1. Cheap card sofa

A cheap card sofa generally refers to the single-person card sofa, with the price between 200-300 yuan. It can be seen in many fast food restaurants. The material is relatively general, but the overall design is still very good, and there are many choices.

Second, medium -price card seat sofa

The price of the medium-priced card seat sofa is between 300-500 yuan. This sofa can be seen in many bars and burger shops. Generally, it is a double card sofa, and the brand’s reputation is relatively average.

Third, a higher price card sofa

The general price of a card seat with a price of about 500-1000 yuan is relatively high at the price. Many good western restaurants and cafes generally use the sofa at this price. It looks more quality and can set off the overall atmosphere.

Fourth, high -priced card sofa

The price of thousands of dollars with a price of thousands of yuan is a better sofa. It can be seen in high -end business hotels. Some brand card sofas and large card sofa combinations are relatively high.


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