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November 26,

Ouyang Zhenhua

(Bobby )’s wife

Fu Jiexian

On the social platform, they took a photo of the two people, saying, “Happy commemorative day I wish us, and look forward to the next 25th anniversary.”


Unconsciously, the two have gone through 25 spring and autumn. Don’t look at the full blessings under the comments area today. At first, everyone was not very optimistic about this pair.

The reason is the gap between the two’s wealth, as unavailable as the Mariana Trench.

The woman’s family background is strong, grandpa is one of the “Macau Gamblers”

Fu Laorong

The family holds about 8 billion Hong Kong dollars. In contrast, the man’s money on TVB seems a bit “shabby”.

Therefore, Ouyang Zhenhua is known as the “100 billion son -in -law’s ancestor”. However, he did not pay too much attention to the spicy evaluation of the outside world. Later, with his own efforts, he became the “pillar” supported by TVB …


Ouyang Zhenhua was originally called

Ouyang Yaoquan


His experience in TVB can be summarized in one sentence, “many years of dragons have become the emperor.” Taste the bitterness of the world to taste the sweetness of life.

He lived in the Mong Kok area of ​​Kowloon in his early years and graduated from Liao Baoshan Memorial College. Most of the well -known alumni in this middle school were people in the entertainment industry. For example,

Chow Yun Hair


It’s his senior,


Wu Ruoxi

It is his school girl.

In 1982, Ouyang Zhenhua had the idea of ​​being a star, so he made a decision and was admitted to the 11th wireless TV artist training course.

The class can be described as bright star, there is

Liang Chaowei

As well as


Zhou Xingchi

Wu Zhenyu


Tang Zhenzong

Guan Lijie


Because it was not a pretty, Ouyang Zhenhua has been unknown in the class.

At that time, his temperament was completely different from now, and he had a little bit of sparseness with a few people.


After graduation and was signed by wireless, Ouyang Zhenhua started directly from “eggplant”. At this point, he performed Jiayi and Bing Ding in the TVB drama.

In the 83 version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”, Ouyang Zhenhua also accidentally encountered the old classmates. He played a beggar, Wu Zhenyu played a passerby B, and Zhou Xingchi played Song Bingjia. And their next training class


Carina Lau


, Also starred in Huazheng maids.

Later, several future big coffees became the hidden eggs of this work, attracting the audience to check in.

At that time, the 1.0 version of Ouyang Zhenhua had not evolved into a “Ouyang fat” version 2.0. Because of the tough face, the director often arranged him to play a thief.

One day, he was seriously filming the drama of robbery gold shops. He did not expect that as soon as his front foot walked out of the gold shop, he encountered a real police officer and the other party drew a gun. Fortunately, the staff came out to explain the pure oolong incident.


In this way, Ouyang Zhenhua insisted on running for ten years. Seeing that other students are smooth, their careers have risen step by step.

Jackie Chan


It is also called “one -duty week”. Liang Chaowei has already taken the male main resources. In contrast, he has no improvement in his career. It is fake.

Since hard work is useless, try other methods.

At this time, there was a classmate party. Wu Zhenyu advised Ouyang Zhenhua to change his name during the meeting.

Wu Zhiqiang


After being renamed Wu Zhenyu, the fortune has been significantly improved. After all, Tao Dayu and Zhang Yu and other stars are very hot, so it is called Zhenyu to “Zhen”.

Hong Kong people believe in metaphysics, so Ouyang Zhenhua also found a master and renamed it.


The master changed “Yaoquan” to “Zhenhua”, because the names of the popular stars are brought in Chinese, such as


Ren Dahua

Andy Lau

Huang Rihua

Ouyang Zhenhua can just “town” to live in them.

It is strange to say that after the renamed, Andy Lau and Huang Rihua have left the nest. There is a wave of departure in TVB. Naturally, it needs to win the newcomer. Ouyang Zhenhua ’s opportunity has finally come!

In 1992, Ouyang Zhenhua served as the actor for the first time and starred in the TVB classic drama “One Imperial Court”. This drama created the precedent of TVB workplace dramas. Once broadcast, it was sought after by the audience. This series of dramas has been filmed. Five.

In this way, Ouyang Zhenhua accidentally became a “teacher -in -law killer” and harvested a powerful audience.

After getting blessings, his face was round enough to have no edges and corners, especially pleasing, and the low -key and solid appearance can easily allow the audience to substitute into the “good husband”. The role of “good father” is no longer a disadvantage and has become an advantage.

Next, Ouyang Zhenhua became Fu Xing, and cooperated with TVB’s major Huadan. In “Drunk Golden Branch” in 1996, he collaborated with Guan Yonghe for the first time, which accidentally made the audience feel that the two had a sense of CP and won the first award “Best Laughing Enemy Award” in the wireless award.


Since then, he and Guan Yonghe have opened the road of CP for many years …

In “The Delicious King”, he is a little crazy and funny chef Kitchen Masaji, and Guan Yonghe is also the route of rejoicing CP. The two people together are very interesting. The role is very popular and welcomed by the audience.

After the two, the two changed the route. “Sister Tuo Gun” followed the workplace drama route, but Chen Xiaosheng and Sister Es played by Ouyang Zhenhua were still the most correct CP, and it became the classic in the minds of the audience. “Sister” episode, we wrote:

“Sister Tuo Gun” Universe: From “don’t have to pretend to be stupid” to silly white sweet


He and his colleagues are really harmonious, and can maintain a long -term friendship with colleagues of the opposite sex. At the same time, there are few scandals.


However, in 1998, in 1998, in 1998, Ouyang Zhenhua suddenly acknowledged the news of the marriage, saying that he was married in 1996. As soon as the news came out, everyone was shocked …

In fact, Ouyang Zhenhua had a short marriage before.

He and hair stylist

Liu Huiru

He got married in 1991, but the two were not in person to be separated in less than three years.

After restoring single, in 1995, another “teacher killer”

Tao Dayu

Ex -wife


As a matchmaker, match Ouyang Zhenhua and Fu Jiexian. Later, Ouyang Zhenhua in turn matched Abao and Tao Dayu again.

Ouyang Zhenhua and Fu Jiexian’s love in love is comparable to idol dramas.

As a wealthy man, Fu Jiexian, who has watched all the plays in Ouyang Zhenhua, is an out -of -the -box little fan girl. Even the supporting role of Ouyang Zhenhua in “Golden Ten Years” can be named.

Even now, Fu Jiexian relives Ouyang Zhenhua’s old drama from time to time, and sells on the Internet by the way.

And Ouyang Zhenhua did not know that the woman’s family was so good at the time. After the two fell in love, at the end of 1996, Fu Jiexian suddenly asked, “It’s better to get married, I arrange for you to be citizen.”

The next day, Fu Jiexian bought a ring. On the third day, the two registered directly in Canada, and the speed was so fast.

Because of his wife’s wealthy identity, the two did not announce the marriage of marriage as soon as possible.


After the exposure, Ouyang Zhenhua was under pressure and continued to filming.

In 1999, Dai Dongguan in his “Golden Yuman” was very brilliant, and it felt like the “delicious king” in the costume version.

In the same year, the image of Song Ci’s professionalism of “Washing Injustice” was even more popular. Therefore, he won the throne of the Emperor and his career.

After that, “Sister Tuo Gun 2” and “Four Golden Talents” … all have become the memories of many TVB children, but Guan Yonghe’s CP in “Four Golden Gold” was replaced by Zhang Jiahui, a decent husband, and this lineup partner also became partner. Do not violate and.


It wasn’t until 2013 that Ouyang Zhenhua was died because the food was stuck in his throat, and he was killed. He rescued him a lot of Buddhism and was no longer so desperate.

But you see, there are successful works. In 2015, he filmed “Dongpo Family”. In 2016, there was “One Old Friends of the House”. This year, there is also “Gangs to do big events”. Bobby is just a Buddhist department and has not retired.

However, in the time of reducing the filming, he also had more time to get along with his wife. The two people were interested and loved. They did not have children after marriage. Instead, they did Tintins. Know how to leave appropriate space for each other.

In the marriage, the more rich party of the native family seems to be naturally occupying an advantage. Even if the other conditions of both parties are right, as long as the wealth is worse, outsiders will inevitably gossip.

At this time, the strong heart is particularly important. Ouyang Zhenhua has faced the gap between the conditions of both parties from the initial anger to the conditions of the two parties. Appreciation of the day.

For many years of marriage, the two will also give each other a celebration of each other, and the old wife and wife still have small romance.

So fine.


Although the two people had a large economic gap when they were together, Ouyang Zhenhua was not unsatisfactory, and fate originally started to appreciate him by Fu Jiexian. After getting married, Ouyang Zhenhua did not give up his career. Instead, his career was higher and became the first young student in TVB.

What is even more rare is that for many years, both sides are like love and loyal to each other. For many years, they have not seen Ouyang Zhenhua’s derailment. The person, then there was nothing to say.

People say that marriage is like drinking water, knowing the cold and coldness, and the world pays more attention to the material of the material, but the spiritual “door -to -door pair” is actually equally important.

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