In the daily routines of the fast -paced life of Chinese people, how to make people fully release at home is the sofa sitting feeling that good night’s home has been studying. The good night R & D team has accumulated the accumulation of human engineering data for many years, and launched a new sense of late safety sitting -micro -sensitivity by repeatedly adjusted the special matching sponge with the release of the deductive reed.

晚安微感力 舒适坐感让宅家多一个理由

Good night micro -sensation originated from the Variety of Sitting Sense, that is, a diverse sitting sense. I can’t feel stress on sitting up, the stiffness of the body is relieved, the whole body is relieved, and the sitting position of different people and different body postures is actively adapted to the sitting positions of different people and body. Such a comfortable sofa is a treasure furniture of the house family.

Good night home R-KA5035

晚安微感力 舒适坐感让宅家多一个理由

How is this comfort? It is learned from the Research and Development Team of the Good Night Home Furnishing Software that good night home furnishings are optimized by the adoption of the release of the high -tech band to optimize the sponge parameters and the scientific ratio. The best combination effect, achieve “micro -sense” and “zero gravity”.

The springs partner is the core of the micro -sensitivity. Like the mattress, most of the sofa sitting feel is determined by the spring and rubber bands under the materials of the fabric filling and other materials. Feel.

晚安微感力 舒适坐感让宅家多一个理由

Good night home R-AA5130

Good night home uses the springs partner of the release of the special reed+interpretation of the high gluten band to shape the soul of the sofa feeling.

The release of the agglomeration spring is made of high -fierce carbon steel, with high strength, high hardness and high elasticity. Each snake spring can be loaded with 200kg. It supports the cushion to support the rebound and the service life.

Pressure high tendon belt

晚安微感力 舒适坐感让宅家多一个理由

The fiber meridian, weft yarn and rubber wire are intertwined, tight and meticulous, durable, difficult to aging, giving sponge support and dispersing its pressure, ensuring the elasticity and comfort of the sofa sitting sense.

From now until March 27, 2022, good night’s home launches the “Spring Morning Plan” to launch welfare offers such as sofas, mattresses, and soft beds. Consumers who want to experience good night’s sense of power can go to the home stores in the nation’s home in the night.

Good night home R-AA5131

Founded in 1986, a good night home group is a large home company integrating R & D, production and sales. It is committed to providing a comfortable, green, environmentally friendly, and intelligent integrated home space solution for a better life. Home Textiles, Good night mahogany hall.

Based on the national brand layout, good night home furnishing group has created more than ten independent subsidiaries such as Beijing Changsha Headquarters Economic Park (170,000 square meters) and Guangdong Gaoming Manufacturing Center (170,000 square meters). Sofa, bedding, coffee tables, TV cabinets and other finished furniture and custom cabinet products are sold well in the country and are exported to overseas.

Good night home house Changsha headquarters