Now that people’s economic income has continued to increase, and the level of living has also improved significantly. In the past, there were only silk quilts that could be used as expensive, and now ordinary people can also use it. Silk is the ultimate comfortable experience. Under the premise of economic conditions, many people will choose the silk quilt without hesitation. What are the brands of silk quilt? What categories are there? I am here with you.

What brands are there in silk?


What categories are there? If you want to buy a quilt you like, you usually need to recognize the brand and choose the category you need. At present, the more famous brands on the market are: Masterpiece, Hengyuanxiang, Mercury Home Textiles, and Luo Lai Home Textiles. These are all powerful brands in the field of silk. The choice of silk by silk is based on its own needs, such as according to the needs of the four seasons, it can be divided into spring quilts, summer, autumn, and winter. According to the use of the silk quilt, it can be divided into air conditioning quilts, mother -in -law, baby, etc. It depends on what the quilt to choose depends on your own needs.

Choose a big brand, the quality is guaranteed, and it is more comfortable.

Masterci is a brand that focuses on silk culture. Wanshiri focuses on high -end silk quilts. 100%selects mulberry silk, thin and soft, comfortable and breathable. The high -end silk owned by Wanshili was the official bedding designated by the Hangzhou G20 Summit, and was well received by guests at home and abroad.


Mercury home textiles are important domestic textile brands in China. They focus on the field of home textiles and are committed to the development and production of home textile products. The silk quilt of their family, novel styles, and quality can also be guaranteed.

Hengyuanxiang is a brand with a long history, involving clothing, home textiles, underwear and other categories. Pay attention to the brand building and grasp the quality of the product. The silk of Hengyuanxiang’s silk is still quite reliable, and you can choose with confidence.


Silk quilt category

The category of silk quilt: four seasons, air conditioning quilts, mother -in -law, baby, etc. How to choose a quilt in different categories? As the name suggests, the four seasons are dependent on the four seasons of the climate. Choose spring quilts, summer quilts, autumn quilts, winter quilts. The air conditioner was used in the room where the air conditioner was used to avoid the room temperature was too low and cold. The mother’s quilt, a bed, a bed mother quilt, the quilt and the mother can be combined into a child quilt, and a quilt can cope with the changes in the year and four seasons. The baby is designed with cute and warm patterns and styles to make it tailor -made for the baby, which is in line with the baby’s sleep habits.

When a friend chooses to buy a silk quilt, you must go offline to experience the purchase. Do not be confused by the information on the Internet, and carefully choose to buy your favorite quilt.