Wenwan people, if you don’t pay attention to the “Adventures of Pearls”, your luck is not good.


However, this illustrates the importance of the rope line of the beads to Wenwen! You do n’t choose 3 dime ropes, and 300,000 Wenwan is also destroyed!


The rope is broken, it will not care whether your bracelet or pendant is dozens of dollars or hundreds of thousands, and it is not wrong! Without paying attention, the protagonist of the next “tragedy” may be you!

Therefore, in order to avoid this tragedy, everyone still has to change the rope!


From the large classification, the rope line of Wenwan can be divided into non -elasticity and elasticity. What kind of bracelets are they suitable for them?


Smoral wireless line

Generally speaking, the applicability of non -elastic rope lines is relatively wide. It is common in handheld, car hanging, 108 bracelets or tassels, and various hand -edited knots, etc., and even in the form of vegetarian rope as a sweater chain and clavicle chain. Existence, and these have a common feature, that is, they can be worn freely without the need of rope lines.

The elastic rope line is thick and fine, and there are monochrome and color, but compared to the elastic rope of the same size, it must be more abrasion. You can choose the size of the rope according to the size of the bead.

Eliminate the rope with no elastic rope, one is good -looking, and the other is firm! The length of the size of the wrist is made, and a bit of embellishment is added, which is a beautiful and cost -effective bracelet, which is very suitable for delicate little girls or children.

And if it is used as a separate vegetarian rope for a sweater chain and clavicle chain, then try to choose the thick rope line as much as possible, which is more atmospheric. The collarbone chain is generally short. To wear it, it is more convenient and beautiful, or the flat rope plus activity is flat. End, either choose to connect the metal buckle on the interface of the rope line.

In other words, if you require a moderate length of the bracelet and do not want to flatten or active buckle, then obviously no elastic rope line will not work. This time, it must be elastic.

Elastic rope line

In contrast, although the applicability of elastic rope line is not as wide as no elasticity, it is absolutely indispensable as a literary player!


As mentioned above, when you ask it to wear it just right, not loosening or not, the only way is to use elastic rope lines, otherwise the length meets the palm of the hand and cannot satisfy the wrist. You know your palms, friends who have worn jade bracelets!

In other words, everything you see, whether it is wooden skewers, jade or gemstone crystals, as long as it is a single circle, it must be elastic rope.

Gem -class 108 bracelets are generally more common in elastic rope.


There are also many types of elastic ropes. There are elastic ropes of core cores, crystal elastic ropes and glass shreds. Of course, the biggest difference between them is thickness and solidity!

To say that the most firm one is this kind of core elastic rope, depending on the thickness, the number of heart stocks in the inner bag is also different.


This is the most commonly used for single -circle bracelets such as wooden skewers and tree seeds.


Like crystal jade, the most commonly used is this kind of glass shredded rope. Generally, the holes of this type of beads will not be hit too much, so it is very easy to wear with this relatively small elastic rope, but its advantages are the same as the same. It is also its disadvantage, too thin and easy to break!

The glass silk elastic rope itself is composed of many small elastic lines. Generally speaking, it will not be completely broken if it is not cut, but it is also very impact. It may be easy to ignore, until one day, the last one …

In fact, no matter what rope is used, it is recommended that you check your own bracelets on a regular basis, and then change the line every 1-3 months according to the degree of play, so as to ensure that everything is lost!

Don’t worry about high costs. A rope like this rope is ranging from 10-30 yuan, but it can be 60-100 meters long.


Just use 1 meter every time you use it, and the cost of converting once does not exceed two or three cents! But because of this saving you tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Wenwan, is it cost -effective?