At this time in spring and summer communication, shirts have become one of the must -wear items, but the collar is her soul, so I especially recommend

Playful and cute “doll collar shirt”

Because I like its collar!

As a age reduction and versatile item, it has always been loved by celebrity tide people.


Li Yuchun, Liu Lingzi, Liu Wen and other stars love to wear “doll collar shirt


Only celebrities are not enough to wear, and it can be seen on the show.


Since the “doll collar shirt” is so popular with the trend, how can we miss it? Let’s learn how to choose together!

1. You can’t make mistakes in choosing V neck

The doll collar shirt is used in round necks and square collars. Although it is classic, it lacks a sense of fashion, and the cultivation effect is average. Let’s take a look at the V -neck doll collar shirt.

The neckline of the V -neck is not large, but the lines are obvious, and the tailoring is simple. Large skin is exposed on the neck.

Not only showing long necks, but also more generous.

It is only suitable for round -faced girls, and is the biggest misunderstanding of the baby’s collar shirt.


This type of neckline is large, and a doll collar shirt with a double -layer design does not pick the face shape at all.


, Like square faces, big cakes, round faces, and other various faces, you can wear it with confidence. Against the neckline, the face was also very small.

2. Choose white and not pick people

White, as the mainstream of fashion, is the only shortcoming is that it is fat, but its other fashion charm is enough to cover up this shortcoming.

The first is that white is the main color of fashion, and it is the color that is never out of date.


A white doll collar shirt, which allows you to wear from youth to old

, Wear a sense of fashion every year.


Second, white does not pick skin tone


Essence Against the white lining, the white skin color girl is more white, showing the white skin as snow, making you white.

For yellow skin tone or black girl, although the white contrasts with the skin color, it can increase the brightness and make the skin color not dull.

The versatile of the white doll collar shirt is not only reflected in the skin color, but also does not pick the venue. It is suitable for appearing on various occasions

If you want to wear the doll collar shirts, you must choose the style and understand


How to match

1. Put jeans, youthful youthful youth

The doll collar shirt is mainly to play sweet girl style. It seems that it is not matched with jeans. It can be matched together. The effect is unexpected and easy to impress.

Ren Min white doll collar shirt and jeans appeared to show us the youthful style of the doll collar shirt

Under the setting off here, it is really young and beautiful, and a beautiful girl image.

A young girl can learn from Zhou Jieqiong,

Put the doll collar shirts into the waist of the trousers, which can improve the waistline, wear a significant lean effect, but also get a capable style.


Focus on accessories

, Can enhance the layered sense of “doll collar shirt+jeans”, and enhance the visual impact of the overall shape, such as red belts, or shoulder bags, or wearing sunglasses, are all good for the overall shape. Shape.


2. With suit pants, you can wear it at work

Want to make a doll collar shirt appear on


, You can use suit pants to unlock the capable style of the doll collar shirt.


The style of the suit pants is simple, and it is slightly monotonous in terms of style. Only the style of workplace style. In the public impression, it seems that there is no other field wearing suit pants except to work.

Although the suitplace in the suit is very strong, with the doll collar shirt, the style has changed a lot, from


The workplace is full of commuting, full of leisure.

Both suit pants and doll collar shirts are not wide and not tight, have a good effect of covering the meat, and they are also tolerant of the body.


As long as you are not particularly fat, you can wear it with confidence. Even the fat white encountered suit pants, it was very popular.

If you are very sensitive to fashion, you can try to wear the same color. Like this khaki doll collar shirt with khaki suit pants, it exudes a sense of high -level everywhere and greatly enhances his personal temperament.


3. With knitted sweater, retro and gentle


Doll collar

Shirts and knitwear stacking is the most trendy way to wear at the moment


, A white doll collar shirt stacked with printed needle weaving vests, which is full of layers and also shows good taste.

Putting all the doll collar shirts in a knitwear. Although you can wear the “fake two pieces” vision, it brings a great test of the figure, and the slightly fat girl starts with it.

Knitting sweater can be used as a doll collar shirt outside, or you can also serve as a belt, and the sleeve of the knitted sweater can be used.

It was tied to the waist of the doll, and instantly outlined a bumpy body, feminine.


As an age reduction artifact, doll shirts are worth planting grass. I hope that the above three ways of wear can help everyone better control the baby’s collar shirt and play it out of the new trend and new fashion.

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