Now more and more people who travel on business like to use disposable towels. The advantage of a disposable towel is that it is convenient to carry, especially suitable for business travel, traveling, visiting relatives and friends, and it is small and beautiful, and it is also convenient to use.


Although one -time towel is not used once after using it once, people still need some skills when buying disposable towels.

How to choose a disposable towel?

1. First of all, it depends on the degree of whitening. There is no standard for this specific. You can compare several manufacturers;

2. The texture is fluffy and the feel is soft: such a disposable towel gives a feeling of comfortable and enjoyable. It is elastic in my hand and sticks to the face like a spring breeze to give people a feeling of entanglement. Do not dry hard to avoid hurting the skin;


3. The water absorption should be good, and the requirements for the water for the water are particularly strong. The towels are overwhelmed, the water is dried, and the dust is dirty. And inspection means.

We can use dripping water on a towel, and the water immediately seeps into the towel. There is no slippery and no spread. A bad towel, it forms water droplets, it is not penetrated, and the water droplets cannot be hung up. It soon slipped down. We said that this is a bad towel, because it is too soft and does not absorb moisture.

4. It is best to choose independent installation. Independence is more hygienic, reducing the risk of bacterial infection. It is also convenient to use, and it can be used for disassembly bags.