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In early May, HP released a new generation of Pavilion family series products in Beijing, mainly surrounding “audio and video entertainment”. This includes the protagonist of today’s evaluation: HP Pavilion 27xW LCD monitor. What kind of product is this? Why is it more simple to “face” “face”?

27-inch HP PAVILON 27XW adopts high-quality IPS hard screen wide viewing panel, equipped with HP exclusive research and development, effectively reducing screen noise, reducing the exposure of the picture, making the image quality more delicate. And do the screen really not flash, give the user a perfect visual experience. Ok, I said a continuous “term”, it is better to experience the actual test, there is not much nonsense, and I will enter the specific evaluation immediately.

Fresh practical IPS screen HP PAVILON 27XW Review

● Display specification parameters



silver white


27 inch



IPS panel

Backlight type

LED backlight


1920 × 1080

Response time


Viewing angle

Level 178 / vertical 178



Interface Type




1000: 1 Static; 10,000,000: 1 Dynamic


proposed price

2299 yuan (Jingdong Mall)

● HP PAVILON 27XW Featured Introduction:

Super narrow edge IPS HD screen wonderful boundless

16: 9 gold proportion of 25-inch IPS widescreen display, 1.9mm ultra-narrow border; ultra-thin body, thickness of the whole machine 5cm (excluding bracket). Full HD (FHD) 1920×1080 screen resolution, brings clear and clear, vivid and realistic images, real restore display color, and enjoy a rich visual experience.

Unique HP Color Enhancement (Enhance +) Technical Eye is not flashing


With HP Enhance + technology, reduce the screen display noise, reduce the display of excessive exposure, so that the picture quality is more delicate, enjoy the exciting video, and do not hurt the eyes, reduce eye fatigue.

Anti-cool screen is always enjoyable


Whether during the daytime, it will not be affected by the external light, clearly appreciate the video, pictures, even in outdoor sunlight, you can clearly display the contents of the screen, effectively protect your eyes.

Rich interface and random gift

Built-in VGA, Dual HDMI interface, compatible with multiple video playback devices, notebooks, desktops, and game terminals can be easily connected. The image and sound data played by the HDCP technology will not be illegally copied when transmitting the interface, so that your entertainment office is easy to switch, and enjoy the interactive life.

WYSIWYTSESTRY Color Color Certification

Technicolor Color Certification will define the color saturation, microgram, color fidelity, white point and backlight brightness of the display. The picture quality is more bright and true, the color is more gorgeous, and the perfect visual effect is unprecedented.

Energy-saving and environmental protection

Adjustable screen elevation enhances in compliance with ergonomics to reject humps, cervical spondylosis, long-term use without fear acne attack, bringing more healthy body. 40% more energy efficient than traditional CCFL displays, more environmentally saving, recyclable, reduce environmental impact, numerous environmental protection, energy saving, safety certification.

The above table is listed in this new product’s basic parameters and feature features. You can read it in detail to deepen the understanding of this product. Let’s start PCONLINE for detailed evaluation.

HP Pavilion 27xW is a popular civilian display, 27-inch with mainstream FHD HD resolution. The overall body uses a classic silver-white two-color matching, supplemented with the panoramic boundless frame design, creating a simple and fashionable fresh breath.

At the back of the display, HP Pavilion 27xW uses a grinding textured rear shell, carving HP logo in it, is aesthetic.

In terms of stent, HP Pavilion 27XW is unique to use a silver square frame to make the display body more stable.

In the case of unrestraping screen, HP Pavilion 27xW’s integrated screen completely masks the inner screen box, leaving only 1.9mm white ultra-narrow border, which seems to be more vague.

HP PAVILON 27XW is equipped with an entity button, with an OSD menu in the screen, and the adjustment is quite easy. The switch button also specially adopts the light-emitting LED power pattern, and the details are performed everywhere.


HP Pavilion 27xW has dual HDMI and VGA interface, which can basically meet the demand for all of the users.

The thickness of its fuselage is only 5cm, which is very slim about 27-inch large screen. The square bracket supports the angle adjustment of the -5 ° ~ 20 °.

● Gray scale test

Grayscale refers to a brightness hierarchy relationship between the display of the most dark to the brightest white. The performance of bright and dark contrasts and black and white color transitions, the more clear images, the better the transition, the better. On the grayscale, this is mainly used in the 32-level gray and 256 grayscale performance test.

32-level gray scale (the more checkered, the better)


Display 32 gray gray scale: more than a good difference


In the 32 grayscale real shot, HP Pavilion 27xW performance excellent performance, carefully identified all grayscale color blocks can be displayed, and there is no significant color difference between the grayscale.

256 gray gray scale (the better, the better, the better)

Display 256 gray gray scale: compared to moderate


In the 256 gray gray test, it performs well, the gray scale has a wide range, and the transition is natural, and there is so grayscale performance has excellent.

In the color saturation, the wider the screen displayed, the more transfers, the transition is more gentle, and the performance is, and vice versa.

Color saturation (the more color, the better, the better)

Display color saturation performance: less difference

Through real shot, see HP Pavilion 27xW has a high color saturation, strong color is strong, and the upper color distribution of the screen is uniform, and the color transition is naturally not awkward.

● Backlight test


On the backlight, this mainly uses a display pure white picture display effect, pure black picture real shot display image adjustment value effect screenshot.

Pure white picture shows (the thamography is even better)

Backlit distribution performance: good neutral difference

The distribution of the screen backlight of the 27-inch large screen is evenly distributed, and there is no obvious dark department, and it can watch very comfortable under different light.

Leakage test (pure black display real shot)


Excellent leakage control

The leakage phenomenon has always been the soft rib of the IPS panel. During the real shot of pure black pictures, the edge of the HP Pavilion 27XW screen was carefully observed, and the leakage phenomenon was not perceived.

● Picture reduction effect comparison test

In the following chart, it is a comparative diagram of real shot and original graphs, from which we can basically see how the color restore effect of a display.


Note: Due to the cause of the camera, there will be some losses, and due to the difference in the camera, the style of the result is different. Here only for basic references.

HP PAVILON 27XW In the three primary color reduction renderings, the red-green restore is slightly dark, the blue color is restored to the position; multi-color scene map restore effect can show a rich picture detail, colorful. The night shooting scene shows the high contrast of this display, the restore effect is comparable to the original picture; the character map can more accurately reduce the skin color, the overall effect is good.

● HP PAVILON 27XW display visual angle measurement


HP Pavilion 27xW adopts high quality IPS screen, all-round visual angles up to 178 °. As can be seen in the real shot renderings, each angle color is the same as the front, and there is no color deviation. There is a slight brightness attenuation, but it is not obvious in the actual experience.


● HP PAVILON 27XW Display Brightness | Contrast | Color Gamata | Color Temperature | Collection | Uniformity

Below is the objective data tested by the monitor screen color calibration instrument by Love I1 Publish Pro2 Professional Display Screen Color.


Color gamut coverage: 98% SRGB, 75% Adobergb

Standard value (official value)




Center point brightness

250CD / m2

211CD / m2



Black level

0.280cd / m2


Static contrast

1000: 1

979: 1



SRGB color gamut


Color temperature




Color temperature is slightly warm

The official nominalized brightness value is 250cd / m2, and the brightness of the measured center is 211cd / m2, which belongs to the normal error range. This brightness is sufficient to cope with the use of all kinds of bright environments. HP Pavilion 27xW’s SRGB color gamut reached 98%, and the AdobergB color gamut reached 75%, calculated as a display of a broader domain. Under the standard setting, the measured color is 6473K, which is very close to the standard 6500K color temperature.

● Brightness uniformity test

The brightness uniformity test can be seen that the HP PAVILION 27xW overall brightness distribution is more uniform, and there is no obvious area with high brightness. The center at 211 CD / m2 is the brighter, the lower left minimum brightness is 177 CD / m2, and the 27-inch large screen is still good.

Tone response

The lower the Gamma, the color saturation of the image bright, but the midst of the darkness will be lost. The opposite is high, the dark is rich, and the loss is lost. Usually 1.8 GAMMA values ​​have a wide range of applicability. In terms of image processing, since Adobe Gamma’s default correction coefficient of correction is 2.2 for Windows systems. So Gamma1.8 and 2.2 are standard values ​​in the monitor industry.

In standard image mode, the GAMMA value of HP Pavilion 27xW display is 2.3. The test destined the upper portion of the curve at Gamma 2.2, and the lower portion was slightly deviated, indicating that the display effect of this display has a slight loss on the bright portion, and the dark portion details will be more excellent.

● Color test

In terms of color, the ΔE value is weighed as a key indicator of the quality of a product, the closer to ΔE is, the more accurate the color. The average ΔE of this display is 0.91, and the overall color reduction is similar to the standard value. The color 1f is only 5.36. The HP PAVILON 27XW has a good color reduction accuracy.

When △ E ≤ 1, the human eye can hardly discriminate the differences in two colors;

When 1


When ΔE <5, the human eye can distinguish the color difference and considered to be two similar colors.


When △ e> 5, most people can see color differences and considered to be completely different colors.

PCONLINE evaluation room summary:

HP Pavilion 27xW Advantages and Disadvantages Summary



1,27-inch IPS panel, 1920 × 1080 FHD HD resolution

2, simple fashion design

3, ultra-narrow border, ultra-thin body


4, HP Enhance + Technology Application and Technicolor Color Certification

5, excellent color performance ability

If you first contact HP Pavilion 27XW, the end is displayed, you will feel that it is very elegant, there is less than a point, more than a ripe, like a mature beauty, there is a charm, not doing, I believe that the 25-35 business people like it is very visible.

Moreover, you will find that its color shows a very beautiful, high image color, and color reduction is also relatively accurate. These must be attributed to the IPS panel and HP exclusive ENHANCE + technology. You can play from everyday browsing documents, watching and even gaming entertainment experiences. And, this display also has a non-flash eye protection, protects the user’s eyes from screen injury.

For such a 27-inch IPS screen product such as an elegant, configured, whether it is home or commercial office, HP Pavilion 27xW is a good choice.