It’s October, and the autumn wind has begun to turn to cool wind. At this time, you should choose a good -looking trench coat. Don’t find it. Beauty turns, and it can also bring us warmth.


1st type: tighten lace trench coat

For trench coats, in addition to the classic style, the design of tightening the belt is your first choice, because it can help you adjust the degree of relaxation at will, whether it is fat or thin girls can easily control it. This is also the most obvious this year. The temperament style style, this is yellow -colored windbreaker. In addition to the skin, it is very thin, and it is beautiful to put on the street at will.


How good -looking and small fresh colors are dark green. The hooded design makes you instantly pure. The overall shape is more energetic. The length is thin, and the length is very easy to accept, and the tightening of the belt is thinner and temperament.


2nd type: silk lace trench coat

The fashionable silk lace trench coat is the first choice for you in autumn and winter. The color -based design makes this trench coat very fashionable. It uses a fashionable stitching design to break the dull side, which not only highlights the chic design style In fact, the elegant and elegant lady actually, the sleeves are seven -point sleeves, so they are more comfortable to wear, and they have not been dragged. It is very temperamental to match the dress at will.

Third type: classic lace trench coat

Two sets of fake two -piece trench jackets, pure white, do you feel very exciting at a glance? The simple and generous double -breasted design, the sleeve is a fake two -piece design, breaking the traditional dull style, full of structural sense. It can be thin and concave shape, and it is beautiful to go to the street!

Well, today’s sharing is here first! Don’t look for it, the three most temperamental “lace” trench coats this year are beautiful!