#Ideal Spring Dress#


After the Lantern Festival, this year’s Spring Festival also came to an end. The younger sister in college, is your holiday balance insufficient? We will come today “

School wearing

“, Bring 3 types of dressing style, help you become the first day of the start of school!


Look 1 Playful Girl Wind

The most suitable for female college students in the school is


At the age of Fenghua Zhengmao, with a youthful and invincible smile, it will definitely be beautiful!

This fake two pieces

Checkered skirt

, I wear age reduction, and female students wear youth invincible! In addition to cute lapels, there are special hidden meat

Lantern sleeve


People who like college style will definitely not be unfamiliar with checkered elements. Wear another top on your head

Painter’s hat

, Instantly make the whole shape sweeter.

This cool black T -shirt, because it dotted a white love, the playful and smart feeling suddenly emerged, and it was particularly recognizable.

The loose version is most suitable for a tight -fitting

Shark pants

Upper Panasonic

“The method of wearing is very thin. Put the white socks outside the shark pants can also show long legs.

As a young girl, I can’t wait to prepare for myself

Floral skirt


After the upper body, there is a sense of vision of the elder sister next door, which is too gentle!


Smog blue sweater

It shows the youthful atmosphere, put it in the bottom

Pleated skirt


, That is to fill the vitality ~

LOOK 2 casual sports style

The opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics also made the sports wind fire. Especially after watching

Gu Ailing


Sports wear even more.

Talk about

Sporty style

How can



Woolen cloth! There is a layer of thin velvet inside, and there is no problem to put on the street when it is warm and cold.

Put on one in the sweater

White T -shirt


The neckline and hem are exposed to white edges, which will be more fashionable. grey





canvas shoes

Even more indispensable.

Pass through this


Hooded sweater

Later, I have to sigh, or


It’s so good to wear it, just raise the pants up and put it out immediately “

Short -term

“Good figure.

The neckline of the sweater has a zipper, which can show you sexy collarbone in one second. Even if there is no collarbone,

Large V -neck

It can also help you show a small face.

Although this folding sweater is not short, it can be tightened at any time


It’s as simple as leking out the waistline. White sweater, the least error is to choose black underwear, knitted fabrics to keep warm and skin, and tolerance is still strong.

This is not only suitable for the student party, but girls who like sports style can try it. There are also high -waisted lines created by drawers, which is also a good way to wear.


Look 3 simple light cooked wind


Who said that college students must wear cute and love every day, try it in advance

Light cooked wind

Also do a “exercise” for the upcoming society ~


The first thing I recommend is



The multi -layer design of the front placket is very eye -catching.

Short version

No matter what height you are, you can easily control it.

Strongly recommend you to take one



Wearing can reduce some maturity and more youthful vitality.

Black with a slightly slim


Grandma shirt

, Will definitely become your spring



Weapon, with one

High -waist straight skirt

, Put the clothing, make a good body proportions.

Replace the high waist skirt with a high waist skirt

High waist wide leg pants

In addition, in addition to getting a good body ratio, you can still stretch your legs visually ~



Starting season

“The grass is finished, which one do you like best? Go to pick!