A woman who does not pay attention to her image is not attractive. Not every woman is naturally beautiful, especially mature middle -aged women. As they grow older, wrinkles quietly climb up to the corners of the eyes. Raise eye, and also nourish.


Some people say that clothing is the second layer of skin of a woman. The suitable and decent dress can add color to your image, and it can also make you confident. Today I share two coats suitable for middle -aged women to wear, keep warm and fashionable, and easily show the charm and style of women.

The short down jacket has a certain sense of expansion. It looks warm, and the short style will not look too heavy, but it can give people a sharp and soft feeling. Compared with the long style, its biggest advantage is that it can lengthen the leg shape and not pressing height.

Short down jacket

Short down jackets are most suitable for creating a short and long body proportion, so it is particularly important for the combination of the lower body. You can choose the right pants or skirts according to the condition of the figure. Women with slender legs and beautiful legs, leggings can outline beautiful lines; if they are not confident in their figure, loose straight pants, cone shapes, cone shapes Pants are better controlled.

Pants or skirts

The same color with short boots

It can form color extension, which is more conducive to the stretch of the body visually, which is high and thin. For example, this shape, caramel -colored short down jacket with a black hip long skirt,

Short -term

The design shows the perfect proportion of the figure. Stepping on a pair of black medium -heeled boots, there is no color cut, and the legs are more slender.


The coloring method is also a tips for matching and temperament. That is, the color of the top or hat is similar to the color of the shoes, which can form an echoing effect, and it will be more consistent and bring overall consciousness.

The down jacket is an indispensable item in winter. It is almost one person. Naturally, it is prone to hitting a shirt. If you want to wear fashion, you need to spend a little bit of thought. Although the small black pants are very versatile, it seems more ordinary. You can try the matching of down jackets and skirts to own the temperature and style at the same time.


Down jacket with+skirt

The down jacket must be matched with a skirt

Avoid width and width

The shape of the shape is short and no temperament.



Essence For example, this shape, the upper body is a short black down jacket with a gray tight sweater, and the lower body with a slender plaid long skirt. The color jumping looks lively and fashionable, and the tightness of the upper Panasonic can also show the curve of the figure.


Choose a long style of half skirts, which is better for warmth. You can add a variety of tight -fitting warm artifacts to the skirt. To treat your body well, you must know that health is the prerequisite for beauty.

Women who like romantic can choose to open the down jacket to wear it. By exposing the inner way to create a beautiful figure, even if wearing a wide long down jacket, it will not look bloated and fat.

Slim sewing down jackets can satisfy women more than fluffy bread uniforms


Shortless demand

At the same time, it can achieve warmth. With the dense seam treatment, it will not be widening, beautiful and fashionable.

绗 绗 down jacket

This kind of down jacket is well -durable. The regular needle treatment on the down jacket can play a role in fixed down the down. It will not have the phenomenon of mass after the wear, or the phenomenon of block after washing. It is light and warm to wear on the body. The long down vests of the long models also have the advantages of wearing more clothes. As the inside changes, the image is more abundant.

Like free and casual style. The choice of down jackets is best to choose large and small. The loose style can leave a certain space, add breathable, and relax the body and mind. slim.

One of the reasons why wearing down jackets is not suitable for choice. It is a factor that brings uncoordinated factors after being thick or not in color. For example, this light gray slot down jacket is wide and casual, with white turtleneck sweater+black cropped pants inside, the basic color matching method, simple, natural and fashionable.

Long down jackets are always slightly thick. When the weather is not cold, many fashion ladies like to wear a strong coat of aura to reflect their charming style. Essence

Fashionable temperament

Everyone in autumn and winter loves coats, which can not only play a role in protecting the cold, but also allow you to appear in the most beautiful attitude. It is fashionable and windy. Long coats can not only improve the taste, but also support your aura, and it seems to be handsome. However, the length of the coat is not older, the better, and the style that matches the body is more temperament.

The most important thing for long coats is to wear


Adjust the proportion of figure

Essence For example, this light pink coat is gentle and elegant, and immediately makes people feel her gentle feminine charm. The wide flower collar, the length of the waistline, easily adjusts the proportion of the golden figure with a short and long length.


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