Eyes are the windows of the soul. Before we feel BMW’s driving pleasure, we mostly understand TA through appearance, and angel eye headlights are a classic BMW element. In the past 104, BMW headlights have already derived various changes. The body, from the classic halogen headlights to the gel head, to the revolutionary LED headlights and innovative laser headlights, each generation is classic.

Halogen Light (Halogen Light)


——The is still used today

Speaking of halogen headlights, older friends are familiar with it. This traditional headlight with tungsten wire burning glow has been applied to the lamp for decades. The disadvantage is that the life span is short (depending on the use Frequency), after four or five years, it will be changed, but the yellowing light also tells the tone of Old Fashion. An old BMW with halogen headlights still looks handsome to this day.

But if the halogen headlights are equipped with a contemporary BMW, it feels a bit strange. We know that many things to buy overseas are selected. For example, the new 1 series entry models sold overseas are halogen headlights. However, BMW, which is sold in China, is LED headlights except for the lowest matching models of the 2 Series station wagon.


Hid lamp (HID)

——Is the first car in the world equipped with a sturgeon lamp is TA?

Regarding the incident of a ghost lamp, BMW is at the forefront of the world again,


The first mass -produced car in the world is the second -generation 7 Series of BMW in 1991 (E32) in BMW (E32) in 1991 (E32)


At that time, the cost of the lamp at that time was higher, so it was more used for high -end cars. The classic four -round lamp design accompanied a generation of BIMMER for a long time.


The invention of the ghost lamp replaced the halogen lights. Through the delicate chemical reactions, it can improve functionality, such as longer life than halogen lamps, higher brightness, and stronger durability. The boom, a white blue light lamp is a dazzling landscape in the street.

And the BMW angel’s eye that we are most familiar with is also growing with the development of the ghost headlights.


The first BMW that is equipped with a real angel eye headlight is the fourth -generation 5 Series in 2001 (E39)


The impressive outline allows you to recognize BMW’s identity in the night.

After a large number of production cars are used for various types of production cars, the LED headlights have appeared in people’s vision after many years. The appearance of the lamp, BMW also abandoned the ghost headlights.

Do you know which BMW this is?


LED headlights are also divided into many types

——The adaptive? Follow the steering? Far -beam control?

Although BMW is currently widely used LED headlights, the difference between models is still large. For example, some car headlights are not on the inside of the headlights, and some headlights and high beam control … Is it different? The LED headlights selling BMW are roughly divided into:

Ordinary LED headlights


Adapted LED headlights.


For example, the BMW 4 Series and 525Li use ordinary LED headlights, which are designed with dual -circular daytime running lights with lenses, but the turning lights are traditional light sources.

525Li LED headlights

At present, BMW is widely used in integrated far and near light lights, but only the outer lamp is equipped on some models (such as 525Li), so the inner side lights become decorative, which will not light up.

The LED headlights of the 4 Series, the inner light is not on


And another -adaptive LED headlights (including automatic light control), on the 5 series, 7 series, X6 configuration list is also called LED follow -up control headlights. For most cars, the lights, the lights The BMW Adaptive LED is written on the eyebrow is the LED adaptive headlight.

This headlight usually has a high -beam automatic control function. It can automatically switch the distance/near light according to the road conditions, and there will be an additional button on the turning light lever.


The adaptive LED headlights of the 5 Series (Kinshi Lights is turned on)


Because most of the BMWs equipped with adaptive LED headlights use two integrated far and near light lights, when the lights are turned on, it will be lit in the inside and outside. Half part lights, when the high beam is turned on, the lower part will light up at the same time.


The adaptive LED headlights of the 5 Series (turn on the high beam)

It is worth mentioning that,

It does not mean that the headlights with a follow -up control function are adaptive headlights


For example, the function of the 3 Series in China does not standard for the automatic control of the high -beam automatic control (the entire system must be selected).

Some models that are originally standardized for adaptive LED headlights If the laser headlights are selected (including domestic and foreign models), then the words “BMW LED” are printed on the lamp eyebrows, omitting the term “adaptive”.

Mid -term modified new 7 Series LED adaptive headlights


In contrast, the ordinary LED headlights are not so strong in terms of momentum, but this is also a problem with historical leftover. BMW in the E chassis once has a steering assist light function, and the inside light will light up.

E90 3 Series headlights

Almost missed an important role -a new BMW Z4. Although TA also adopted adaptive LED headlights, as the only car currently in BMW, the design is naturally different. The BMW, like a rebellious boy who is extremely adolescent, uses a new headlight with upper and lower structures to tell another beauty.

Laser Light (Laser Light)


—— BMW headlight face value is another peak


The era of halogen lamps and gel lamps has long been far. As more and more G chassis BMW is born, it will also be the world of laser headlights in the future. I8, which was listed 6 years ago

The world’s first mass production model with laser headlights

Today, the 7 Series, X7 and other flagship models have taken this stick to further laser headlights.

Laser headlights have a maximum irradiation distance of 600M, higher brightness, longer life span, lower energy consumption, faster response speed, etc. You can recall that the former halogen headlights need to be replaced in a few years. There is a slower situation, but on the laser headlights, almost when the switch is pressed, the lights light up completely and quickly.

The new 3 Series laser headlights that are not available in China are not provided in China

For the new generation of BMW, such as the new 3 Series, after the laser headlights were selected, the daytime running lights were changed to grow. However, you can still see some new 3 car owners buy laser headlights at high prices for the car. It is said that it is worth 20,000 yuan.

In terms of design, the BMW’s kidney grille has become bigger and bigger in the past two years, leaving the room for designers to use the room of the front of the car to be more and more compact, but the design of the laser headlights can be reduced. The smaller space is more light, so we see that although there are huge grilles on the X7, we can still use slender long laser headlights to echo the design.

BMW New Angel Eye

Will you change the 5 Series because of the new headlights?

As we see, there are many forms of BMW’s angel eyes, and in the next half of the year, the new generation of angel eye headlights are about to take over, and TA will be first installed on the medium -term modification 5 Series. Have.

Mid -term modification 5 Series test car

It can only be said that the eyes of BMW’s angels are becoming more and more like the four round lights. This new headlight design of a certain leopard is designed by netizens. Stop the lens and look at the comparison chart below. Do you prefer the headlights before and after the middle change?


The upper is 5 Series, and the current 5 Series

Maybe most people are not easy to accept the headlight design of the 5 Series, but don’t forget that the 5 Series was the creator of the angel eye headlights in that year, so the design of the 5 Series in the future will definitely use more. On the model, the most likely to take over is the 6 Series GT. After all, it is a twin brother of the 5 Series.


BMW Qi Digital series headlight vs even number series headlights

Which one do you love?

Those familiar with BMW know that the BMW’s odd number car and the even car series have a very different style and design. The odd number series is more stable and in line with the preferences of more people. It ’s like the X family of the X -series, which is called SAC.

Let’s look at it at one time, choose your favorite headlights:

1 Series (F40) VS 2 Series (F23)

3 Series (G20) VS 4 Series (F32)


5 Series (G31) VS 6 Series (F13)

7 Series (G12) VS 8 Series (G16)

X1 (F49) VS X2 (F39)

X3 (G01) VS X5 (G05) VS X7 (G07)

Written at the end:

Classic brands naturally have inheritance and innovation. For a century, the kidney grille has become larger from large to small. The headlights from four round halogen lamps to angel eyebrow light/LED headlights to laser headlights. A mass -produced turbine 2002 Turbo, confidently attached his name to the front of the car, reminding all the vehicles blocking in front.

The same is true of BMW’s angel eye headlights. No matter how you change it, you will definitely allow you to recognize their names -BMW only by rear -view mirror.


Which BMW headlight do you like best?


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