The Canon 700D uses about 18 million pixels of CMOS image sensors, the size of the sensor is 22.3 × 14.9mm, with the DIGIC 5 digital image processor, and the Hybrid CMOS AF hybrid automatic focusing system can be supported. The Canon 60D uses an APS-C sensor with an effective pixel with an effective pixel. The picture quality performance under high sensitivity is good. With Digic 4th generation image processing, it can shoot the 1080P high-definition video with a maximum 30FS.

Canon 700D is equipped with a 9:00 full cross focus standard and the 63 -zone optical testing system, supporting the Hybrid CMOS AF hybrid autofocus system. Its focusing system uses a 9 -point cross -type AF sensor with a maximum continuous shooting speed of 5 photos/s. The Canon 60D uses a 9:00 full cross and the center double -cross focus point. It is already the most powerful on the mid -range model. The 7D IFCL and the 63 district double -layer light metering sensor directly transplanted in the meter metering.

Canon 700D uses a 3 -inch 1.04 million pixel 3: 2 high -level capacitor touch screen. It can operate the camera through the touch screen, including shutter aperture, etc., and can achieve a 270 °/180 ° flip capacity. The Canon 60D uses engineering plastics as a fuselage material, and is no longer a metal body. The volume has decreased. The 60D contains a battery weight of 755 grams and 50D is 822 grams.



This issue, Xiaobian believes that in terms of configuration, the Canon 700D will be better, but the price is relatively high. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that you should choose according to your own needs.


Canon 700D and Canon 60D which is better