Women’s sandals have become a single product every summer. Different from small black boots, there are too many types of sandals. There are very few types of sandals. The trend of fashionable dwarf sandals is easy to wear and get off. You can start with these models that you can start.

1. PVC sandals


This transparent sandals in Chanel believe that there is no need to say anything about Xiaobian. The casual style will rush out of the screen as soon as it is fashionable. The unique texture of PVC, the black logo is directly printed on the feet, just the right square root, it wo n’t be tired. The wrinkles are decorated on the chest and cuffs, with a green fork skirt, the vacation style is elegant and retro, and even the brim of straw hat hats has extraordinary lace. This sandalwood is almost worn by various fashionistas. The lace sling with wide pants jeans is simple and stylish.

Second, flash drill Mueller shoes

Mueller shoes can be said to be a heresy among the sandals. It has a stronger modification of the feet. Girls who do not want to show their toes and do not want to dry up can choose it. Mueller shoes with flash diamonds can be said to be another reflection of retro tide flow, which has a hip -hop style.

Flash diamond flowing was launching on the upper, and the vision of the water drops was stunning. The middle V -shaped fork narrowed the feet, plus pointed shoes, and the foot shape looks very narrow. Xiaoxian will not work hard to walk. The strong style is paired with purple suit pants, which is very attractive to walking on the road.

Third, heavy industrial wind slippers


This style has leather and coarse bands, and its wild personality is very avant -garde, coupled with a strong color to create a heavy industry style. The red -shaped folding cortex creates a three -dimensional sense, making the shoes look too gentle. The back end is decorated with feather, which adds a touch of light to the thick sense, forming a clever balance. With dark green tassel bags and glittering skirts, wearing heavy ink in summer will bring another unique feature.