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30 years old+middle and high -rise


Men’s typical wear.


With simple items, the formal and leisure balance is just right. It is not exaggerated. It is worthy of reference in the work of men in the workplace.

Today we are talking about it, a single product-shirt with a high appearance rate in the play.

The work clothes itself is a very difficult field. There are so many choices on the market. It is not easy to find the perfect shirt that is suitable for your tailoring needs.

In addition to Uniqlo and Fanke, most men can buy it?


Custom cotton shirt

As a low -key and elegant market leader, you can always trust COS to inject contemporary elements into classic works.

So it is not surprising. Its work shirt has launched a series of simple and unique choices. For example, this light blue cut shirt has a hidden button in front -this is the best manifestation of minimalism.

In the office, equipped with cone pants can perfectly present the sharpness of Nordic.

Thomas pink


Thomas Pingk

Thomas Pink, a professional tailor in London’s famous Jermyn Street, is working in shirt production.

This slim -fitting tailoring provides a smooth but not too tight outline, and the delicate texture increases the depth of the rich pink shadow.

The other colors of their family are jumping but not exaggerated, such as blue, yellow and purple of young executives.

3. Marks & Spencer


Martha Department Store

If you like traditional -style shirts, Marks and Spencer should be your first choice.

Retro -style brown buttons and delicate textures. This design is suitable for suits, and it is also suitable for a more casual working environment.

David Gandy (David Gandy)


4. Reiss


Who says that the white shirt must be simple? Reiss upgrade the main element of the essential item of this wardrobe, add a minimalist tie clip to make it look more edges.

Regardless of whether you want to tie or suit leather, this shirt will definitely make you look back.

5. Turnbull & Asser

Plaid cotton shirt

If you are a conservative person, try it

Turnbull & asser.


As a professional tailor with more than 100 years of experience, the brand is famous for its classic and exquisite shirts, including this exquisite plaid print shirt. This is a universal choice that will bring personality to your daily office clothing. a feeling of.




Limited edition navy blue diagonal shirt

T.M.LEWIN is a professional shirt brand. It was founded in 1898 Jieming Street. The style cut patterns to meet the needs of men in different scenes.

Although dark shirts seem to be forgotten on formal occasions, this T.M.Lewin naval blue limited -edition shirt is perfectly complementary with light colors.

With a simple light gray suit, it provides rich and considerate contrast. The drawing oblique pattern adds an alternative sense of layering to the office shape.

7.Richard James

Color spotted flax cotton shirt


Richard James from Savile Row continued to innovate in shirts. This linen and cotton -mixed shirts are somewhat different from ordinary work shirts.


When the temperature rises, the spots effect is very ideal, it feels low -key and elegant, and the pearl shelter button will increase the sense of luxury.


Green buckle shirt


If you want to find a clean and interesting thing, go and see the ETON of Sweden.

Since 1928,

The brand is known for its impeccable quality and modern fit, and it also performs well in men’s shirts. We like this light green choice very much. It is an ideal choice for your daily office suit.

9.Alfred dunhill

Blue plaid cotton shirt

There should be some simple, high -quality and multifunctional shirts in each man’s wardrobe. This is why we lock our eyes on the exquisite plaid shirt on Alfred Dunhill.


This shirt woven from 100%cotton in Italy can not only bear the pressure of office work, but also easily cope with day and night.

10. Charles Tyrwhitt


White striped slim shirt

Personal shirts fans, look here. This striped shirt comes from

Charles Tyrwhitt


, Not only bringing its iconic British charm to work clothes, but also because of it


No need to iron,


Make it easy to manage.

In addition, it also has double -buckle cuffs and single buckle cuffs. How about?


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