Family hanging paintings are a very strong decorative behavior. Due to the different decorative style and personality hobbies of each person or home, the decoration paintings may be different. At the same time, home is your own home. The most important thing is that you feel coordinated and beautiful. Therefore, it is best to choose the decorative paintings that you think are suitable in combination with your own decoration style. Instead of following the big road, what others hang themselves. At the same time, the combination of decorative painting is also very important. The combination of hanging painting can be: parallel combination, vertical combination, trapezoidal combination, symmetry combination, asymmetric combination, etc. How do we choose during the decoration of the living room

Frameless decoration size


The original intention of frameless painting means that the painter first stretches the canvas on a simple wooden frame when he creates a painting. In order to better press and fix the canvas when painting. When the painting is created, it will be equipped with a frame, which becomes a complete work. However, we found that there is no painting with an outer frame more. After the painting is completed, it can be hung up directly, simple and saving. There are frames in the painting book, but the frameless decoration paintings have no frame. It gets rid of the restraint of the traditional frame, which meets the simple standards of the public.


The living room frameless decoration painting is an important part of the living room decoration. In terms of size selection, it must be matched with the overall decorative effect. Generally, the size of the frameless decorative painting needs to be based on three aspects: the size of the sofa, the size of the living room, and the living room decoration.

1. The standard size of the living room, the sofa of about 2 meters with 50 × 50 or 60 × 60, and the sofa of 3 meters above 3 meters with 60 × 60 or 70 × 70 size.

2. The standard size of the bedrooms and study hanging paintings is 50 × 50 or 40 × 70. If the space is relatively large, you need to use 60 × 60 or 60 × 80.

3. The standard size of the dining room and kitchen hanging painting is 40 × 40 or 40 × 60. If the space is relatively large, you need to use 50 × 50 or 50 × 70.

4. Modern enterprise office decorative hanging paintings, the recommended size is 50 × 70 or 60 × 80.

If the price is based on the virtue of the work, from high to low to extraordinary effects (such as semi -original, imitation, flash, fluorescence, etc.), classical just impression, classical realism, impression, abstraction, basically formulated by the difficulty of drawing ( It can be approximately understood as the difficulty); as for the most important level of painting skills, it is under the condition that it has not been professional, and it can only be compared with more. Strictly selected the idle light to walk away from the Dashanzi 798 art district to improve the grade of appreciation. The gallery exhibition there is free and open. Although it is the original art oil paintings with at least a minimum of millions of yuan. Most of them are avant -garde, which is not necessarily suitable for home decoration, but it is always good to cultivate.

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Frameless decoration size