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I don’t know if everyone knows it. Anyway, in my cognition, suit trousers are the best items in winter. It has almost perfect performance in shaping the light and warm image and the ability to cover the meat.

When wearing it in winter, you can use the empty trousers legs to show the skin -skinned and slender figure, but also under the cover of dissatisfaction. Tight -fitting autumn pants or warm trousers in the inside Essence

Let’s talk about what points you need to pay attention to when choosing a suit pants. First of all, when you choose a suit pants, you must choose a thickened design with thickness and texture coexisting. Wearing it, it will not make people feel that you don’t taste it.

The thickness of the thickened model also has a very outstanding performance in modifying the leg shape.


Topy and stylish

For young ladies with big thigh roots and buttocks, the effect of the upper body is very good.

Secondly, when choosing a suit trousers, you also need to pay attention to its length. In order to ensure sufficient chic and capable, the length of the suit trousers must be left with the ground.


From the back, it can be perfectly fitted with the ground. From the front, it can cover the length of the half -footed surface.

Walk with the wind

The effect is pulled and cool.

The last point is that everyone needs to have a certain understanding of the color of the suit trousers. The effects of suit and trousers of different colors are different. This requires everyone to engrave it in DNA.

Pure black suit trousers


It is the model that I recommend everyone to choose and hope that everyone can try it on. The width of the width of the waist waist and the legs is a parallel version. Under the blessing of pure black tone, you can change the supermodel big guy in seconds. , Yayan Fan is full.


In addition to pure black, you can also choose other colors of suit trousers. The young lady who likes elegant and simple style can choose light warm tones such as beige, beige, beige, milk tea, and milk gray.


Cold and dry practice

Miss sister, you can choose pure white or pure gray, like it

Retro literary style

The young lady can choose the Morandi color of moderate saturation. Brown, reddish brown, coffee, and dark coffee color can be tried.

After choosing a suit and trousers, we need to pay attention to what points. Let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to in the wear of suit trousers!

The first thing to pay attention to is to stack it with it

Warm autumn pants

At this point, you only need to ensure that they are tight enough and elastic. Do not choose a version of the same looseness as the looseness of wide -leg suit pants, because the tight and loose style is the most invisible and the most invisible and the most invisible It does not affect the chicness of suit pants.

If the autumn trousers cannot meet everyone’s dressing needs, you can also choose to stack and wear velvet leggings, tight -fitting styles with high waist steps, and high -waist mop suit pants. It is also smart and capable.


In order to ensure that it does not affect the aesthetics at any time, it is recommended that you choose a flesh -colored and velvet leggings similar to the skin tone. In this way, even if you inadvertently pick up your pants legs, you will not feel embarrassed. Proper!

Secondly, what needs to be noticed is the top. The less error -like match is the temperament shirt, but as the weather becomes cold, many places wear shirts alone.

At this time, we need to use our fashion knowledge as

Keep clothes warm

The escort is escorted, and the combination of tight bottoming shirt+shirt+high -waisted drag -mop suit pants along the shirt+suit pants style is more than the shirt.

But if you feel that the way to wear along the shirt is too summer, you can also replace the shirt with warm but elegant knitted sweater. Girls with good figures can choose tight -fitting turtleneck sweaters, long sleeves and long clothes. The version design can show the outline of the female body perfectly,


Visual effect is very beautiful


Girls with fleshy body can choose a slim -fitting low V -neck sweater.

Finally, after we choose a suit pants, add velvet leggings, and lining items, we must also pay attention to choosing a jacket. The coat that is more suitable for mopping suit pants is a woolen suit and a woolen coat. In addition to this, In addition, you can also choose a cortical velvet jacket.

Plightened velvet jackets and lengthened thickened hooded down jackets, in fact, there is no effect on the upper body of the coat!


I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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