On the afternoon of May 10th, Baoji, Shaanxi,

After the storm and rain,

More than 50 shared bicycles on the road fell to the ground.

Several elementary school students spontaneously lifted them up and set them neatly,

This scene was photographed by the citizen and brushed the screen.

Today, enthusiastic and sensible children have found it!

They all come from Xinmin Road Primary School, Weibin District, Baoji City.

Cao Yulong, Cao Yulin, Zheng Jiawen, Luo Yiyang,


A Special Energy Special Award for you like you, praise you,

You’re really great!

In the afternoon of the day, the storm passed the border,

Four students are on the way home from school,

Seeing the shared bicycles scraped down by the wind poured a place,

The branches are pressed on the car, and the leaf debris is plugged in the wheels,

I stopped in the same way.

One by one lifted the car.

Some of them bent down and stubbornly lifted the bicycle,

Some of the branches and leaves on the edge of the bicycle are taken away,

Become the most beautiful scenery on the street.

After the children’s efforts,

A row of 50 shared bicycles,

The place is neatly placed,

The road surface is also clean.

This warm scene was photographed by the passing citizens,


Cause many netizens.

Recorded at the same time,

And the children did a good smile from the heart.

Today, the children have found it!

They are Xinmin Road Primary School

Both brothers and sisters of Cao Yulong and Cao Yulin in Class 41,

Zheng Jiawen and three -four -Benoli Yiyang.

When it comes to why it takes the initiative,

The children’s answers are also very moving.

Brothers and sisters of Cao Yulong and Cao Yulin said:

“Seeing the branches in the bicycle sharing wheels, the leaves of the bicycle wheel,


We want to clean up the leaves, clean up the leaves,


Aunt Sanitation Worker will not be too hard. “

Zheng Jiawen and Luo Yiyang also said:

“I support the bicycle, and the car will not be crushed.

People can travel normally. “


“After lining up, it will not be too messy on the street.”

After the school knows the children’s heart warming behavior,

On May 21, they awarded them the honor of “virtue teenagers”,

And call on the school students to learn from them,

Everyone competes to be a virtue and transmits the positive energy of the chicken.

Source: Daily Positive Energy