For office workers, the backpack is a necessary equipment, and the capacity must be large. Otherwise, computers, iPads, charging treasures, water cups, mobile phones and other necessities will now be placed now. For young people, the backpack is handsome, different, and show their personality. Today, I will share a messenger bag that I start with is both handsome and unique, but also super -installed -light and shadow planet Apollo crossbody bag.

Simple personality of the shoulder messenger is super stylish

The light and shadow planet Apollo crossbody bag has two black and white. I chose a more personalized white and adopted a messenger. This messenger messages are more popular today. Look at the feeling on my back, it is very good, more personalized than those with a satisfactory bag.

Not only can you carry it, the light and shadow planet Apollo crossbody bag can also be used as a packet, and it feels superb to the same. I chose the medium number, and I can install a 14 -inch thin laptop. If you install a large laptop, there are large and oversized options.

Square materials, fine work, freely open and close

The size of the light and shadow planet Apollo crossbody bag is 35*26*12cm. It is made of water -proof PBT+PVC material, and it will not be wet items in rainy days. The bottom of the hand can cover the bottom of the outer cover, and it is safer to walk at night.

The cover uses a magnetic buckle, the inside is used, and the outer room uses magic buckles, which is simpler and easy to open and close. A slanting bag is set on the outside of the bag, which is suitable for putting some small objects commonly used out, which can be quickly released.

The shoulder bag uses ultra -wide nylon to prepare straps and lifted hands, which is strong and durable. Back with penetrating backpacks is used to page the handle of the suitcase, travel with the suitcase to walk easily.

Two connection points are used between each side strap and the bag, which not only guarantees the greater load, but also tighten the front and rear bags, so that the bag will not be too much because it is too much. It affects beauty.


Super capable, omnipresent

It looks good, it feels better to use. This light and shadow planet Apollo crossbody bag has more than 10 packets and separations. There are about 10, too many, too lazy, you can buy it back to the number, haha!

In order to protect valuables from squeezing and bumps, the inner surface of the separated bags of laptop computers is a cushion composed of more than 100 thick shock absorbers and anti -collision sponge blocks. The closely protected computers are considered very thoughtful and rigorous.

Large parts of the bag can be installed with laptop and file bags. Small parts can install credit cards, lighters, outer umbrellas, and the bottom space is not wasted. Look at the two straps at the bottom, which is used for plug -in. Attached, it can be said that the space space is used to the extreme.

The light and shadow planet Apollo cross -body bag is also equipped with a pad pocket pad pocket that can be covered on the strap. It is located on the chest that is convenient for small objects such as mobile phones. It is convenient to use.


In short, this light and shadow planet Apollo messenger bag is simple and stylish, with sophisticated materials, simple and fast opening and closing, rich in internal separation, orderly and large capacity, wet and wet separation. It can be easily dealt with and worth having!


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GYXX/Light and Shadow Planetary Machine Crossbody Bag Men’s Skin -handed waist Summer Large -capacity Tide Merchants Computer Bag

¥ 239