cloth.

Because its color originated from natural pigments, the printing and dyeing process was reduced during processing. The characteristics of cotton natural fibers are retained. Of course, the texture is also very soft and soft, which is more conducive to human health. And the color of color cotton is often hazy, and it looks very gentle!

First of all, the newly purchased color cotton pillow sleeve still needs to be cleaned. Because the pillowcase is in the process of textile and packaging, it will contact the machine or manual! When cleaning, be careful not to use acidic detergents. It is recommended to use neutral soap or detergent!

the cleaning method: