Many people choose to buy a cash register system when they open a store to do business, because the cashier system can not only be cashier, but also manage various things of the store, improve the management efficiency of stores, and reduce management costs. A complete cash register system, including cash register software and hardware equipment: code -scanning guns, cash register, etc.

But in fact, the SaaS cash register system is currently popular. It can be installed directly on the computer, cashier, tablet and other equipment. So how much does a complete computer cashier system take?


A set of cashier equipment usually includes cash register software, cashier, money boxes, code scanning guns and small ticket printers. When we buy these devices, we usually encounter two situations:

The first case: A whole set of purchases, now there are many cash registers sold by e -commerce, which is often a complete set, and this type of cashier equipment will include cashier software. Although it is very convenient to purchase, there is no need to find other equipment. However, this kind of cashier system is often expensive, and the lowest is thousands of dollars. It is more suitable for large retail stores and department store supermarkets. However, this type of cashier equipment does not include code scanning guns. The system should spend about 3-4000 yuan. In addition to the price, merchants also need to pay attention to whether the cashier system can meet their functional needs and software use period.

The second situation is to buy separately. Silver, cashier software, code -scanning guns, and small ticket printers are purchased in different places. The price of this way of buying often fluctuates very much, and the price may be cheaper than the first purchase method. Many, but when buying a cashier equipment, the merchants should also pay attention to several places: first, whether to buy a cashier or a computer, and the second: how long is the use period for the use of cashier software, the third: the best cashier system is Can be used across the system.

If it is a small and medium -sized store, it is recommended that you choose the second purchase method, and the cost will be reduced, and there are other benefits to separate the cash register software from the separation of the cashier. For example If the cashier software is integrated with the cash register, you need to replace the entire cash register system. If you buy it separately, you only need to replace the cash register software. SaaS cash register software is upgraded for free online, which is very convenient to use.