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A few days ago, I saw the China Youth Daily’s report on Shanghai’s “Ms. Telephone Pavilion”.

On April 1, she was discovered by nearby residents to live in the phone booth; on April 29, she left with her dog. In fact, she lived here in January and lived in the fifteenth year of the lunar calendar. No one is disturbing anyone, and no one can find her. Her life is simple enough to find a socket to boil water, or go to the police station to order water, and receive small snacks or occasional box lunches. When it is convenient, it is a black bag given by sanitation workers. She didn’t accept more relief. The simpler she, the less she owed others, but could live freely. She said, “I am lively, and I can live freely.” She understood the people who rushed him, and thanked the people who helped her. This is a more extreme challenge to survival in the static Shanghai operation model.

I remembered Zhang Ailing (1920-1995), who lived in the United States for nearly thirty years in her later years, and her life was extremely simple. When she died, no one realized that the landlord’s wife also discovered it in the next few days. According to her friend Lin Shi Tong, “Zhang Ailing died in the only marching bed in the house in the room. She was covered with a blue -gray blanket under her, and she didn’t cover anything …” “Zhang Ailing has no furniture. There is no jewelry, no production, no property, and things outside the body, it is really transparent, thin, and willing to lose … “” She is not persistent, does not climb, there is no right and wrong, no greed. Those who see through the world can’t do it. “

Yes, the peaceful and toughness of lonely women’s cultivation is really invincible.

I wrote Zhang Ailing, of course, because she wrote a big Shanghai in the state of “sealed” 80 years ago.

That short story was written in 1943, called “Block”: “This huge city was stunned in the sun, put his head on people’s shoulders, and slowly flowed down people’s clothes. The huge weight pressed everyone … … The blockade is open. Space. Everything during the blockade is equivalent to not happening. The entire Shanghai played a bun and had a unreasonable dream. “

Zhang Ailing’s most powerful thing is that the big and small association. This distinctive style, Wang Dewei, Harvard University, has a description, called “Talking Talking Jiangshan” -The I told you a whisper, but I exhausted the times.

It seems that it takes decades to spend decades and hundreds of years to have a real and timeless taste. Those vivid descriptions were sealed, reappeared after 80 years, and the moment you opened, all your senses were shocked.

It is said that this “blockade” also made Hu Lancheng appreciate her at the bottom of her heart. You see, a real life actually depends on the virtual text, pulls the soul closer, and then pulls the body closer. Although this marriage may finally bring a robbery, this love on Zhang Ailing is unable to have a dramatic. Her life itself is more exciting than her novels.

She described herself, “If you finish watching the morning movie, there is a quiet day in front of you” (The other expression is: after watching the morning movie, facing the big sun on the street, the rest of the big time I don’t know how to pass).

I always have a feeling recently. The economy and society is still. Only people’s life is still growing. The evolution of fate has a weed feeling. More life and death are not placed on the big stage. Now people live in the community, neighborhood relationships have never been so close, and everyone can only speak online and pass the picture. So there are some weird and magical things spread out immediately, and constantly brush out the streets, districts, and city circles. One thing can be detonated in two or three hours. No matter how expensive the house is living, the common version of the sadness and joy, the common version of the sorrow, and the death, let alone the number of life and death may be two or three times on weekdays. On Youth, the death of the 91 -year -old beauty journalist, people’s regret was so strong.

In recent days, the moon has been particularly bright in the evening to eight or nine o’clock. I often look at the moon of the sky while running five kilometers while running. Thinking of Zhang Ailing’s sentence, “In the late smoke, the edges of Shanghai were slightly undulating. Although there were no mountains, it was like a layer of mountains. I thought of the fate of many people. Even I had a sense of life. “Even Zhang Ailing, a person with noble blood and peerless talents, all have such a vast life.

This place in Shanghai, although it is unforgettable, it seems to be very good. Because changing the crescents. The city is so big, there are anyone, and there are all kinds of life.

Zhang Ailing’s life story is more worth reading than her novel.

Li Hongzhang’s daughter, Li Juyu (1866 ~ 1912), is Zhang Ailing’s grandma. Grandpa is also a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, the Minister of Shipping, and scholar Zhang Peilun (1848 ~ 1903). Yuan Shikai once said that Hanlin in the world is really through. I have only three and a half in my eyes. Zhang Youzheng (Zhang Peilun), Xu Juren (Xu Shichang), and Yang Lianfu (Yang Shizhen), counting three people, Zhang Jizhi (Zhang Yan) is half.

Zhang Ailing commented on grandparents. Their relationship only belonged to each other. A silent and unconditional support seemed useless and invalid, but Zhang Ailing could not pursue it all his life. Li Juyu, when he was 22 years old in 1888, he married Zhang Peilun, 40, as his relatives. 8 years later, Zhang Zhiyi (1896 ~ 1953), also Zhang Ailing’s father. When Zhang Zhiyi was 7 years old, his father died, and his mother was 37 years old. Zhang Ailing also has a aunt called Zhang Maoyuan (1901 ~ 1991).

The so -called couples of ancient times were mainly exposed and too little exposed, and they were “big beauty” with thick lines. But in fact, people are living, small details, small turns, small turns, and small turns. There are always many curves. Zhang Ailing understands, how can there be so many people described by others? Why did she have to appreciate it in person? Hu Lancheng said that Zhang Ailing was able to destroy the good words of Grandpa’s grandmother, and then wrote a good novel.

The combination of Zhang Ailing’s parents is a doll from a young age. The mother is Huang Suqiong (1896 ~ 1957), the granddaughter of the Governor of the Yangtze River Master, but her mother is a little sister. The two parents have different personalities. Li Juyu raised the boy as a daughter and raised her daughter as a boy. Therefore, Zhang Zhiyi is gentle, traditional, seeking dependence and evasion in the face of pressure; although Huang Suqiong was cultivated with small feet, she was brave, knowing how to test and adventure. The helplessness can be tolerated, but the final result is not compromise.

After getting married in Shanghai, the little couple was not good at her brother’s family with Zhang Zhiyi’s father, so she divided the house. Zhang Zhiyi has obtained large land in Anhui, Tianjin, Hebei and other places, and many real estate in Nanjing, Shanghai and other places. Subsequently, when Zhang Ailing was 2 years old (at the time was also called Xiaoyu), and his younger brother was 1 year old, they went to Tianjin. Because of Zhang Zhitan, Zhang Zhiyi’s cousin in Tianjin, and then Minister of Transportation, he planned him to be an English secretary at the Railway Bureau.


In this background with the bottom of the family and the stable career, Zhang Zhiyi was full of pride, and gradually had wine and meat friends, and there was also romantic affairs. The naturalness of one person has become an unbearable for another person. Huang Suqiong couldn’t bear it. She went to study abroad with her little aunt Zhang Maoyuan. The 28 -year -old woman left and renamed Huang Yifan. But they did not divorce at the time.

Zhang Ailing has not been brought by her mother since she was a child, but a nanny belt, so there is no feeling of missing. Zhang Zhiyi’s favorite aunt at that time was the old eight, which was older than him. Lao Ba later moved in and lived, and his relationship with Zhang Ailing was still harmonious. At that time, she also read a lot of old -style books in her father. The influence of his father gave him a traditional Chinese cultural heritage. Over there, her mother swims with a pair of small footsteps.


When Zhang Ailing was 8 years old, her aunt and Eighth Eighth left after making trouble with her father. Then her mother came back. The relationship between people is dynamic, with a lot of sores, confusing, and unpredictable, but people sometimes pursue a solid law.

After her mother came back, Zhang Ailing was sparse. She was always afraid of walking wrong. She was the closest person, and sometimes she could only say something. There is always nothing wrong with words, but it is full of distance, and there are mutual temptations and speculation. Mother asked her to paint (she was extremely sensitive to color), practiced piano, and learned English. I even invited Belarusian pianist to teach her. As a woman with a rebellious spirit, she is willing to cultivate her daughter, not her son. She asked her to study Huang’s elementary school and name her Eileen, so converting into Chinese is Ailing.

The parents put their love and experience into this daughter. They finally divorced. Women actually want to give men a chance. No matter how strong a woman, she will try to keep men. But after a man tried to change himself, he would still return to the usual track, smoke a big smoke, and visit the kiln. If people do not experience life and death, they will have a new me from despair, and they will not really reflect on their lives.

This new woman has to put money at home. Maybe money is not the main reason in the relationship, and it will also become the last decisive reason. Because it is generally the most appearance, the most direct, and rude reason. She said to him, “My heart is like a piece of wood.” When Zhang Ailing was 10 years old, his parents divorced. Zhang Ailing and her younger brother belong to their father, but the mother added a condition that her daughter’s education needed her consent. Therefore, Zhang Ailing went to the St. Maria Girls’ School, which was also the idea of ​​her mother.

At the age of 11, she was able to talk to her father about who wrote the 40s after the Dream of Red Mansions. Her idols were Cao Xueqin and Hu Shi. Hu Shi proposed that it was Gao Yan’s continued. At that time, she tried to write “The Dream of Modern Red Mansions”, and the return was to her father. Although his father still smokes, in those years, he was locked in his study.

When her mother came and went, she realized the original desolation of life. When she was 12 years old, she could write down: Life gathered, it was a common thing. We finally had a day when we had tears.


Until one day, Zhang Ailing’s father made a lot of money. In fact, people’s feelings are really determined by their own money and confidence. Because you are rich, you can remarry again. Someone came to introduce, and the other party was not small. It was Sun Yongfan. The daughter of the Republic of China, Sun Baoqi, was called “Miss Sun Qi”. The Sun family’s family also had Li Hongzhang’s descendants, Sheng Xuanhuai’s descendants and Yuan Shikai’s descendants. Sun Yongfan fell in love with his brother at the age of 17 and committed suicide, but the man later counseled. In the end, the woman was desperate for feelings. She did not marry in her thirties. He is also a bumpy person, so he also loves to smoke.

With this stepmother, Zhang Ailing’s inner turmoil deepened.

At the age of 16, she graduated from middle school. The stepmother refused to support the piano. Therefore, she started to earn manuscripts with painting. She painted the dispute at home, and she was also on the “Da Mei Evening News” subscribed by her father. Originally, her aunt could sponsor her, but her aunt was hollowed out by the two lawsuits. The first was to go to Li Hongzhang Li Guojie, the head of Li Hongzhang. Yes, she fell in love with this cousin. Another is to compete with the Song version of the Song Dynasty with his brother Zhang Zhian. She also used Huang Yifan to keep her antiques.

But the mother came back again. At each critical moment, this mother could always appear and support her. She hid her father and her stepmother, tuned every day, and was admitted to the University of London, the first place in the Far East, and the first place. After knowing the news, she was beaten by her stepmother and father. It was also locked up.

Yes, the real closed days are here. Some people have a deeper sense of nicknant and desire for death, and some people’s desire to survive will be stronger. Zhang Ailing belongs to the latter. She waited for one day to escape and go to the new world.

She finally waited for the days when she could go to study. Going to Hong Kong, at the University of Hong Kong, she received a kind of appreciation and protection, from Professor Frangos. She studied well and even received a 800 Hong Kong dollar scholarship. However, her mother thought that this was her money selling money. After a few days, she lost the money on the table table. It was just right, which was the amount of 800 yuan. She has been working hard to love her mother since she was a child. After she worked so hard to prove that she was still trampled, she completely disappointed her mother.

It is difficult to grind, and the short is life.

In fact, the deepest damage brought by the closest person can make the trust world completely collapse.

So other challenges in the world seem to be patient, including war, bankruptcy, turbulence, and so on. She has such a mental vaccine to look at the changes in the world. But she understands more than everyone, living in the future, more important than anything. As a result, all her injuries recovered particularly fast, because there were still a lot of pain and suffering in life, and it was not fast.

During studying abroad in Hong Kong, it was the atmosphere of war. In fact, the external turbulence is magical, and for those who have no conversion in their hearts, they are actually fine. The extent that the external environment affects people is also in circles. They all fought. Some of her students were worried that they could not wear good clothes.

“Talk to the Book” says: The facts have a deeper dramatic nature than fictional stories, which has always been the case.

In fear, people are looking for more solid and reliable things. She wants to return to Shanghai. Because there is warmth and hope there.

She asked a professor, the professor responsible for the wounded, and had corruption. So she got a very rare ticket.

“Shanghai is not a place to watch, but a lively world. For the pipa, it has given him all the promises from the beginning of the pipa. And it is her. Because she comes back desperately, it is for it to take it out for it. The life is in danger … Shanghai is mixed with her own hope, and it is unclear. Unknown language sings, but she is always the most speechless feelings. “


“There is no systematic thing like this. The seven or eight boxes are sung at the same time, each singing, and a chaos. Occasionally, there is also clear in that unpredictable hustle and bustle, which makes people feel sad and dazzling. The tone was immediately embraced and drowned to understand. “

The time is time, and the light is fate. During the time, he did not fall asleep.


She returned to St. John’s University. She escaped her father and her stepmother for 4 years and experienced life and death. She also forgive her father.

Her creation became more and more smooth and became a famous writer in Shanghai. Later, Hu Lancheng watched “Block”, and after seeing her, she fell in love with her because of her high cold temperament. Hu Lancheng always builds his beloved wife, always so feminine. Zhang Ailing is an alternative, which makes up for the external PR part of his life and a close relationship with the tradition of noble culture in his life. When Hu Lancheng loved Zhang Ailing, every time he returned from Nanjing to Shanghai, he did not go home first. Instead, he went to Zhang to say it. I came back. Later, after marrying, I no longer cherished. I went to Wuhan to have Zhou Xunde and Fan Xiumei in Wenzhou. She went to Wenzhou to find him, and he always pushed away or urged her to go home early. Zhang Ailing was finally disappointed.


Hu Lancheng once loved Zhang Ailing and was very generous. He gave her a lot of money. Because she needed to taste her mother, she had a hearty resentment. But her mother did not accept it in the end.

Zhang Ailing returned to Shanghai, and the director Sang An asked her to write the script, and their cooperation’s “Love” caused a sensation. Later, she tried some script creation. Mulberry arc also has a love with her.

In 1955, she went to the United States as a refugee. Later, I met Rice, who was also a writer. Married to him, Rice was sick, and she took care of him for many years. Later, she wrote and lived alone.

She lived alone in a foreign country alone, only to find a moment of stability from her memories. She even felt great happiness to see a certain apartment like Shanghai.

There are always so many stories in Shanghai. …………..


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