Skin -friendly and non -sticky: Ya Nuochen men’s linen micro -bounces in summer thin casual pants are priced at 79 yuan, limited time and limited edition of 20 yuan coupon, paid 59 yuan free shipping, received coupons and purchased.


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Selected ice linen fabrics and fabric 69% linen + 29.8% polyester + 1.2% spandex blended, wearing light and breathable, sweat -absorbing and dry, skin -friendly, not sticky, not coloring, casual fashion match.

The disadvantages of pure linen are easy to wrinkle, look rough texture, and lack formal sense, so it is generally blended with other materials to improve this disadvantage. The heat dissipation performance of linen is 5 times that of wool, 19 times the silk, and 3 times the water absorption speed. It has the natural performance of protecting the body and regulating temperature. Under hot weather conditions, the surface temperature of the skin when wearing linen clothing is 3-4 degrees lower than wearing silk and cotton, so it is called “natural air conditioning”.

亲肤不粘黏:雅诺臣男士亚麻微弹夏季薄款休闲裤 59 元

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