One word with sandals, not only simple in appearance and texture, but also can instantly stretch the leg lines. Female stars can hardly resist these summer shoes, and they can be seen on the red carpets of various awards season.

Red carpet shoes loved by female celebrities


In the just -concluded Cannes Film Festival, in the red carpet shapes of the female stars, these pair of sandals are very popular, and they have been put on their feet by female stars, sitting on the title of “red carpet shoes”.



Lily-Rose DEPP

Irina Shayk (Irina Shayk)

Doutzen Kroes (Doutzen Kroes)

I have to say that a sandals with sandals are really beautiful. Whether it is from the shape or the effect, it is reasonable to be loved.

Star demonstration


Jiang Shuying participated in the event. Whether it was a sharp dress or a fairy dress, a sandals were her first choice. The simple style can highlight the texture, and at the same time, it will not grab the skirt.

Yuan Shanshan used a sandals and a handsome two look, which fully showed the wearing characteristics of the word belt in daily life.

The petite Zhou Dongyu put on a sandal sandals, which not only visually stretched the feet visually, but also with sandals and pants or skirts.


One word with sandals looks good


But really pick people


If you look closely, you will find that the requirements of sandals with sandals are still very high. If you do n’t have a beautiful ankle and thin feet, it seems that it is difficult to control these shoes.

Example tells you

Not everyone is suitable for a word belt

Your love Yubo Chiara is good? But in fact, her legs are not very perfect. Choosing this ultra -thin word with as long as the angle of the photographer is not good, the above is not very good -looking. The character belt is too raised or even leg shape, even Chiara has entered the pit, not to mention ordinary people.

At the 2017Metball, Julian Moore also chose to use a high -heeled shoes with a dress. In fact, the effect of the skirt is pretty good, but the thick calf and the super thin character shoes form a super bright contrast. The overall shape was instantly reduced.


Let’s have a more vivid contrast. Putting on a word belt if the leg shape and foot shape are not good -looking … 😮


You have more choices

No matter how popular things are, it is also to see if it is suitable for you. Similarly, the classic items are not applicable to anyone. The following pairs of sandals must be started this summer. It has both comfort and beauty, so that you are not guilty to put on beauty!


Wide -edged and thick -heeled sandals

This year’s popular thick -heeled and wide -side sandals not only meet everyone’s needs for comfort, but also let girls who do not like to wear high heels to start trying. The wide and thicker band is more practical for daily wear.

Naomi Watts, the wide -edged sandals, looks much more affinity. Not only the requirements of the foot type are not too high, but the comfort is also very satisfactory.

Anbul Tenzesi chose a pair of wide -edged words with high heels. The nude color reduces the thickness of the feet. Although it is not fine -edged, the effect is not lost and it is even lighter.


Or like Emma, ​​choose a relatively low height of a relatively low heel, with a small dress to attend the event, compared to the high -heeled thin band sandals, the aura and beauty did not lose much.

Like Emma Roberts, you can use this wide -edged and thick sandals with casual jeans to expose your feet and make the casual shape become Chic, and you are not worried about being tired.

Or like Olivia Palermmo, with a nine -point pants to expose ankle, the best distance is 3-5cm, which is also a matter of minutes to create long legs.

It retains the type of style, but it is more comfortable to wear, and the requirements for leg shape will not be so high. Who can not love?

Tabitha Simmons 656 US dollars


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Sam Edelman $ 149


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Gucci 946 US dollars

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Gabriela Hearst 764 US dollars

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Gianvito Rossi 712 US dollars


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Mueller sandals


The original intention of Mueller’s shoes refers to the high heels that wrap the instep without exposed toes. With the development and changes in the trend, there are also dew -toe Mueller shoes, flat heels Mueller shoes, pointed Mueller shoes, etc., but the heels are necessary conditions, and Mueller sandals are at this foundation. The heel sandals on the top. It is more comfortable to wear and feel more natural.


Recently, Xiu Ying’s feet stepped on the white Mueller sandals. White looked clean and comfortable, and the flat -bottom Mueller shoes were more comfortable to wear. With a small suit, it was full of casual Chic.

Lin Zhiling can attend Mueller sandals who can attend some formal occasions. The heels will be slightly higher, but they are also relatively comfortable thick heels.

Like Emma Roberts, choose a pair of Mueller low -heeled sandals to cover the feet, exposing the heel, and the more tough items with pointed jeans.

Yuan Shanshan, the red Mueller sandals, with a darker color, make the overall light up. In summer, try this bright color.

There are also embroidery or sequin elements on this upper upper. On the shoe, even if you match very simple clothes, there are highlights in your body.

The most comfortable thing is this low -heeled Mueller sandals, simple and unnecessary embellishment, minimalist and atmospheric.


If you are very persistent in the sense of design and style, the three pairs above can meet your requirements, whether they are heels, styles, or fabric design.


MIUMIU $ 1190


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Casta 20er 202 US dollars

Tory Burch $ 485

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Mansur Gavriel $ 522


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Marc Jacobs 427 US dollars

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Flat sandal

Platform sandals are the most comfortable styles of sandals. If you can’t stand the sandals with heels, flat bottom is undoubtedly your best choice.

Lily Collins, a pair of flat sandals with pearls, exposed her toes, paired with simple jeans and chiffon shirts, comfortable and refreshing.

Emma Stone chose a pair of the simplest flat sandals with a pair of styles. The simple black model with two wide edges. This kind of flat -bottom sandals that are not grasped without grabbing the overall match are added. This year, you must start with a pair.


Even with a dress, flat sandals are not lost to high -heeled sandals. The casual feeling of flat sandals is unable to replace high -heeled sandals. With a wave dot dress, it has a playful taste.


Gao girls like Alexander Ambrohru and Klaus, flat -bottom sandals are definitely the first choice. Summer with a long dress, full of vacation style.


Chloé 826 US dollars


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Sam Edelman $ 145


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Nicholas Kirkwood $ 944


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Valentino 1033 US dollars


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Good -looking and comfortable sandals, these pairs above are enough for you to wear a whole summer!


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