How long has we not a comedy film that has not been attached?

In Sir impression, it must be traced back to the Spring Festival half a year ago.

Life is too difficult.

It is even more difficult to smile in the theater.

Don’t worry.

Recently, Sir opened a new world.

In this world, hidden some incredible movies.

Some people finish watching, suspecting that physics and creatures are all in high school.

Yes, there are everything, letting high -tech, godmal fantasy be in the same universe.

You seem to have watched a whole set of dazzling national style.

The key is……

It’s so funny!

It’s not the kind of funny you laugh.


It is the funny that you can’t give other reactions except you laugh.

Welcome to–

Net large section.

This long -term hidden world of domestic film and television can be described as rising recently.

Sir is not to say that most of the nets are bad movies.


Moreover, if you have recently opened the big channel of major video websites, you will find it.


Looking at the posters, all of them are big production.

The main “monster” style.

There are giant crocodiles in the water, a snake in the forest, and the shores in the water, there are water monsters.

There is a “fantasy” route.

Monster ghosts and gods, from the Shan Haijing to the magic division of the town.

Of course, there are still …

Forget it, Sir can’t sum up, you understand it yourself.

“Cut the Records of God”, “The Strongest Second Practitioners’ Pigs”, “Di Renjie’s Ghost Road”, “Right Family”, “Huang Feihong’s Angry Sea Heroes” …

But even if the appearance is no longer the border, it always has a magic that attracts you to point in.

Sir entered the magic at night without knowing which thunderstorm night.

First of all, it is just a month just this month

“Star Master”


Science fiction film, strong!

A little bit, but the style of the 1990s was shot.

This food business center like a third -tier city.

SIR understands the most popular retro science fiction at the moment.


Then, it seems that you don’t spend money and buy one free computer stunt.

Settled for the whole film again

Doomsday exhaust air

Image style.


Then, the type is quickly converted.

A trick of “kicking steel eggs”, and the golden bell cover that has been lost for a long time in the world.

A moment of beauty rescued the hero and introduced the story into the martial arts world.

The scheduling and design are full of future interaction.


A rotating lens, followed by the love of the male and female protagonists.


Immediately break the fourth wall, let the supporting role say Sir’s voice–

I go!

△ Help Sir harmonious swear words


By the way, the story has not yet been told.

The name of the three protagonists:

Yu Wen, Shu Xue, Ying Yu.


What is the devil in the details, the name reads quickly–

Chinese, mathematics, English.

It is a pity that no one has a re -surname, called Shi Di Biochemical administration.

Ying Yu’s father is not called “Oxford Dictionary”.

In history, the father of the whole world.


Call, Zhengzheng.


We didn’t dare to ask, asking it was not why.

Xunzheng also had a peerless face that was shocked by heaven, but later he was distressed and disfigured.

The ruin is really completely thorough.


With the participation of the three -in -law number British classmates, this story is as follows:


In a god -level school, they take the most powerful brain selection test in the world.

The top three in the world are won by the English classmates without suspense.

However, no one knows the classmates of the language, and the strongest brain will be used to do experiments.

It is the research and development of being arrested to do a high -tech device-

“Brain silver”.

This thing like a motorcycle helmet is the “brain silver” that can improve brain force movement.

Moreover, it is particularly dangerous.

Never touch


Brain white silver is so terrible, Sir even dare not think how terrifying the “brain platinum” of the year.

This brain silver is still a semi -finished product-

It can quickly improve the IQ of the brain, but it will also damage intelligence due to uncontrollable factors.

After they found the secret of silver, they were not finished.

In order to resist the mysterious forces behind the brain, they stole their brains, and Ying Yu was on the way to rescue her partners.

Learned the Tianma Meteor Fist.

The holy light emitted by the palm of the palm hit the evil forces.

The last group of people escaped.


Only sacrificed Chinese.


What is wrong with Chinese? Can you not play English?

Also “Star Master”, alas.


Sir decided to change a costume.

Look at the introduction, it will definitely not be worse, right?

Adapted from He Bing’s “Prison Officer of the Great Song”.


Still a subject that sounds very attractive:

“It reflects the advanced and superb of ancient Chinese forensic technology.”

“Song Chan Bashing Everbright Records”


What is ancient forensic medicine? How do they operate?


Give you the answer in the first five minutes–

Call the ghost and ask him directly.

You were burned and died.

The ghost shook his head and said that I was not.

Song Ci is alive, and it is estimated that this trick is not thought.


Later, in the mouth of Xiaobing, it was said that this was not a ghost, but a phantom agency (similar to our 3D imaging technology).

This line is also difficult for group performances.


After speaking, his face seemed like a pair, and we dare not say the expression that we dare not ask.

That’s it.

Sir is a layman, you are cheating.

But the next scene, the forensic doctor said yes

Pour vinegar can make blood appear

This film is finally a bit dry.

But let alone the difference between high concentration of vinegar and vinegar.

Let’s take a look at this white vinegar …

This large red, large amount, clear blood.

Does tomato sauce really don’t need money? Intersection

It is hard to imagine that if Sir overturned a bottle of white vinegar on the cutting board.

What will be scared.


SIR is wrong again. No matter how attractive the profile is, how novel the type …

Some webm Universitys need to take a different approach, develop the brain, and become the unique pheasant.

There is always a problem with the IP of the University of China, lying on the merits of the predecessors.


What kind of fire and what to change.

Since Changan fire in “The Biography of the Demon Cat”.

A series of nets were started, “Changan Series.


In Changanli, the demon essence was raging, catching monsters and ghosts, and calming down the stability of the Tang Dynasty, always falling on a few people.

What’s more, Li Bai became a swordsman in Chang’an City.


There is no plot.

It is the story of Li Baixing’s righteousness and successfully defeating the evil forces of Tubo.


But saving the world is not Li Bai’s intention, and it is.

When a woman saw Li Bai, she wanted to marry him as if she was crazy.


There is such a love at first sight.

There are also love for a long time.

Rescue each other.


What kind of peerless man do he have?

You have to hold the leaves to know how to play handsome.

In order to reflect Li Bai’s talent poetry, a poem was added inside.

This level, I do n’t know what the Yu Wen in the Star Master will do what I feel:




Peach blossoms like love

Like a coffin

But such a passionate Li Bai saw a beauty when he died for him.

The expression is like this.

This is not like someone vote for death.


It’s more like someone who voted for shit.


This actor of Li Bai is still the director of the movie.

Let us wish him, don’t make the next movie.


But laugh.

After laughing, Sir couldn’t help but lose.

For so many years, this magical domestic severe disaster area has not improved.


The production is well -made, but the kernel is still rough and rotten.

Either an actor blog -seeing the actor who does not pass the acting skills, or the celebrity sells a familiar face.

Zombie film veteran Qian Xiaohao, net face.

Change “Mr. Zombie” to “Mr. Supreme”.

Two apprentices are still autumn, talented.

But the battle was no longer a jumping Qing Dynasty zombie.

And it became a mountain of mountains, senior zombies.


The skin on his face was not as mottled as 34 years ago, but it was more shiny and flexible.

Zombies have long been gone.

The script is still the old set of replacement.

Like Chen Haomin.

Once TVB was popular, and now he is a freshman in the Mainland.

Desperate to follow the big movie, but just consumed the experience and popularity that I accumulated in TVB.

This situation is not uncommon.

In “Qi Tian Da Sheng”, Li Ruotong and Zeng Zhiwei also appeared in it.

The diamond man with Luo Jiaying was unwilling to go all the way and marched all the way.

“Yipin Grandpa”, “Demon Banquet Changan”, “Spicy Teacher”, “The Eight Rings and 20,000 Kings of the Demon” …

Some people may say that you don’t have to scold these bad movies to see these special effects that are blind.


In addition to the curiosity of wanting to smile, Sir’s mood is more as the drama “Tea House” said:

“I love the Qing Dynasty, I’m afraid of it.”


We will be faulty about our favorite things.

Whether it is a large network, or a theater, whether the small cost, or the big production.


They are all in the name of movies.

What they do, in the end they have to “domestic movies”.

The phrase “Tea House” has the second half of the sentence:

“But who loves me!”


The net is big, to us, to domestic movies, better.

The picture of this article comes from the network