Men’s masturbation is not sinful

The 24 -year -old Xiao Zhang is very handsome. It is the typical girl killer, but when he was diagnosed and exhausted when he was diagnosed in the male department of Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he looked at me with despair. If you don’t save me, I really can’t live. ” “I watched the prostatitis for 4 years, the disease was not cured, and the money was spent. I couldn’t mention my spirit every day, I couldn’t mention anything, and I was not interested in anything. Now I dare not talk about my girlfriend. I think it’s boring to be alive. ” “My prostatitis was caused by masturbation. At that time, I was small, sensible, and felt that masturbation was fun and comfortable. Later, listening to radio masturbation is harmful and cause prostatitis. Need to be treated, who knows that it is not cured for a few years. It is a disaster that is masturbated! “

Similar patients are often encountered in outpatient clinics. Prostatitis is caused by masturbation, premature ejaculation is caused by masturbation, sexual dysfunction is caused by masturbation, lumbar pain is also caused by masturbation. It seems that masturbation is the source of all evils. In our country, due to the influence of traditional concepts, masturbation seems to be the great crime of ten evils, and it seems to be harmful to the body. It is endless regret, shame and anxiety.

In fact, masturbation is only a process of stimulating the sensitive parts of the external genitalia by hand or tools to achieve the orgasm. It is a kind of sexual lifestyle that does not interfere with others. Masturbation. Almost 90 % of adults with national statistics have the history of masturbation in their lives.

In my opinion, masturbation is also a kind of sexual lifestyle, a normal vent of sexual excitement, and a supplement to the sexual life of men and women, especially those who do not have a fixed partner. From a moral point of view, masturbation is much cleaner than 嫖, one -night stand, rape, and civilization, at least he does not disturb others. For a normal person, masturbation is just an excretion of chemicals secreted by a little glands every day. As the saying goes, “Man is overflowing”, how harm can it be of the body? Studies have shown that regular masturbation has a therapeutic effect on prostatitis, and it is equivalent to regular prostate massage.

But Chinese medicine believes that there is a “degree” in everything, and excessiveness will be harmful. There are three cases of masturbation: one is excessive frequent. Some people have masturbation every day, and even several times a day, so this is not good. Excessive irritation of the nervous system, gland, and sexual organs will cause symptoms of dysfunction, softened back, soreness, mental deficiency, decreased sexual desire, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, and non -ejaculation. Prostatitis and reproductive dysfunction. This degree varies from person to person and does not have clear statistics. It is generally believed that there is no discomfort after masturbation, and the spiritual life and work are not affected, which is not excessive; the second is excessive force. Excessive force or masturbation methods will cause penis damage. The fibrosis after injury will cause the penis to bend, pain, and even affect the sexual intercourse of men and women during erection. Third, improper use of sexual tools will also affect the human body.

After exchanges the above view, I said to Xiao Zhang, “I can cure your illness, and you don’t need to take medicine, but you absolutely listen to me, do you do it?”

Xiao Zhang said: “Do! As long as I can cure my illness, I can do anything!”

“You run once every morning and evening, every time you don’t be less than 2000 meters; drink more than 2000ml of boiled water more than 2000ml a day; do not drink, do not eat peppers, eat one apple and one tomato every day; masturbate every weekend. After three months, come to me “,”

Three months later, Xiao Zhang was full of red light and was inspiring, and prostatitis was unknowingly.

In short, as long as there is no masturbation that does not cause discomfort to the body and spirit, it is harmless. There is no need to exaggerate its words.

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