I have to say that due to the influence of traditional Chinese culture, many aspects of life, people like to pay attention to the meaning of good. Just as “if you want to be good at work, you must first benefit your instrument”. Although on the surface, it is not necessarily possible to play, but it is better than nothing.

At the time of the year, more than just small flowers, many flower budgets have hit their minds. Those plants with wealth and blessings want to start a few pots of high -quality New Year’s flowers. Therefore, Xiaohua sorted out today, and his experience brought everyone the following 6 kinds of flowers with good meaning and good quality. Come and see, what plants are on the list!


The first is pomegranate tree.

In traditional Chinese culture, pomegranates are regarded as a symbol of multi -child and blessed, and they are a famous auspicious fruit. Regarding pomegranate, the earliest cultivation history can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. At that time, the Zhangye went through the Silk Road and introduced it from the Western Regions. During the period, it was not easy. After that, the plant was successful. , Become a precious fruit wood for viewing and eating. Among them, Anhui Huaiyuan is known as the hometown of China Pomegranate. At the same time, the local pomegranate is also a significance of geographical iconic protection products in my country, which is of great significance.


The second is the money tree.


The scientific name snow iron taro is not only a common indoor green plant, and has strong air purification ability. It is good for physical health. It also symbolizes the wealth and wealth of wealth and prosperity. Under normal circumstances, money trees, the latest germinated feather -like compound leaves, are generally two, visible, thick and different, so in some areas, they also like to call it dragon and phoenix wood.

The third type is the head of Hongyun.


It is named here because of the flame core, which is actually a pineapple family and a perennial evergreen plant. In principle, such plants such as Hongyun are in the first place, as long as the light is sufficient, and at the same time, pay attention to strengthening water management. Then, as expected, the plants can grow lush and booming.

The fourth type, kumquat tree.

On the one hand, the plants represent Jin Yuman, Fuyun Hengtong, delicious and delicious flowers, and not losing their shares; on the other hand, kumquat trees themselves, which contain some special ingredients in the aroma of the outside world, can effectively suppress it effectively Bacterial activity, blocking the breeding path of a variety of bacteria in the air, refreshing the air and removing the odor, while improving the indoor air quality, and the two tubes are neutral.

The fifth is the fortune tree.


It is also called Guanggua Li, which is a small green tree with hibiscus and Li Li. The average plant is ten meters high. It is native to Brazil. Compared with ordinary green plants, the fortune tree is mainly better than yin tolerance. It can be cultivated as usual. In the north balcony, the light is not very sufficient. In addition, the easy -to -understand name of the fortune tree also adds a lot to the plant.

The sixth type, rich bamboo.

Regarding it, there have been many different ways of saying on the market. For example, in some areas, the plants that like to call it all longevity chrysanthemums; some plants from Taiwan and showing pagodas are called Kaiyun Bamboo …

As we all know, my country has always been, “flowers blooming wealthy, bamboo reports safely”, and wealthy bamboo is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and lingering with strong bamboo rhymes, not inferior to other bamboo plants, and naturally has a loved person. Traits.

The above is all the content of today. The year is approaching. As your good friend, Xiaohua has been with everyone for a long time. The old saying is good, and everyone picks up the firewood. Although this is not suitable for flowering flowers, it is true that if you want to improve the technology in this area, enrich the experience and broaden the knowledge, it is really inseparable from the sharing between the other.

Therefore, Xiaohua is here, thank you sincerely, you have always been accompanied by, and at the same time, we also look forward to in the future, we can make progress together to raise all colors and plants and raise better and better.