Li Xinzheng is a native of Xuzhou, Jiangsu. When he was in the fourth grade of elementary school, he had to wear 40 yards of shoes. At that time, buying clothes and shoes were all run by parents, and most men. One of the neutral khaki leather shoes is her favorite in her youth.

I remember a radio game in the school. In order to unify the clothing, the teacher asked everyone to wear school uniforms and small white shoes. “The teacher asked everyone if you were ready, only I couldn’t raise my hand and said.” Li Xinzhen smiled awkwardly, “I answered in front of the whole class, ” feet are too big ‘.”

This pair of big feet that are nowhere to be placed, like a restrained vine, around the adolescence at will.

In 2005, Li Xinzheng, who was just a freshman, placed his first pair of large -size women’s shoes in the “Lane 172” of Taobao shop. This is a pair of black single shoes, low heels, round heads, patent leather, 44 yards, the price is 90 yuan, “super happy”.

After that, Li Xinzheng became a loyal fan of “Lane 172”.

“Because I have the right women’s shoes, I can match my clothes. A woman’s feeling.”

“Lane 172” is the earliest shop to sell large -size women’s shoes on Taobao. The founder Lai Jinhong is a native of Yilan in Taiwan. At first sell women’s shoes, it is a simple model for stalls and goods. During the period, guests often asked large size shoes, “I used to run through the wholesale market for a pair of 41 yards for women’s shoes.” Lai Jinhong thinks that the big size women’s shoes market is huge, so he started to develop large -size women’s shoes in 2006. Essence


Foreign trade factories do not pick up small orders. Ordinary factories feel that they have lost their money. Even if Huidong, who is crowned with Chinese women’s shoes production bases, Lai Jinhong cannot find a suitable factory. In 2008, Lai Jinhong opened a shoe -making factory himself to supply “Lane 172”. By 2010, the factory lost more than 2 million.

Due to the reasons of foot and weight, compared with ordinary code, the tension, force point, and sole bearing capacity of large size shoes have changed. For example, “Lane 172”, the average height of the guests exceeds 170 cm and weighs more than 150 catties. Therefore, the thickness of the sole is about 3 cm higher than the ordinary code. In terms of style, round heads are more suitable than pointed heads, and single shoes are more popular than high heels.


In 2012, Li Xinzheng was closer to the “Lane 172” group. The group is divided into numbers, discussing new shoe styles, opinions and comfort, and so on.

“Once I dreamed that I tried shoes on Lane 172, and shoes on the ground and cabinet were wake up.” Winter is here, and she often wears those black over -the -knee boots.

Nowadays, the famine era of “wearing shoes” has passed, and the beauty of big feet is adding more interpretations.


In 2015, Li Min, who was 175 cm tall, founded the large -size shoe brand “Da Xiao Sister” in Guangzhou. “I was also ridiculed by a group of girlfriends: Why do you just change clothes every day and do not change shoes?” Even if she can often contact foreign women’s shoes, she can’t find a few pairs of fit and comfortable shoes.

After retiring from the model industry, Li Min also started his own entrepreneurial path.

In accordance with the Chinese craft shoes manufacturing industry standards and European and American standards, Li Min collected tens of thousands of foot -type data, and decided to use 42 yards as the mother model, that is, 42 yards as the basic code to enlarge, reduce, and custom shoe. Steel cores, ensure hardness and density, thereby achieve the effect of upper foot stability. The shape design is more fashionable.

The big size shoe market has become wider and wider by these beautiful big feet.

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