Hello everyone, this is Nicole ~

I have been staying in the office for a long time since I go to work.


Although I am a delicate worker! But I won’t wear small heels every day. At this time

sports shoes

It’s shining!

In addition, many students are going to return to the campus, then they must be done before school!


The shoes recommended today are all

100 yuan domestic brand

, Not only cheap and easy to wear, but also beautiful styles ~ If you are interested, look down ~

In the just -concluded Tokyo Olympic Games, I believe you will not find Anta. Compared with other domestic sports shoes, the popularity is higher. In recent years, it has often co -branded with major IPs. The design sense is getting stronger and stronger.

“Domineering 3.0 series of waterfall blue”


Reference price: ¥ 539


Anta’s domineering 3.0 is

There is a patented “core technology”,

Hard support is strong, and it can be very good

Protect your heel.

The color matching of the blue sky looks super comfortable, and it is a color that can be liked at first glance. The shoe -shaped silhouette is a bit large, and there is a little street style as a whole.



The domineering series is rich in style and diverse. besides

Morandi’s color matching,


No matter what style of girls can choose the color matching for you ~

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“Domineering X Fenda Name”

Reference price: ¥ 639

I didn’t expect Fanta to have a joint name! The shoe body continues the functional style design of the domineering series.

The classic orange of fenta orange juice on the shoe body is super sucking, the return rate is super high ~

The collar prints the Chinese on the label of translucent material, which is very interesting and has a tide taste!


“Anta X Coca -Cola Name Meow Claw Shoes” Reference Price: ¥ 439

Meow claw daddy shoes, increase the thick bottom, super long legs, 3D three -dimensional design,

Let the whole shoes look like cat claws

, Super characteristic, the elements related to the kitten have no resistance at all ~


Fish silk mesh, soft and breathable ~ The shoe body is printed with the Coca-Cola element of the graffiti LOGO. The heels also wear a smiley badge, which is fun and cool.

There are more men’s shoes for noble birds, and there are fewer women’s models, but they still find a few shoes that are super -attitude suitable for girls.

“Daddy shoes”

Reference price: ¥ 199

Fruits velvet+fabric network,

Soft and breathable,

Like Guangzhou’s sultry weather, it is not afraid of it. Mainly gray tone, decorated with light blue and pale purple, very young girls. The real thing will actually look better than the official website map, the shoe shape is larger, and it looks very bulky, but it is very light to wear ~

“Rainbow Jelly Daddy Shoes”

Reference price: ¥ 169


New products in the season ~

The bottom of the jelly rubber cushion,


It will be submitted according to personal foot type, and the wrapping is very good! Rainbow soles are super dazzling and highly recognizable! The leather upper is easy to clean if it is accidentally soiled.

“Little chrysanthemum thick bottom casual shoes-pink”

Reference price: ¥ 179

Still the bottom of the air cushion, wear it

Comfortable and light.

The color matching is also pink and tender, and there is a small daisy on the side, which is cute and loved ~ and the recent popular rope design, keeping up with the trend! Intersection


Pork follows the route of “secretly becoming beautiful, then stunning everyone”! Not only the excellence of shoe sense technology, but also the design is also very attitude ~

“Flash 3 generations-bubble basketball shoes”

Reference price: ¥ 699

There are only male codes, but students can also look at it. Maybe someday as a gift …

The third generation of the latest release is extremely flashed, optimizing the shortcomings of the first two generations,

The overall weight of the shoes is only 350g,

It is equivalent to a bottle of the smallest mineral water, and it is not tired to jump casually when playing. The thin and light fabric material to ensure the breathability of the shoes. The color matching is a gorgeous bubble that is similar to the sunlight, which is super characteristic.

“” “Sound Wave” casual shoes “

Reference price: ¥ 469


The full palm state is extremely technology, and it will not be breathable. The leather network stitching, frosted leather, which looks full of advanced. The heels are designed with a translucent matte TPU. The overall gray -white system is matched with the pickled avocado green, which is refreshing and interesting.


“The Retro Daddy” retro daddy shoes “

Reference price: ¥ 569

The national style element with full fire and popular! The shoe body and toe are referred to the patterns of the doors and windows of ancient Chinese buildings, but they do not show the smell of earth.


The tongue is written with “balanced earth”, and the elements of Chinese characters are getting more and more popular!

“Yunji” sports shoes “

Inspired by “cloud”,


So just imitate the color of floating clouds 的️, add sky blue on the basis of the white background, and then embellish it with lemon yellow, just like the surplus of the sunset, and it feels super comfortable. Coupled with the attitude pole technology, the feet feel as free and comfortable like clouds ~

“Dragon eyes light running shoes”

After using the Bang Ban Technology, the feeling of stepping is like jumping trampoline.


Bullets can be soft.


The upper Mono yarn, similar to the translucent mesh, can reveal the socks you wear, weird, cute and lovely ~ contrasting design, low saturated pink purple green, looks super vibrant, after putting on, after putting on, after putting on, it is super vitality. It’s a day full of vitality ~

“Spirit eyes 2.0 feathers white/trace orange”

Reference price: ¥ 189


Orange shoe collar and gradient shoe waist,

Super sucking. The thick bottom design, the invisibly increased by 2cm, the shoes look very big, but it is not bulky after the upper foot, but it is full of tide!

via: Xiaohongshu @小 man Lei

via: Xiaohongshu @小 叽 叽 叽

“361 Lingyue”

Reference price: ¥ 219


This one is more upset. At first glance, it looks like a small white shoes, but carefully studied it, and found that the light brown embellishment was used, and the clothes with Khaki color were nice ~


It has been 60 years old and pure local enterprises. However, because there was basically no trademark consciousness in China at that time, it was robbed by French trademark ™ ™ ™. Later, it was ups and downs, went around, and returned to domestic manufacturers. Sighing without sighing, domestic brands are really difficult ~


“classic style”

Reference price: ¥ 109

As an old classic model, of course, you should not miss it. It is also the shoes of foreign fires abroad in the past two years.

Both fashion and leisure.

At that time, it was grabbing out of stock, and it was as high as 50 euros. Now it is only a hundred yuan, and the orange software is opened immediately!

There are actually 8 color schemes, which is difficult to choose patients with difficulty! Intersection

main body


Everyone likes


Milk yellow, full of retro flavor.


Packal rubber toe, not only anti -collision, but also modified version, and the back of the foot is not afraid. The gear shoe is full of contours. Round -headed toe, classic LOGO on the side, full of memories, youthful atmosphere in memory.

via: Xiaohongshu @v w _wen

“Leap X ADM joint model 2 generation”

Reference price: ¥ 159

Everyone is familiar with cross -border joint names. Do students know ADM? The ADM Asian Design Management Forum is “All in Design”. The translation is “every young man has a pattern.”

Blue -purple green

The color of the fairy, the overall given a strong visual impact ~

via: Xiaohongshu @一 v v (right)

Toe -toe and ends of anti -velvet leather stitching design, the texture is super good, there is

Customized soles, laces, detail design

It can be seen that the designer is full of sincerity.

“Half Drag Canvas Shoes”

Reference price: ¥ 119

Half dragging and one step, lazy people must have shoes. Haiyan blue soles are like a touch of coolness left in summer.

The rounded toe, it would not hurt if I accidentally hit the table. The version is standing upright, and the canvas are soft. When the street elements such as shorts, jeans, jeans, the cool streets are stable ~

This is still worn by Song Zuer’s private server, instantly get to the same model of the star ~


via: Xiaohongshu @bolinbolin

“Buns shoes”

Reference price: ¥ 99

The whole bun shoes are so cute. Whether it is Qiandaoge, zebra pattern, leopard or black and white simplified models, everything is available, and

The color matching is very retro,


It is super suitable for autumn and winter ~ If you do n’t have IDEA when you go out, you can convert your thoughts. Use your shoes to choose the same color top top and make a color echo.


As a familiar domestic brand, try to turn the box at home and pour the cabinet, and you may find a pair of forgotten canvas shoes. However, the good -looking style of the back force is basically snapped up as soon as it is listed, and the hand speed cannot keep up. If the official website does not, you can visit the shop with authorized books and buy it!

via: Xiaohongshu @小 : 有

“Leap X Back Force Co -branded Chessboard”

This year, the checkerboard is really popular. It is the so -called “all things can be chessboard”, and shoes must also come to make a wave of excitement! Leapy & back, two old -fashioned strengths, classic low -top canvas shoes type matching

The element of the chessboard,


At the same time, it was rushed to a wave of this year’s trend.

The toe, body, and heels are printed with joint logo, full of details. In addition to the black and white checkerboard, there are more color matching ~

via: Xiaohongshu @v v


“Chinese Youth”

Reference price: ¥ 96

Milk yellow upper+Clein blue cave eyes,

Cleinan doesn’t say much, wants to try, and is afraid of my classmates who can’t hold themselves, you can start with this and try it ~

There is a small brand of “Chinese youth” on the upper. You can also remove it if you do n’t like it. The designer is used to pay tribute to the century -old party to build the party this year. It is really very attentive! The shoe is printed with the patterns of China, which represents China!

“Mint green casual shoes”


Reference price: ¥ 89

So fresh color matching!

Milk yellow+mint green,

The color of low saturation is very suitable for gentle girls, and the uneven texture looks very textured ~

The “wild consumption” some time ago was really stunned! The more good -looking shoes have been sold out of stock, and there are also a few of the following recommended …

via: Xiaohongshu @0 light egg 0

“Qi Ban PRO ×” Silver Soul “sneakers”


Reference price: ¥ 499

This is really hot. The concept of this anime IP is “fighting hard in ordinary life is the most bloody thing”, and coincides with the concept of “making sports easier” with Qi Ban Technology, and the joint model came into being.

The upper is deconstructed by multi -material stitching, and the color matching is used for silver

(Gintama anime character)

The classic shape of the blue flower kimono, the shoe coloring created,

And use Qi Ban Technology to make the bottom of the shoes.

Speaking of Qi Ban Technology, it is an original α-Flex black technology material.

(Actually, I don’t know much about technology, mainly because it looks good)

Create a 30%foot feeling than the conventional and medium bottom.

(Maybe it is the legendary step on the shit !!!)

via: Xiaohongshu @xxxxxy_h

“Mechanical Retro Shoes”

Reference price: ¥ 299

This is the new style of the season.


The pink and tender color matching is just flooding.

There is no bomber technology, the price is half cheaper, but it will not be able to get on the feet, and it is very comfortable. It feels more amazing!

If you think the whole fan is too young, you can also choose this

Black+fog purple+gray ink blue

Coloring, cooler milk and cooler, compared to pink color models, personally prefer this!

“Comprehensive Training Shoes of Different Year of Invasion”

Reference price: ¥ 129


How can little white shoes be less!

These comprehensive training shoes are not ordinary small white shoes. The design is very careful.


The sole design is quite special. It is not the small white shoe style of the bad street, and it is routine to have personality!

The mesh surface and the leather surface are integrated and spliced. The heat dissipation and breathability will not look like pure mesh design.

The sole interval design to increase the visual layering,


At the same time, the friction of contact with the ground does not show width to achieve the effect of anti -slip shock absorption.

All of the above models, if you can’t grab online, you can take a wave of offline and touch your luck!

Okay, here is here today! Do you have any good -looking domestic shoes for face value and quality? Welcome to share with everyone in the comment area ~

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Reference price: ¥ 169

Reference price: ¥ 469

Reference price: ¥ 99