In railway cargo transportation work

Professional intelligent loading and unloading equipment


It plays a most important role


Use these devices


It not only improves the safety factor of the operator

Improved the efficiency of railway cargo transportation


Today, I will take you to take a look

Railway cargo farms need to be used

Which modern loading and unloading equipment

Door -type crane -the cargo farm park artery

Gantry crane


Also called “Dragon Gate”, it is mainly used for the loading and unloading operation of outdoor freight yard, ingredients, and bulk goods. It has the characteristics of high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptation, and strong versatility.

Its metal structure is like a door -shaped frame, which is equipped with two branches under the main beam, which can be walked directly on the orbit on the ground. The ends of the main beam can have an extension of the cantilever.

The front of the container -a flexible large block

The front of the container


For short, “front hanging” is designed for 20 feet and 40 feet international containers. It is mainly used for horizontal transportation of stacks and docks and piles in the container. At the bottom, the number of stacking layers is high, and the advantages of the pile factories are high. Cross -box operations can be performed.

Forklift -cargo handling small capable

There are many types of forklifts. The biggest advantage is that the body is small, the turning radius is small, and can be free in the narrow areas. It is suitable for the stenosis space in the workshop, the factory, and the warehouse. Horizontal handling, stacking, pickup, loading and unloading, picking, etc.


Used for “unloading” operation.

Internal combustion balance forklift


It is widely used in a series of aluminum products in heavy box areas, as well as a series of cargo loading operations such as anode plates and polyvinyl chloride.

Loading machine -Sandi -loaded cargo transportation expert


It is mainly used for shovel soil, sandstone, lime, coal and other scattered materials. It has the advantages of fast operation speed, high efficiency, good mobility, light operation and other advantages.

Tm Cang -the main force of coal transportation


The industrial tube warehouse uses bulk materials such as coke, cement, salt, and sugar. The mechanized tube warehouse is installed and unloading funnel at the bottom, and the upper gallery is equipped with a transportation equipment installed. When installing the material, the loose materials of the unloading pit are transported to the Shangtong Corridor and unloaded into a horizontal belt transport aircraft. The belt transport aircraft unload the loose material into the tube warehouse and flow into the tube warehouse. When unloading, the bulk is unloaded through the unloading funnel.

When transporting coal, the vehicle is moving forward at a certain speed. During the vehicle driving, the tube warehouse is installed directly to the train, and the dust suppression and peaceful operations are completed. The work intensity of operators is a modern way of transportation.


So many types of loading and unloading equipment

Do you know all?

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