As the saying goes, “Do three points, seven -point paint”. Speaking of furniture coatings, many people will first worry about environmental protection. For example, does it contain a lot of formaldehyde? Is it very harmful to the human body? In recent years, people’s requirements for furniture coatings have become higher and higher. Woodwax oil solid wood furniture has become a new favorite of the furniture industry with the characteristics of green environmental protection, non -toxic and harmless.

What is woodwax furniture? Is the solid wood furniture painted with wood wax oil really environmentally friendly?

Let’s take a look together.

Many people think that the furniture of wood wax oil on the surface is wood wax oil furniture, but in fact, only solid wood furniture with wood wax oil can be called wood wax oil furniture. Wood wax oil is a pure natural wood coatings used to replace paint, which is mainly made of natural vegetable oil and plant wax. It is not like traditional paint. It uses petrochemical products as a substrate, and the auxiliary materials used are mostly used for formaldehyde and toluene synthetic raw materials, which is very harmful to human health.


From the perspective of raw materials, woodwax oil uses natural plant tree oil as raw materials, such as flaxseed oil, sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, stingy oil, pine oil, beef wax, small candle tree wax, Brazilian palm wax, etc. Therefore, solid wood furniture painted with wood wax oil is very environmentally friendly and healthy, suitable for wood furniture and children’s furniture with higher environmental protection.

Nowadays, more and more furniture brands in China have chosen wood wax oil to make the surface of furniture. For example, the black walnut furniture and children’s furniture of Genji Muyu use plant woodwax oil, from linen seed oil, Brazilian Palm wax and other natural plant tree oils are extracted. It does not contain toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, tria benzene, and heavy metals. It does not use any chemical organic solvents. It has no odor and no harmful gas. It is a real green environmental protection furniture.

Generally, wood wax oil furniture can be checked after 7 days of drying and drying, and wood wax oil itself will not cause any harm to the human body. If the weather is good, you can stay in advance after the coating is completely dry.

Of course, wood wax oil can replace traditional paint, not only for its superior environmental protection performance, but also because it is a “excellent partner” of solid wood furniture.


Traditional paint is used on the surface of the wood, which will form a layer of plastic -like paint film, covering the natural texture of the wood, blocking the surface of the wood to contact the air and moisture. It not only affects the natural feel and gloss of the wood. Over time, the paint film is also easy to crack, uplift and fall off, and it is difficult to repair and refurbish.

The maintenance of wood wax oil furniture is also very trouble -saving. Wood wax oil can adapt to various climate conditions such as drying, humidity, high temperature, low temperature, and have the functions of waterproof, moisture -proof, anticorrosive and insect -proof. The tight combination of wood wax oil and wood fibers can enhance surface hardness, make furniture wear resistance, rubbing, and durable. As long as the maintenance time is correct, the use time can be far beyond the paint surface of wooden furniture, which is a truly cost -effective solid wood furniture.

Since the vegetable oil in the wood wax oil can penetrate the surface of the wood and play a moist effect on the pores of the wood fibers, the local water content of the wood can be avoided and the problem of cracking and falling off.

For example, Genji Wooden Northern American Black walnut furniture is artificially wiped by two base oils and a noodle oil to paint with wood wax oil. The oil in the wood wax oil can penetrate the inside of the wood, moisturize the wood deeply, keep the natural wood elasticity, make the wood freely breathe, and keep the natural texture and beautiful texture of the black walnut wood to a greater extent.

Having said so much, the solid wood furniture painted with wood wax oil is really green and environmentally friendly. I know how to buy it!