[Text/Observer Network Ruan Jiaqi, Xing Xiaonan]

Feel this mirror first ↓

Look at this aerial viewing angle ↓

What will you think of this? Is it a large scenery of the snow mountain, or the beginning of an epic movie?


The truth is that this is the guidance of the Central Propaganda Bureau, and the red road exploration experience documentary jointly produced by the Wuzhou Communication Center, Tencent Video, and Discovery Channel (Discovery). The white snow -capped mountain in the picture is the first snow -capped mountains that the Central Red Army over the Long March -the Jiajinshan Mountain at 4,260 meters above sea level.

The first program “Jia Jin” launched on November 9th, the Chinese Hong Kong artist Zhong Hanliang led by the host of the exploration channel exploration show and New Zealand explorer Joshi James, step by step to reproduce the Red Army over this year over this time over this time. “Nine Dead Life” in Shenshan, Plateau.


Drinking chili water to warm, eating wild fruits to fill hunger, over the snowy mountains when extremely cold, hypoxia, and loss of contact … These are no longer a few lines of words in textbooks, but the audience followed the camera to realize the actual hitting, and the actual hitting the real. The “immersive realm” of the land that year had experienced the difficult and dangerous obstacles.


The new painting style tells the old story, can the adventure documentary tell the Chinese red story?

From October 1934 to October 1936, the Central Red Army left the revolutionary base in order to preserve the power of living and set foot on the journey of strategic transfer. After the Central Red Army entered Sichuan, almost all the routes in the north were blocked. The only choice was to turn over the “Forbidden Area” covered with ice and snow.

How dangerous is the Jiakinshan Mountain, a song circulating in the local area- “Jiajinshan, Jiajinshan, birds fly, but mortals are not climbing.

When the Red Army arrived in Jiakinshan, they had gone through half a month after more than 9 months of hardships, leaving half of China, and the number of people was less than one -third at the time of departure. This is a very bold adventure for a troops with simple equipment, exhausted, and lack of plateau combat experience.

In the eyes of the chasers, this snow -capped mountain was the grave of the Red Army. However, the martyrs of the year were still reckless, and in June 1935, they climbed to the top of the top.


At that time, the local Tibetans provided a lot of help for the Red Army. They prepared chili water and dried chili pepper to protect the cold for the little soldiers, and some were also served as a guide.


Jiajinshan is the place where the Tibetan people live in generations. Now some of these heroes’ descendants still live here. The Tibetan girl Ma Hua was like her ancestors. She also prepared two bowls of pepper water for the upcoming Johiskins and Zhong Hanliang, and they drank a straight cough.


However, it is this bowl of simple pepper water, which has become the “life -saving artifact” of the Red Army over Jinshan.

Ma Hua’s grandfather worked as a guide to the Red Army more than 80 years ago. Most of the little soldiers they met at the beginning were southerners. Some people had never even seen Xue. Snow Mountain Road.

In addition to pepper water, Mahua also prepared some “special tools”.

When I took it out, Zhong Hanliang was unknown, so I touched the material and confused, and John laughed without saying a word.


The answer was revealed by the river: It turned out that this was a “pork bladder” used to load water. At that time, the Red Army rely on this “low -equipped kettle” with anti -freezing ability to solve part of the problem of drinking water.


Everything is ready, Joi and Zhong Hanliang need to turn over Jinshan according to the Red Army’s route, and then go down the mountain to David Temple, Xiaojin County, who reaches the two major troops.

At the time of departure, ambition: “In the place where our feet are standing, a army once rewrites human history.”

However, at the height of 2500 meters in the poster, Jesse first felt hypoxia and dizzy, lying down on the ground and breathing.

He proposed to slow down the climbing speed, and bluntly said that he had previously predicted the mistake. He thought that he could climb the top of the mountain in one breath, but he did not expect it to be so difficult.

Along the way, there are the direction of the marks made by the program group, which greatly reduces the difficulty of exploration.


The Red Army could only explore step by step at that time, and any misjudgment of the route would bring catastrophic consequences.


The program group provided two up -to -mountain routes, one is safe, but it took several hours to detour; the other was a dangerous road, climbing directly from the cliff, they chose the latter.

However, for the Red Army of that year, “another way to take a different approach” is not only a fast picture, but also to avoid being surrounded by the enemy, and you will choose some unintentional path.

Humming and humming climb the upper mountainside. I just wanted to sit down and rest for a while. Keep going.

When the altitude was close to 3500 meters, the air became thinner, the temperature dropped sharply, the wind became stronger, and their movements became slow. During the climbing process of hand and feet, you can only hear the sound of two people panting and the sound of the wind in his ears.

Just as Qiao Xigang said the “rest” instructions, Zhong Hanliang, who was still motivated before, suddenly collapsed to the ground and couldn’t get up for a long time. “My brain is blank.”

Here, every 100 meters apart, a Red Army soldiers did not wake up, and nearly one -fifth of the Red Army soldiers died on the snowy mountains.

On the way down, the scenery at 3800 meters above sea level changed greatly, and there were endless snow -capped snow, and heavy snow made them difficult. When the snow was charming, the plateau reaction came, and Qiao Xi couldn’t hold it. He lay down on the ground, coughing violently, and couldn’t breathe.

It sounds like he regrets, “This may be the end of my adventure life.”


But staying in the snow will only be dead. The two dragged each other out of the snow about one meter deep, trying to leave this horrible place as soon as possible.


However, the worse situation happened -they deviated from the established route, around the mouth of the mouth, completely lost the direction.

And because the signal on the mountain is very poor and the visibility is extremely low, Qiao Xi and Zhong Hanliang have lost contact with the show group. The photographer could not climb the mountain to follow the shoot.


Fortunately, with the map and rich field experience, Joshi found the right direction.


The world -class explorer was tossed in this snow to be embarrassed, and it was lost, and it was high. At this moment, Joshi began to realize what level of feats did the Red Army complete at that time. “This is cruel, you can imagine what the soldiers have experienced.”


When they finally arrived at the top of the mountain, the two were exhausted, and they couldn’t move.


At that time, the situation of the Red Army was much worse than now. At that time, they were still under the hail and rain, but they were burned by revolutionary forces and faith.


In the case of almost exhaustion of physical strength, Joshi bluntly said at this time that he was all the instincts that rely on the last body of the body to move forward. “,”

At that time, the Red Army could not sit down and rest, because once he sat down, he might never get up. Deng Yingchao wrote in the memoir as a kinship: “Snow in Jiajin Mountain all year round, the mountains on the top of the mountain are thin. You must pass before 4 pm every day. Die on the mountain. “


Zhong Hanliang and Qiao Xi naturally did not dare to rest for a long time, lest they could not go down the mountain in front of the twilight, and the road going down the mountain was still difficult.


For example, this person is too stunned in front of him, narrow and steep.

After all, there was only one river left from the destination. As a result, the two looked at them and dumbfounded: Good guy, the bridge is gone …

Because the water flow was very turbulent, in the end, Qiao Xi and Zhong Hanliang could only hold the parcels with their heads, and crossed the river with their backs, and finally went to David Temple under the leadership of He Changda, descendants of the Red Army over Jinshan.


Today, people do n’t see the ancient moon, and this month was based on the ancients. Two explorers completed the cross -space -time dialogue with the revolutionary martyrs by personal experience.


Their routes may overlap with the Red Army that year, and even climbed the same stone; the sea buckthorn fruits and shepheries collected in the jungle may be a meal that the Red Army had lived in that year.

Zhong Hanliang was full of emotions, “I want to admire all my admiration, and my tribute is dedicated to every Red Army soldier.”

From the perspective of “abuse”, Joshi, from the perspective of survival experts in the wild, also sincerely admired the feats created by the Red Army that year: “They were brave soldiers, this is an unimaginable journey.”


The new painting style tells the old story, but can the adventure documentary tell the Chinese red story?

These days, telling red stories to contemporary young people have changed.

A “Awakening Age” relying on the “Youth Years” of the revolutionary martyr’s excitement but approachable, it has become this year’s explosion; the micro -movie “Fengbei” also interprets classic texts through the method of “crossing”, which has attracted many people to call “tears in tears. “”.

However, the documentary is a special genre, which is long and slow. And the innate “heavy” of the red story makes the planning difficult.


“The Journey of the Brave” played a new trick, first of all, it is naturally a display of the humanistic scenery.

Forest Forest ↓

Dangerous mountains ↓

In addition to being beautiful enough, the bold settings of the adventure links such as “climbing to the snow mountain directly” are also amazing.

And this is the most unusual place for this documentary. Four guests will return to the place where history happened under the leadership of the explorer to experience the five dangerous situations in the history of the Chinese revolution–

From the Red Army over the snow mountain, to the Northeast Anti -Japanese Allied Forces challenged the limit of perseverance and physical strength in the severe cold; from the urgent army of the Red Lady Army in Mother Ruishan’s dense forest, to the American flying tiger players through the subtropical jungle to get the Dongjiang column rescue …

The second episode of “Strong Crosswu River” simulates the “pursuit of enemy forces”

There is a magnificent beauty, and the stimulating survival challenge has also come. However, as far as the first episode of the current broadcast, some audiences have questioned the adventure documentaries that are preferred to the Western narrative style. The adventure plot seems to be incompatible with the integration of revolutionary stories and local cultural links.

For example, Qiao Xi and Zhong Hanliang climbed to the mountainside and stopped to rest. The next plot wanted to introduce history introduction, so Zhong Hanliang suddenly opened the notepad that Mahua gave them before departure.

There is a website on the back of one of the photos. Zhong Hanliang took out his mobile phone and said, “Let’s search for it”, and then watched a historical video of the Red Army Long March with Qiao Xi.


The entire historical content is quite stiff and deliberate, and comments like this often appear:


After that, they went down the mountain to find a place called “Red Army Ping”. That was where the Red Army re -assembled and was ready to start the next difficult journey.


But the two did not find much. After two steps, two Tibetan aunts suddenly appeared in front of them, and they led them to drink the squeezed milk.

Although I can understand that this paragraph is the Tibetan people who want to show enthusiasm, so settings have just broken the connection on the connection, and there are also obvious problems in the connection.

This also made the audience can’t help but send the barrage to vomit: the tears moved in front of the feet were not dry yet, and the cheerful atmosphere of the aunt was enthusiastically fed with milk.


Observer’s interview learned that these problems may be related to the running in the Sino -US team.

As described earlier, this show is jointly produced by Tencent Video and Exploration Channel. PHIL Stebbing, a director who had previously had two documentary shooting experience in China, told us that this time the shooting was different from the past. Surviving, which needs to be integrated into a large amount of historical content, he has never done such a show.

Therefore, in order to facilitate project promotion,

The production team decided to divide the tasks into two parts: foreign teams were responsible for shooting and the first version editing, while the Chinese team was responsible for joining the historical content and the final effect of the later period.

But it is obviously not easy to combine these two. Although both Phil and Zhu Lexian mentioned that the two sides coordinated a large number of meetings for the final results, the historical content was still not natural when inserting.

At present, watching audience feedback, although someone has given 4-5 stars, he does not forget to mention evaluations of “poor view” and “(introducing history).

There are also some audiences who have strict aesthetics and high expectations for revolutionary historical works, and have questioned the “restoration of real historical stories” referred to as the filmmaker’s propaganda. They believe that some details and objective conditions in the film, compared with the real Red Army over the snow -capped mountains, are far less than before, can only be regarded as a kind of experience.


As mentioned earlier, in order to prevent Zhong Hanliang and Joshi’s lost, the show team tied some red rope to prompting directions on the trunk along the way.


Qiao Xi and Zhong Hanliang also wore warmth and complete equipment. At that time, the Red Army was too late to prepare cold clothes. Some people rushed to the snow mountain in single clothes or even shorts. On their feet were weeds woven shoes.

Many Red Army had severe snow blindness while marching in the snow, and they could only be used as eye masks with ponytails to prevent it. When Qiao Xi and Zhong Hanliang set off, they prepared sunglasses. Although they later learned to make a “ponytail eye mask”, the two showed that they were more novel about this “fresh gadget” that had not been seen.

In an interview behind the scenes, Zhong Hanliang also bluntly stated that because the real Red Army also needs to prevent enemy attacks, they must move forward quickly. They can also stop and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Of course, it is impossible to completely restore the difficulties of the Red Army in the year in the show, but such a large weakened or downgraded settings will cause this documentary. Survival adventure films in the wild, did not produce the “burning” of the Red Army soldiers that year.


However, some people think that the guests have completed the adventure under everything they are prepared. In fact, they can also highlight nothing at that time. Only a lonely and bloody Red Army created how the shocking world miracles in the world created a shocking world miracle in the world. Essence

Moreover, in recent years, some domestic activities of “re -taking the Long March” often have “tourism” colors. This documentary restores the truly difficult and harsh natural conditions on the Red Army Long March Road to a certain extent, so that people have a new understanding of history.


The Red Army 25,000 miles Long March, foreigners climbed 2500 meters to “fall down”


Will this be a red documentary that successfully “go global”?


Regarding the original intention of creation, Zhu Lexian revealed to the Observer.com that, under the premise of exploring the channel broadcast on “The Journey of the Brave”, for the consideration of international communication, the field adventure has become a good type of theme carrying type. Essence However, as a documentary that is promoted at home and abroad at the same time, it also needs to ensure the addition of localized elements, and they think of the legendary history of Chinese revolution.

In this way, the creative ideas of the show came -to reproduce the difficulties of the revolutionary predecessors that year, so that modern people will reopen their path in the same situation.

In production, in the field of documentary, especially the theme of “Survival of the Wild”, the Western production team has accumulated more experience. Therefore, the Chinese production team finally decided to invite foreign teams to participate. On the one hand, this decision can improve the production ability of the Chinese team, and on the other hand, it also hopes to reduce the cultural gap of the film when it is spread in internationalization.

In addition to the update on domestic platforms every Tuesday, starting from November 28, “The Journey of the Brave” will also land on Sunday to explore the channel International TV Network every Sunday and launch to overseas audiences.

Regarding the response of the program in the overseas market, the director PHIL feels that some people will expect this to be a variety show of survival, but some people may be interested in history, geography and travel. They will be willing People have a relationship. “I think this variety show is quite attractive. Visitors in foreign markets may not be interested in Chinese stars in it because they do not know these people. But I think people will be curious about China. This variety show shows it. China on the other. “

He also told Observer.com that the Long March was a major event in the establishment of China and a amazing history, but many people around the world only knew the Long March. They did not understand the specific situation of the Long March. How many people sacrificed. And how unbelievable the hardships have been experienced. “This is a good opportunity to tell the story of the Long March, and it is a relatively relaxed but not boring way, but the program also treats the stories that happened in this survival journey seriously. I can participate in this. I am honored to tell the story. “