During Alexander, some of their land was occupied by Iran. From 250 BC to 230 BC, the Alexander Empire was in a very special position. But from different perspectives, Greece still includes the Patia Empire, and it is also called the Empire. At that time, the Patia Empire had a friendly relationship with China. At that time, the Patia Empire Jewelry was incorporated into many different ethnic customs.


This half -body image is a half of the women in the Syrian desert cities. According to records, her family is very rich. This half -body design is very individual, which is carved with stone carving. Of course, these stones are not ordinary stones. From the appearance, her wear and jewelry are unable to compare with ordinary people. The hat worn on the head is very aristocratic. In addition, there is a very presence necklace between the neck. Although it is carved from stone, it is not difficult to see that the composition of the necklace is very rich. Its chain is made up of several laps, and the rounded gems are particularly vivid together.

Every region has their own different cultural background, it is like

Patia and the Roman Empire, of which the culture of Georgia is very distinctive and reflected in jewelry design. This is a very old design, and the square appearance looks very neat. The black metal is very strong, and a black round metal ball is fixed on the four corners, and each metal ball is very shiny.


Its border is also designed to be relatively rough. It is composed of a series of striped patterns, which looks very designed. The more characteristic of the animal patterns he designed in the middle of the middle. The size of the three living animals is different. They are all made of metal. The edges are hollow and look full of vitality.

The earrings are very noble at first glance. It is made from pure gold. It has been discovered as early as 2 to 1 century BC. It is a very historic jewelry. The chain part of the earrings is composed of many metal balls. The size of these metal balls is different, but they are very vivid to embellish. In the middle of the earrings, a huge ruby ​​is inlaid. This gem looks very full, with light on the surface, inlaid with very conspicuous, and it is very eye -catching to wear.

The gold -made jewelry is particularly noticeable, and these exquisite workmanship is also inlaid with colorful precious gems. Both the shape and design are first -class. At that time, the jewelry was not only decorated but also functional, and very intelligent jewelry.

This chain is very strange. It is a well -known “Patia La Laibin” and has been exhibited in the Forbidden City. You can see that this jewelry is incorporated into a variety of different elements, and the light chain has several laps. The edge of the gem is also full of diamonds, and the number can reach 3,000, which is very shiny. And the weight of the diamond can reach 962.25 carats, the entire

The necklace weighs a few pounds.

Fortunately, these necklaces are exclusive for men, and they are very imposing to wear, and they also represent their status.

This chain is very different. It is a jewelry designed by integrating India and the West. First of all, a large number of rubies are in the eyes of people. The size of these rubies is the same, and the color is extremely high, which is very beautiful to connect. The diamonds and pearl elements were also incorporated on both sides of the necklace, and the shining diamonds added a lot of vitality to this chain.

The embellishment of the pearls at the edge brings some elegance, and the white surface looks more vivid. More importantly, this RMB chain is


Patiala, India, commissioned Cartier to create in 1931.


The jewelry of the Patia Empire is very representative,


And Western designers are right


Pattia Empire


The glorious palace is full of heart, and the two are perfectly combined. These exotic designs have set off a classic masterpiece of new style to achieve big names.

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