For office workers and student parties, pants are still much more convenient than skirts, more comfortable in daily travel. So, which one will you choose in many style of pants? Many women will accumulate a lot of flesh on their legs due to sedentary of work, and they do not have enough time to exercise. They want to cover them with pants. For them, wide -leg pants are the first choice for spring and summer pants.


However, it is not difficult to find that although wide -leg pants can use loose version to cover our flesh, because it is too loose, it will make the whole person stretch horizontally, but it will not be fat, but the visually “dwarf” is “dwarf”. A lot of them are not friendly for small children.

The suit pants can not only modify our leg lines through the straight version of the tube, but also not make people look temperament and short because they are too loose.

So put away wide -leg pants! “Suit pants” is the versatile king of this year, with high level and temperament. If you don’t know how to match the suit pants, take a look at the following three templates to expand your mind ~


Suit pants matching guide:

① suit pants+shirt

The matching of suit pants and shirts is classic but not outdated. The strong woman in the workplace can use the matching of suit pants and shirts to make her full of gas, and it will give people a very capable feeling.


In this set of combinations, our choice of suit pants must be a smooth version and strong bone -skinned items. Such pants will look more advanced.

And it is easy to take care of it every day, and it is not easy to have a lot of folds. With a shirt, you can reflect the charm of mature women.


If it is some daily activities, many people will find such a set of over -the -time business, then we can make LOOK more casual and interesting by changing the color and style details of the items.

Like the wearing in the picture, the suit pants are selected from the haze blue. This relatively fresh and natural color makes the overall feeling of the suit pants more casual. The overall is a comfortable and intellectual style. Then we can choose a more special shirt, such as printed shirts and fungus shirts to make this set more special.

② suit pants+vest


The vest is not exclusive to the uncle’s summer, and the vest well will give people a very neutral beauty. The matching of the vest and suit pants is also very beautiful.


The matching of the vest and suit pants can be tied into the pants when wearing it. Such high -waist pants and short tops can create a golden body ratio of three seven points.

, Pull the length of the legs, making you look tall and thin, very temperament.


Moreover, the sleeveless design of the vest will bring a certain sense of skin to the wearer. This feeling can well neutch the boring and the visual experience of the pants. As shown in the figure, the rice -white vest+coffee color suit pants are visually very slim and slim as a whole, and the color of the color is very high, making the look look high.


Like this look -designed look, we can add appropriate jewelry to decorate, such as watches and detailed necklaces that are very matched with suit pants.

③ suit pants+sweater

The combination of suit pants and sweater is a set of LOOK that is not easy to make errors and strong shaping. The diversity of knitwear can make the whole look of many different styles. Like a relatively simple solid sweater and suit pants, it will give people a more capable and intellectual feeling.


And women who like sweet reduction can choose a loose and lace collar design on the sweater, coupled with the high saturation of the color, the suit pants can also wear a girlish feeling.


The combination of suit pants and knitted sweater has a comparison on the fabric. This contrast will bring a very good sense of fashion. In addition, the small “mind” on the design is even more perfect.

Like a loose sweater with a sense of perspective, it gives a hazy beauty, or a popular square collar or irregular collar sweater+suit pants gives people a very special and feminine visual sense, let you let you let you let you make you The beauty is better.


There are so many styles that suit pants can be shaped. Which one is more suitable for you? The above is the three suit pants shared today. I hope it will be helpful to your wearing ideas. Let’s see you next time ~