It’s autumn now. Many girls start to worry about how to match, especially for the matching of shoes. I don’t know what kind of shoes should be paired to wear a sense of fashion.


Top boots seem to be fashionable and individual. In fact, it is a very easy -to -match item, which can almost match with any item, so it is loved by everyone.

In the autumn season, try long boots. Boots are a very fashionable item. If you want to enhance your sense of fashion, try the matching of boots as soon as possible.

This fall, the boots are on fire, and who is fashionable and high, who does not want to have, the young girl comes in, what should I do if there is no big legs? Use black leather boots to increase and easily wear super model.


Boot classification

Press the heel classification


1) Flat -bottom boots

The classification of boots can be classified according to the heel. The flat boots will give people a more casual feeling. It seems that the design is not very strong.


Therefore, we can use some casual clothing items to match flat boots, and it looks like a fashionable personality in casual leisure.


2) High -heeled boots

With flat boots, of course, there are high -heeled boots. High -heeled boots can give people a strong aura, and at the same time, it will also look more feminine.


The high -heeled boots can also modify the leg lines well, make the leg shape more straight, and make the figure look taller.

Classification of the toe


1) Round head boots

In addition to the heel classification, you can also use the toe to classify. Any boots are divided into round -headed boots and pointed boots. There are some differences in temperament.


Round -headed boots will give people a more cute feeling, because round -headed boots seem to have no corners, and they will not give people too strong aura.

2) Pointed boots

Unlike the boots of the round head, the pointed boots will give a strong aura. Even the flat pointed boots seem to be very aura.


Pointed pointed boots also have the effect of modifying the leg shape. It can extend the proportion of the legs well, and visually create the feeling of long legs, and it will also appear more compressed.

Boots recommendation recommendation

Matching with dresses

1) Printed dress+boots

The combination of dresses and boots is also more common in daily life. Such a combination is relatively French and shows a strong femininity.

There are many choices of dress. We can choose some printed dress to match with boots. This combination will not look fancy, but it is very designed.

2) Sports dress+boots


Boots are a more fashionable and avant -garde item, which will give people a sense of retro, and sportswear will show a strong sense of vitality. These two items are mixed to form a mix.

Sports dress can show a full sense of vitality. It is very suitable for some young girls. It looks younger and very young.

3) suit dress+boots

If you want to show the gas field, we can use a suit dress to match themselves. This combination can make women look very handsome.

The suit dress also has the effect of modifying the figure, which can make the figure look more smooth. Use boots to match with a suit dress to show the good figure.


Match with windbreaker

Boots can also be matched with trench coats. This combination is also more common. Many mature women will match this way in autumn.

We can choose a classic beige trench coat, and then with a pair of white boots instead of black boots, which can make our overall image cleaner.

Matching with knitted sweater


In addition to trench coats, the common items that are common in autumn also have knitwear, knitwear and boots to give people a gentle and handsome feeling.

The matching of knitwear and boots also need to have a lower dress. We can choose the matching of the skirt or the matching of shorts. Different matching has a different temperament.

Match with a suit

1) suit jacket


Because the suit and boots are the items that can show the aura, they are also very harmonious to match, and they will not feel away.

We can use colorful design to match. If you choose a dark suit, you can choose light -colored boots. If you choose a light -colored suit, you can match dark boots.

2) suit vest

In addition to the long -sleeved jacket, the suit also has the style of the vest. The suit vest is not very common in life, so it will look very fashionable.

Suit vests are suitable for commuting, and then with a pair of dark boots, it not only shows the intellectual and capable temperament, but also looks very feminine.

Match with shirts

In so many clothing matching, how can I have a shirt less? The combination of boots and shirts is also very good, both interested and handsome.


If a young girl wants to match with a shirt with boots, it is recommended to choose a cardigan shirt with fresh colors, which will also look refreshing and casual.

Match with jeans


In daily life, the more common boots are also matched with jeans. If you want to use boots to match ourselves, we need to choose a pair of tight jeans.

Therefore, this kind of matching method is relatively high in leg shape. It is also recommended that girls with better leg lines wear this way.

The matching of boots is really a lot. Choose a pair of suitable boots for yourself in autumn, which can improve your temperament a lot.



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