——Haiji District New City Center Kindergarten Carry out the theme activity of “Chinese Student Nutrition Day”

(Reporter Zhang Wei) May 20, 2022 is the 33rd Chinese Student Nutrition Day. In order to further strengthen the nutrition and health work of children and cultivate the scientific and healthy eating habits of children from childhood, New City Central Kindergarten has carried out “Knowing Nutrition, Exercise, and exercise. A series of activities with themes of preventing obesity and promoting health.

1. Carry out health education activities

知营养 会运动 防肥胖 促健康

The whole garden carries out the “Chinese Student Nutrition Day” related health education activities. Through the image book stories and fun fruit plate production and other activities, children can understand the preliminary nutrition knowledge, develop a good habit of healthy diet, reasonable matching, and not picky eaters. Children During their own trials, they knew the nutritional value of food and experienced the fun of making food.

知营养 会运动 防肥胖 促健康

2. Reasonable matching, regular meals

The kindergarten diet is reasonable, balanced with nutrition, and regular meals, and regular quantities to ensure sufficient nutrition. Look! The children smiled happily when they dine.

知营养 会运动 防肥胖 促健康

3. CD -ROM, I am acting

Are you a CD today? Eating fragrance, plate light! Cherish food, good body!

Fourth, scientific movement, healthy sunshine

Life lies in exercise and actively organizes children to perform morning exercise and outdoor games. Based on the age characteristics of young children, each class has from physical exercise to healthy diet, and the two tubes are all pronged to allow children to develop good living laws and habits.

The sapling grows towering trees and requires sunlight and moisture. Children’s thriving growth requires nutrition and health. Let’s act, “eat” nutrition together, “move” health!

知营养 会运动 防肥胖 促健康

Picture: each class

Text: Shen Ziyuan

知营养 会运动 防肥胖 促健康

Review: Tian Songli