Many men feel that it is difficult to take care of temperature and demeanor in autumn and winter. It is necessary to wear thick warmth at the cost of fashion. In fact, you don’t need to worry about how to wear it in autumn and winter. You only need to master the wearing of three short jackets to present a classic and trendy fashion shape.


I believe that the wardrobe of boys will not lack the existence of these three short jackets, and the denim jacket will be fresh and age, showing the trend of youth. The cool breath of flying jackets has greatly increased the sense of fashion regardless of color matching or version. If you want to highlight the man’s taste, the leather jacket is the best choice to easily create a male effect.

Don’t worry about how to wear color in autumn and winter seasons. Mastering these three short jackets can easily create a fashionable and high -quality shape without being unsatisfactory. Men who can wear them will choose to match it.

1. The denim jacket is “suitable for all ages”, showing a full -age reduction style


Speaking of the element of denim, it seems that it has become a must -have for young people to highlight the fashion. In fact, the denim material is “suitable for all ages”. No matter which age you are, you can show a quite colorful shape through denim. In autumn and winter, you can show a sense of fashion with a denim jacket, and strengthen the trend of age.

① The denim jacket is very versatile, and the inside is not wrong.

The most practical point of the denim jacket is its versatility, and almost no error will be matched. The easiest way to match is to choose a basic white T -shirt or sweater, forming the most classic white + denim color scheme, showing a fresh and layered fashion effect.


Of course, if you are pursuing the eye -catching shape, you can also choose to cooperate with it with bright colors. It will not make mistakes, and it can also make the match look more outstanding. Even when wearing it alone, the orange hooded sweaters that are unpopularly controlled were decent and fashionable when paired with dark denim jackets as coats. The dazzling color matching and the deep balance of denim are just right, showing an extraordinary fashion trend.

② Loose trousers to add casualness and create a variety of fashion effects

When packed with a denim jacket, you don’t have to stick to the same material. You can also choose a single product with a slightly different style and color matching to create a variety of fashion effects. Denim jackets are often stiff, so they can compare with loose trousers to strengthen their casual casual atmosphere.

In the process of matching with loose long models, you can also add a bit of elegance in combination with leather shoes to make the shape more diverse. Of course, the color matching of the denim jacket is not only stuck in the dark blue system. It can also choose black to add a bit of cool breath. Combined with loose radish pants and small leather shoes, it presents the trend without losing the style of autumn and winter.

Second, the MA-1 flight jacket is very cool, creating a model male style


Denim jackets often add a little freshness to the youthful atmosphere, and MA-1 flight jackets are different. Although it can also have an age-reducing effect, the cool sense of coolness created by the flight jacket can easily shape with a banded with some. The style of the aura.


① The silhouette design is fashionable, and the unable to add a capable effect without collars


The silhouette design is the most iconic design of the flying jacket. The short jacket is matched with an A -shaped jacket with an expansion and will not look bloated. Even if the material is thick, the silhouette design can perfectly cover the sense of bulky, which is quite suitable for the autumn and winter seasons that need to be warm to shape the fashionable shape.

In addition to the signs of the silhouette, the collarless design is also the most significant feature of the flight jacket. In the autumn and winter seasons, the top of the top will be buried with a capable temperament, and the unsurde design used in the flying jacket can perfectly balance the thickness and capable atmosphere of the material. Different.


② The choice of pants is very casual, arbitrarily set according to the figure

Although the version of the flying jacket has a sense of expansion, it does not make the shape look heavy, and the requirements for the lower installation are not high. Both slim trousers or silhouettes can be perfectly combined with it, and you can choose the shape that suits you according to the figure.


If you are tall, you can try sports trousers with a slightly slim effect. The silhouette body of the flying jacket is compared with the slender trousers, creating a sense of vision with width and narrowness, making the shape look more layered and richer.

If you want to cover up your body curve, make the line look smoother, and the loose trousers are also an excellent choice. However, when combining with loose pants, pay attention to the choice of length. It is best to use the nine -point design to highlight the finest ankle, make the shape more dry and profitable, greatly strengthen the coolness of the tide, and create a trendy man’s sense of vision.


Third, the leather jacket has a man, easily shaping the tough guy


I believe that there are also leather jackets in the wardrobe of boys, but I am afraid that few people can control them. In fact, the leather jacket is quite trendy. It can not only make you become a trendy man, but also add manner.

① Create smooth lines of the straight version, and the proper layers are clearly stacked

The leather material is often stiff. Although it is very suitable for autumn and winter to choose from, but if you want to get rid of rust, you still need to combine the straight version to present smooth lines to make the shape more slim and decent. The appropriate stacking can also add a sense of fashion. It can present the layers through strong inner matching of color contrast, so that the matching is to get rid of the monotonous of pure black.

Of course, you can also choose the same color to show the overall sense, and choose the light color system to shape the “upper deep and shallow” shape. Through the contrast of the color of the upper and lower color, the shape of the shape can get rid of the dark color and the weight of the material, and make the shape layered and lighter.

② Leather shoes add more manly, the tough guy is full of breath


In fact, the sense of fashion shaped by leather clothes is quite changeable. It can combine small white shoes to present a casual trend. It can also be used with leather shoes to greatly increase the temperament of the tough guy, thereby strengthening masculinity and showing a classic and outdated superior shape.

I believe that the boys’ wardrobes will not miss the above three short jackets, but they will still be tangled with how to wear it in autumn and winter. In fact, mastering these matching methods and choosing the correct matching method can become a trendy man without effort, leading the fashion trend of autumn and winter.

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