The 2020’s new year is a bit torment and boring, and the mask has undoubtedly became the first hottest annual item. Many people start to rethink:


Is it a real house or a fake house?

Indeed, more than ten days when they are bored at home, many people have begun to be on the verge of “crazy”, and going out has become the only thing they want to do. Today, some units start to resume work. Many people finally want

Step out of the door and get rid of the days without leaving home.


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3 shoe performances with a sense of design and versatile

Brand, a new beginning, it is better to start with a pair of new shoes ~

1 Jeffrey Campbell


Price: between 800-3000 yuan


Buy: official website, shopbop

Jeffrey Campbell and his wife Christina established a company in Los Angeles in 2000 to create

Price and fashionable

Shoes series.


Jeffrey Campbell hopes that women will get a sense of ritual experience at the moment when women wear shoes. Therefore, this brand’s shoes have been well received from the beginning. The release released in 2010 is never out of date

“Lita” boots,

A thick -bottomed short boots became hot at the time.

style of the brand:


Jeffrey Campbell is inherent

Retro Style

, Also have the most cutting -edge fashion elements, more subversive

Sexy and texture


Essence The subversion of traditional fashion thinking has been subverted, and the alternative fashion brought by it is always incredible and incredible.


▼ The charming series that I don’t understand

For example, these small honeys are really


Get can’t get the designer’s aesthetics

, With a thick bottom with printing? Super high wood waterproof platform? Abstract denim boots? The world of rivet boots?

Although this bold and avant -garde design style has an artistic existence,


It is really difficult to control everyday …

▼ Basic models that are wild

Jeffrey Campbell certainly has the basic model that is not wrong, and has its own

Unique beauty

But I also did not forget to show the elegant inspiration on the shoes.


The very popular square boots in recent years are full of energy,

Founded toe is exquisite and retro

The material of the patent leather looks more eye -catching and stylish, and it will not be too fancy or grabbed.


It’s a good helper to add color to the shape




The part of the other pair of boots will be more slim, but the elasticity is very good.

Suitable for preparation for early spring.

Jeffrey Campbell’s round boots look a bit “stupid”,

Dressing but unexpectedly reducing age

The thick soles are very wear -resistant and do not feel heavy to wear.

With small black pants, the leg lines are more straightforward.

To say what is the most worthwhile item in the “turbulent” fashion industry, then

Snake pattern

It is definitely the top list.


If you think it is difficult to control the snake pattern clothing, then start with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell snake pattern low boots. Cortic fabrics with snake pattern

The wild play is vivid, fashionable and not vulgar

The first choice in spring.

We have shared the little white boots before, it is indispensable. I do n’t know how to match it.

A pair of small white boots can help you get it

▼ The Shibo series full of design

Wearing the basic models that are not wrong, and occasionally do you want to be a fashion blogger? You can help you with a little care on the boots.

In 2020, the blue is right. Try a pair of pairs. The style of tannin jeans is also very acceptable to move on the shoes.


The stitching of shades is more interesting

Grasp the small tail of the new year, you can also wear a red, the design of the heel is in line with the brand’s unique style.


The design of the hollow is very clever, and it is super stable to come from the road

Taking advantage of the lack of the subway in these days, wearing high heels is also stable.

Xiaomi’s favorite is this pair of brown stitching styles,

Low -key, stable,


There are no particularly strange elements and designs, but this pair is the kind of model that makes people feel at first glance.


Compared to neutral Martin boots, these are the favorite of fashionable essence.



Price: between 1000-3000 yuan


Purchase: official website, Farfetch

In 2015, LOQ was established in California, USA. The brand name comes from the surnames of designers Keren Longkume and Valerie Quant. Last year, it was red throughout the head.

Although LOQ is a California brand, its shoes are all in Spain. The designer also pays great attention to the proportion, material and details of the shoes. The purpose is


To redefine the classics in modern women.


Keren Longkume and Valerie Quant

Since the two designers are from the United States and India, the style integrates California’s lively and freedom and India’s unique color texture, and the overall direction is more biased.

Simple and easy

The heel shows the charm of the details, and it is very comfortable to wear.

LOQ leather is soft and delicate. Don’t worry about grinding your feet at all. The heels use very unique wood.


It seems to step on the bottom of a building block, full of humorous taste and walking up and more comfortable.

The simple and modern urban style is loved by many women. There are not too many tedious details. Whether it is


With a simple shirt suit, it is still very suitable

▼ Soft leather fold boots

The style of the short boots is really too much to buy, but compared to the straight boots, this short boots with soft skin folds are more likely to show thin legs.

Focus on highlighting the slender sense of the ankle.

And even if the number of folding design itself increases, it will not seem very shabby; the upper is a striking segmentation design

, With a few deconstruction flavors, it is very style.


It is worth noting that ordinary boots are more suitable for slim pants, and

This style of short boots is more suitable for straight or wide -leg pants.


There is no need to stick to black or tannin denim in color. Choosing the same color as the boots is more legs.


▼ Bright noodle pattern boots


Black boots believe everyone will have it, but there are very few boots like this snake skin or crocodile pressing. In fact, you can consider entering one.

If you wear it out, you will not hit the money, and the design will not be complicated.

Even wearing very ordinary skirts or jeans, wearing it will not look boring.

▼ Dirty suede boots

Winter temperature is too low, and the biggest advantage of suede boots is not to worry about the cracking of the cortex. And because the material is soft, the shoe type will be more fitted, even if it is


High heels above 5cm can also be easily controlled


Very low -key velvet combined with the texture of wood heel,


Retro and advanced


, Very thin feet!

▼ Cool 筒 boots

This year I really love the middle boots. I personally recommend that everyone must try it with a silk split dress.


The sense of vision of the mother MAN.

Gray often plays the super -style street shots on the streets, and fashion blogger Aimee Song is also its loyal fans.

It is recommended to get rid of black, choose in the style of white or this dark pattern, super chIC, add a trace of quiet and stable,

30+ girls want to shape their own style, just wear it.


3 Dear Frances

Price: between 2000-4000 yuan

Dear Frances is a British shoe brand. It was founded by designer Jane Frances, selecting Italian leather, and using

Simple lines, stitching of alien materials, and exquisite ancient handicrafts


Create a series of perfect shoes that can show women’s feet lines.

The characteristics of DEAR FRANCES shoes are:




Essence Every detail meets the direct needs of buyers. The simple design lines have a lot of fashion,

The design of the wrong heel is the biggest highlight

, Cortis texture is soft, retro and elegant, comfortable and easy to wear.


The red leather ankle boots named SPIRIT made DEAR FRANCES red. The popular fashion girls like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid all passed through Spirit.


Kendall Jenner


This pair of shoes is ordinary, but in fact, the details are particularly sophisticated.


The lines are simple and clean,

The toe and heels are very textured, and it is a low -key luxury.

But at the same time, these boots that take the minimalist route are particularly good, and they are particularly easy to wear a sense of high -level. Designer Jane Frances said she likes to build boots that can be worn repeatedly, from early early to late, so she


Pay attention to the balance of classic design and personalized details

▼ Type -type non -deformation boots


In fact, Knee-High Boots is common in the brand and can be bought everywhere. Like the two brands above, there are also middle boots, but if I really want to choose, I will choose Dear Frances first. After all, the most important thing in shoes is the foot feeling.

Comfortable boots directly determine the status of today.

Then there is the height of the boots. Whether it is nude boots, short boots, middle boots or over -knee boots, it is very particular about the bunch of knee and knee on the market.


About 10cm below the knee

Because this is the most comfortable and most long leg.


The design of the heels is also fully fits the foot type, even if the high heels are stable. The details of this little bit of details created a pair of extremely comfortable boots. The key is

The positive boots will not be deformed

The middle tube will not deform, and the girls you pass through know how difficult it is …

Focus on the design and comfort of the shoe type, and the pursuit of simple and extreme. Others do some articles on color or leather texture,


But isn’t it enough for the middle boots? Intersection

It is worth noting that the Dear Frances brand also extended the “magic claw” of art to

Wood and heel.

▼ Loves wood and naked boots


As mentioned earlier, each girl must have a pair of white high heels, but if you are worried that pure white shoes are not easy to control, you can choose this.

The wood is more modern at the same time as the white and the white is pure.

The round buckle lace design is another highlight of this pair of shoes. The super -feminine pointed shoe type comes with a high cold temperament.

It is very suitable for 30+ mature and stable urban women.



Come with a warm feeling, with cracking shoe

There is a feeling of Japanese style


Coupled with thick heel design is very easy to control.


▼ olive green cat heel boots

Of course, the return of cat heels is naturally indispensable. The design of socks and boots looks more personality. Olive green is between moss green and ivy green! Intersection

The advanced one is a bit pure, and naturally has a few more sexuality, forgetting black and white and gray, who wears high -level in this color.

That’s it for today’s niche shoes brand sharing. Whether these brands are

Design, materials or workmanship

It is still worthy of reference. It is also worthy of the price itself. I want to shop boring at home, but also plant grass rationally. This kind of good quality can be worn for a long time ~

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Buy: official website, shopbop

style of the brand:

style of the brand: