As the weather gradually becomes hot, many friends need to wear suits to attend some formal occasions due to their daily work or attending party, etc., but wearing a suit in summer is simply mad.


So how can you keep the grace and keep it refreshing? May wish to choose this thin and breathable linen suit. The linen material is better. After the linen suit, you can have a good experience. Let’s take a look at the specific matching demonstration of the linen suit.

1. Liney suit+half skirt

Many items now use refreshing and comfortable linen materials. In addition to linen suit, this linen skirt can also be used for everyone to choose from. Match the khaki linen suit and the big red linen dress, a gorgeous, light and elegant, and form a different sense of fashion between the contrast. In order to weaken the bulkyness brought by the upper body, we can be equipped with a pair of minimalist feet on our feet. Human character drag sandals, which is refreshing and comfortable.


Combining light -colored items with bright colors can not only give people a sense of freshness, but also appear to be particularly high -level as a whole. Like the shape of this khaki short, with a bright yellow pleated skirt, it is simple and advanced, showing the elegant and exquisite charm of women in the workplace.


In addition to the linen suit with the linen -style skirt, with this straight -version skirt, it also shows a different kind of lady and elegance. To make the shape more lighter and chic, we can take the suit suit. Put on your shoulders and add aura.

Second, linen suit+trousers


Compared to half skirts, the linen suit and trousers will be more capable and more capable. In this blue and white match, use the beige short suit with denim blue wide -leg pants. , Snake -skinned handbags and dazzling rose pink sandals are all highlighting personality elements.

For women who have a stable and low -key route, they like to use elegant products to highlight the charm of affinity. Like this khaki suit, with the shape of white dad pants, it highlights the mature women. The free and neat, with silk scarf and leopard flat shoes, etc., are particularly generous.


The linen suit of the same color system is matched with the short -haired lady, showing a cool and high -end aura. Her slightly messy broken hair highlights her edges and corners and clearly visible mandibular lines. Planting handsomeness.

This model with cute Bobo head, her hairstyle is a bit inconsistent with her dress style. This capable and neat suit is matched with her, showing a different sense of handsomeness. In order to make the shape more delicate, she also wore it. Some accessories such as necklaces and watches.


When matching the linen western service, we can put it on our shoulders in this way to add a lazy and casual feeling. At the same time, this cold gray suit is also very coordinated with the brown short sleeves inward. With waist suits, the capable personality shows a long and straight leg.

Third, linen suit+dress

Combining the uniform jackets that are more feminine and some more feminine items will show a different style and chic. Like this cold gray suit, with the shape of the wine -red camisole dress, the wide fold skirt is too eye -catching, which not only covers the fat and legs on the body perfectly.

Oversize version of the linen west suit with a black hollow pattern dress, exquisite and exquisite. The younger sister also has some denim style accessories, such as yellow cowboy hat and yellow handbag and so on.


Fourth, linen suit+shorts


In this neutral style of the street, a gray linen suit with a vertical stripe design is selected with gray striped shorts. It is free and easy, full of fashionable and casual feeling.

The above -mentioned multi -linsei suit with everyone can meet you the social needs of daily or formal occasions, and this kind of suit is light and breathable, giving you enough comfort and coolness. best choice.

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