Dry skin refers to the delicate and thin skin, the pores are not obvious, the sebum secretion is small and uniform, and there is no greasy feeling. The skin is relatively dry and looks clean, delicate and beautiful. That is, the dry skin, the moisture of the cuticles of the skin is less than 10%, the amount of sebum secretion is small, and it is more wrinkled and not gloss.


The most painful season for dry skin is the season when it is warm and cold. Even if it is already spring, the weather is still cold. Looking at the sun, there is still coldness when I walk outdoors. The face is tight.

Question 1: Even if the moisturizing cream is used, the skin is still dry?

MAXAM/Mega Pacific Tremella Spew Nourishing Cream. Relieve dry skin and nourish the skin. The unique natural Tremella essence, supplement the trace elements required for the skin, and provide sufficient nourishment for the skin. Hydrolyzed pearl fluid is more likely to absorb skin, moisturizing skin is rich in various amino acids, increasing skin vitality. Intersection No greasy, moisturizing, protection, anti -aging. After cleaning the skin, apply an appropriate amount and massage until the skin is completed and absorbed.


Our skin is divided into the epidermis layer, dermal layer and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermal layer can help us resist foreign material violations. The outermost is the stratum corneum. The biggest effect of the stratum corneum is actually helping our skin to lock moisture. The keratin layer of the extremely dry skin is less than 10%, and the amount of sebum secretion is small. In the cold season, it will lose a lot of water and oil, so that the skin will become more dry. Therefore, in the early spring seasons, the number of times should be reduced in the early spring seasons. It is best to add a skin care oil to the skin care process to help protect the skin oil.

Jin Ronghua Tremella Fine White Moisturizing. Sub -ion water (distilled water), vitamin E, white fungus, collagen, lily extract, hyaluronic acid, glycerin perpom, plant essential oil and other ingredients. Fix the moisture required for cells, repair cell damage, and enhance cell vitality. Natural plant extraction, moisturizing, white, and improvement of skin dehydration.


Question 2: Usually use a good base makeup product. When you use it in winter, you feel tightly tight on your face.

Pechoin/Baique Antelope’s Pure Star Repair Cream BB Cream. Healthy nude makeup, skin care. Thoroughly removed makeup, deep cleansing, moisturizing and repairing. A drop of nourishing the skin, fitting the skin, light and thin. Motherwort quickly supplements skin cell moisture factors. Red scenery can form a protective film on the surface of the skin, lock the water for 10 hours, and promote the internal circulation of water. Lingwin flowers improve the skin’s water retention, lock water without loss.

It is still a problem of oil division. The moisture and oil in the cold weather will be lost faster than other seasons, so it is not enough to supplement the skin to the skin. The focus of skin care in winter. Choose the foundation cream to moisturize the skin and let go of your loose powder, because they will accelerate the loss of the skin’s oil.


BB cream of Poquan Ya Light Concealer BB Cream. The makeup is thin and natural, and the makeup time is lasting. Uniform skin tone, clear natural nude makeup. Perfect concealer, covering dark circles acne marks. Fresh fine lines, delicate and tender skin. Sustaining and moisturizing, long -term moisturizing the skin. Isolation protection, continuous protection, isolation stimulation. Rolling the sponge head, good ductility, convenient makeup, easy roll, makeup and meticulous makeup.

Question three: After cleansing, wait for a while and then apply skin care products, just like it floats on the face!

Royal Porcelain Cleansing Milk Cleansing Milk. Cleaning, moisturizing, turbidity, fresh. Adapt to neutral, dry, mixed skin. Gentle and clean, not tight after washing. Delicate and low bubble texture, fresh and non -greasy, gently wash the dirt deep in the pores. Each drop of rose essence penetrates the skin, deeply replenishes moisture, and enhances the moisturizing degree. Say goodbye to dryness, and the skin is moist. Relieve the skin color and make the skin fresh.

First of all, in the cold weather, pay attention to adjust your face temperature. Second, do not wash too long. The longer the cleaning time, the slower the skin of the skin is recovered. Therefore, whether it is bathing or washing your face, the shorter the better, and the moisturizing products should be applied as soon as possible after washing, because the skin is still open under the pores under the heat. When the pores are slowly closed, they will not “eat” any nutrition.

Beauty buffet/beautiful buffet Q10 milk facial cleanser. Gentle and clean skin, moisturizing whitening, the essence of aloe vera penetrated the skin deeply, supplemented with moisture, vitamin E antioxidant function, reducing the premature appearance of wrinkles. Contains milk essence, Chinese herbal medicine extract, isproofer, enzyme protein and diamond -level combinations of β hydroxy acid. At the same time as deep cleaning, it is gentle and skin -friendly, low stimulation, and can be used both children and sensitive skin.

Reduce the number of exfoliating, but it is difficult to absorb skin care products

It is correct to reduce the number of exfoliating in cold weather, which can make the stratum corneum to better lock the moisture, but this will also make the stratum corneum thicker. At this time Skin absorption ability. Massage will not only increase the skin’s absorption, but also increase the skin temperature and make the skin less dull.

Question 4: When you get up in the morning, you do not absorb any products …


Suitable for dryness, neutral, oily and mixed skin, especially suitable for dry and dull skin. Clean skin garbage, inject moisturizing energy, and tender and bright snow muscle. Obviously increase the water content of the skin, the skin is moisturized long -term, and the dryness is repelled. Black and turbidity, the effect is more significant.

No matter what your habits are, night care is the most important. Many people think that the skin is free to breathe freely at night, but for extremely dry skin, it is very important to use moisturizing agents at night to moisturize the skin because The self -repair period of the skin is at night, and the penetration of the skin at night is also the highest. The activity ingredients can deeply enter the skin. Therefore, prepare a night cream with sufficient activity ingredients, so that the skin can be fully repaired at night.


Select the cactus extract. Take it from the natural essence of raw liquid to stimulate skin water circulation. Hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate. Small molecules directly reach the bottom of the muscle, deeply hydrating. Macromolecular hyaluronic acid can lock the skin’s moisture and make the skin tender and translucent. 3D tailoring, fits Asian faces.